3 Urban Trends for Fall

Urban style celebrates everything you love about the city with furnishings that feature textured fabrics, reclaimed wood and industrial details. Rooms also have a sense of energy and adventure, and eclectic collections from your travels and life are on display. This season’s urban style is inspired by the explorer, as a result global and casual touches provide a worldly point of view. Here are three new urban trends to incorporate in your urban home.

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First of all, look for colors pulled from a fall sunset and sky. Key shades are blue and copper that add a rich element to the style that’s known for its raw energy.

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Next, go for rustic and mature home furnishings with exposed steel and distressed wood. The result is an industrial twist to your style.

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Finally, while urban rooms have attitude, they’re also inviting and comfortable. Look for deep seating that also features box and rolled arms.

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