4 Casual Style Accessories that Will Update Your Look

One of the hallmarks of casual style is the effortless beauty of its accessories and accents. Pieces invite you to look and touch. Larger scale items on rustic backgrounds make a statement, and have a Southwest inspiration. And casual style accessories are functional as well as fashionable. Here are four accent pieces that will update your casual style home this season:

casual style accessories
The Daffodil Flower Table Top is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Metal Flowers

Mix materials in your displays to contrast finishes and shapes. This Daffodil Flower Table Top Accent Piece offers a touch of whimsy and it will be forever fresh.

casual style accessories
The Moose Wooden Wall Art is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Wooden Wall Art

Casual style accessories get a rustic feel with lots of wood. This Moose Wooden Wall Art features three distinct wood finishes. Imagine it hanging above a fireplace or in a welcoming foyer.

casual style accessories
The Tamarine Natural Wood Bowl is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Wooden Bowl

Accent pieces combine pretty with purpose, and this Tamarine Natural Wood Bowl would be lovely on a cocktail table or as a dining room centerpiece. Let its beauty shine or let it be a stylish way to hold your remotes.

casual style accessories
The Contours Native Chic Rug is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Southwest-Inspired Rug

This season’s casual style is inspired by the American Southwest, with a rustic twist on modern. The Contours Native Chic Rug does just that, with a pattern that feels rustic and abstract. It features the colors of the season for a striking display.

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