The Myth of Thread Counts and You

One thread does not fit all

Thread count. It’s a term that’s become synonymous with sheet quality. Contrary to popular belief, thread count is not a great indicator of sheet comfort and quality. The obsession with thread count has been turned into a marketing tactic where companies use it to seem better than their competitors.

The truth of the matter is that sheet quality comes from the quality of the fibers themselves, not how many there are. And different types of sheets, have varying sizes of threads which will changes the thread count range significantly. In this post, we’re going to shake the truth from the sheets. For a deeper dive into sheets and more, check out our bed accessories buying guide.

More threads, more problems

The highest thread count does not mean the highest comfort. For many sheet types, a practical range of 200-500 thread-count gives the best results. With thread counts beyond 600, you will encounter durability and breathability issues. It will feel like tarp instead of a sheet because there are so many threads packed together with no space between them for air flow.

Typically, polyester or microfiber sheets have larger, average-quality threads, so the thread count range is a lot lower. On the other hand, bamboo, lyocell, and sateen sheets contain smaller, high-quality threads, which means higher thread counts for the crème de la crème.

Splitting threads

Since the prevailing idea is that more threads mean a higher quality sheet, some sheet companies have gotten creative with this metric. One tactic is to double up on thread count by adding the individual fibers that make up the thread to inflate the number. So, a “500 thread-count” sheet set using this method is closer to 250 in reality.

And depending on the sheet type, that can be a rude awakening for your comfort if the feel is not as advertised. It also sets a false precedence because if a “500 thread-count” sheet set feels rough, it’s natural to try out the 700 or 800 thread-count sheets and so on. Ultimately, it’s important to stay vigilant and do a bit of research to know which companies are reporting thread counts honestly.

Threads to consider

The idea that more threads equal better-quality sheets can be hard to combat in the market, but with these nuggets of wisdom, you should fair just fine. Thread count varies with sheet type and the quality of the threads speaks volumes for feel. If you’re looking to learn more about sheets and other bed essentials, stop into an Art Van PureSleep Mattress Store. Our Sleep Specialists will be more than happy to get you started.

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