How To Accessorize a Nightstand

It’s the last thing you look at before you fall asleep, and the first thing you see when you wake up. It’s your nightstand, and it could be helping to set a calm and soothing atmosphere or filling your eyes with stressful clutter. Instead of just using it as a holding place for a glass of water, accessorize a nightstand with items that set the tone for your bedroom style. Here are four things to keep in mind:

accessorize a nightstand
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1. Consider your clock

Technology is great, but you’ll add lots of charm if you choose an analog clock. From contemporary to vintage to traditional, find something that underscores your design aesthetic and gets rid of that pesky light that comes from a digital version.


Accessorize a nightstand
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2. Add something personal

Accessorize a nightstand by including a framed photo of a loved one or a cherished memento that reminds you of a fond memory. This small item can instantly trigger happiness.


Accessorize a nightstand
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3. Vamp up your lamp

While a lamp will provide light for reading, it’s also a great way to make a design statement in your bedroom. Pick something that matches your décor or adds a pop of personality.


Accessorize a nightstand
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4. Display your books

Use your book as part of your nightstand décor, especially if it’s a beautiful hardcover edition. It can help elevate items on your nightstand to create depth and interest, then be picked up and opened when you’re ready to read.


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