How to Design a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

One of the hottest trends in home design is modern farmhouse. While the look is a natural in kitchens and dining rooms, it’s also perfect for the bedroom. Farmhouse style combines modern cabin appeal with French provincial elegance for a feel-good look. Here are four characteristics of a modern farmhouse bedroom:

modern farmhouse bedroom
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Iron Beds

Iron beds are a classic element of modern farmhouse style. Cover yours with an antique patchwork quilt or ruffled bedspread for an old-fashioned feel. Add pillows to soften the look.

Rustic finishes

Look for weathered wood and industrial elements in furniture and accents. Distressed finishes bring a sense of energy to a space. Consider using shiplap on the walls, or a rustic bench at the foot of the bed draped with a throw blanket.

Functional items and antiques

Something old adds history to your room, but something new with old lines does the trick, too! Look for an antique rug or vase that will add unique character to the room. In addition, modern farmhouse accessories turn functional items into objects of beauty, such as a water pitcher that becomes a vase.

Vintage fabrics

Vintage-inspired fabrics inspire a sense of nostalgia. Look for small prints in faded pastels. Ruffles trim pillows for an old-fashioned sensibility.

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