Five Pinterest Trends for 2019 to Inspire Your Home Design

Pinterest is a popular place to go for design inspiration. From options for kitchen countertops to ways to dress your bed, you’ve probably gone to the site searching for ideas. The people at Pinterest keep track of popular search words, and release their list of trends based on what people want to see. Here are five Pinterest trends for 2019, based on the top home searches:

Pinterest trends for 2019
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Mustard Yellow

Searches for mustard yellow increased by 45% over the past year. You can embrace the bold color by painting walls mustard yellow or using small furnishings, such as an accent chair, for a colorful pop.

Vertical Gardens

Searches for vertical gardens were up 287%. The Pinterest trend for 2019 includes floor-to-ceiling plants that take the place of wall art.

Pinterest trends for 2019
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Indoor and outdoor fireplaces are becoming more important in home design, and the more modern and sleek, the better it seems. Searches for contemporary fireplace were up 763%.


Bold wallpaper, especially with big prints such as botanical tropical leaves, were breathing life into more rooms. Searches for bold print wallpaper increased 401%.

Pinterest trends for 2019
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Tin Accents

Tin is in! Pieces give rooms vintage style, showing up in everything from backsplashes to wallpaper to wall art. Searches for tin interiors were up 563%.

Which one of the Pinterest trends for 2019 is your favorite?

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