How to Design a Traditional Style Bedroom

The classic designs of traditional style are timeless for a reason—they’re an institution of grace and elegance. This holds true in your bedroom, where an upscale, rich feel comes from an abundance of tailored lines. With warm finishes and ornate details, traditional style is a natural in a master suite. Here are four characteristics of a traditional style bedroom:

traditional style bedroom
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Rich colors and finishes

From walls to upholstery, the colors in a traditional style bedroom rich and striking, including saturated shades and jewel tones. In addition, look for dark wood finishes, such as cherry, mahogany and walnut.

Conservative prints

Upholstered pieces in a traditional style home have fabrics with timeless patterns, such as floral, damask, plaid and stripes. The understated look is often embellished with trims including tassels and fringe.

Classic lines

While they’re formal in feel, traditional style bedrooms are not overly ostentatious. Furniture will have a mix of straight and curved lines, and the attention to detail is carried over into the architecture with crown and chair rail molding.

Elegant accessories

Accessories in a traditional style bedroom further the rich atmosphere. Oil paintings of landscapes or still life as well as portraits have heavy frames, many of which are gilt in gold. Flowers fill oversized vases. Other accessories include lamps, urns, books, plants and mirrors.

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