How to Design a Midcentury Modern Bedroom

Midcentury modern style brings a retro vibe to your home, combining form with function. In the bedroom, its sleek lines and crisp silhouettes create a sophisticated setting for getting ready for work … or sleeping in. The classic look will never grow old. Here are four of characteristics of a midcentury modern bedroom.

midcentury modern bedroom
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Clean lines and spaces

Midcentury modern furniture features sleek lines and minimal details. Legs are straight and hardware is simple. A midcentury modern bedroom often includes a platform bed and a single nightstand and dresser. The idea is to have lots of open spaces so the eye can take everything in with one glance, for a feeling of calm.

Light Wood

Wood furnishings in midcentury modern bedrooms have light finishes that showcase their natural beauty. The bed, nightstand and dresser match for a clean look.

Statement light fixtures

In a streamlined midcentury modern home, every piece counts. Add a style statement with an unusual light fixture or lamp that features clean, geometric lines. You can even use a floor lamp next to a bed.

A pop of color

Midcentury modern rooms use neutral tones as their base, but the look is completed with pops of strong color in wall art or accent furniture. Add a bold painting above the bed or use an accent chair in a bright color like turquoise.

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