How to Design a Casual Style Bedroom

A casual style bedroom sets the tone for sleep with laidback furnishings that invite you to relax. Furnishings are oversized, with family-friendly fabrics and simple, unpretentious details. As a result, the bedroom clears away the fussy and focuses on fashionable function. Here are three characteristics of a casual style bedroom:

casual style bedroom
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Simple details

The first characteristic of a casual style bedroom is furniture that features uncomplicated lines and comfortable finishes. This is not the kind of room that feels off limits or for show. As a result, furniture and bedding are family-friendly and suit your lifestyle. The great thing about a casual style bedroom is that there aren’t strict rules; the only prerequisite it that everything is comfortable.

 Warm-toned woods

Next, look for pine, oak and cherry furnishings, which are the hallmark of casual style. They not only age well; furnishings also blend with the neutral palette of a casual style home. In addition, distressed pieces give a sense of history and ease.

Functional accessories

The accessories in a casual bedroom are not just beautiful; they serve a purpose. From throw pillows and blankets, to baskets, clocks and books, accent pieces look nice and are ready to be used when needed.

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