How to Design a Home Office Guest Bedroom

If you don’t have a spare room, hosting guests can be tricky. That’s why sometimes rooms need to do double duty, serving two purposes or more. One of the most common is the home office guest bedroom combination. While a home office can get daily use, a guest bedroom will be used less frequently; combining the two into one room makes sense and maximizes space. The trick is to make sure neither of the two takes over. When you’re working, you don’t want to feel like you’re in a bedroom, and when your guests arrive, you don’t want to make them feel like they’re sleeping inside an office.

Instead, create a calming atmosphere that gives each purpose its due. Here are six rules for creating a home office guest bedroom with style.


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Skip the office super store

The room will look like a cubicle if your desk and filing cabinets are metal. Instead, choose pieces that complement your home décor. You can easily find filing cabinets in a wood finish, and a small desk in the same design style as the rest of the bedroom furniture can help the area feel like one fluid space.

Include enough drawer space

Your guests don’t need to stumble over your tax documents when they’re finding a place to store their pajamas. Lock away private documents in a filing cabinet drawer in your home office guest bedroom. And make sure to have a dresser with one or two empty drawers for guests to use.


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Pay attention to the size of the bed

It’s usually the largest object in a room. A king or queen size bed will easily take over. Consider getting a daybed that sits against the wall and looks doubles as a sitting area. One with a trundle will accommodate two people. And if you host more people, an air mattress can easily be stored in the closet for just such an occasion.

Divide the closet storage

You can easily tuck away filing cabinets, office supplies and your wireless printer inside the closet to minimize the office feel of the room. Make sure you save some of the closet space for guests who may want to hang clothes.

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Make it a ritual to clean up

While a home office can become a catchall for mail and stray items, tame the clutter and keep a feeling of calm by creating a daily tidying routine. File away papers, remove items that don’t belong, and take any dishes to the kitchen. You can also choose a desk that folds up when you’re done working.

Create a temporary home office

When guests are expected, remove the items you might need so you can give them some privacy and make them feel welcome, and not like an intrusion. You can create a temporary home office in a kitchen drawer, so you can take care of what ever comes up while you’re entertaining friends.

Find the Dining Room that Matches Your Entertaining Style

The holiday season can also be called the dining room season. Whether you invited your large family or a small gathering of friends, it’s the time of year to celebrate with loved ones and that often involves bringing people together over food. So is your dining room ready? And does it fit your personality? Your dining room should be a reflection of your entertaining style, and the pieces you’ll need are dictated by your personality.

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The Socialite

Do you love large parties with dozens of guests, mingling and chatting with Michael Buble’s Christmas CD playing in the background? Look for a chic dining room table that will accommodate intimate gatherings, such as the NB2 Modern Dining Collection that has features clean lines and a sleek grey finish. A buffet is a must, offering a spot for appetizers and drinks. A bistro or gathering height table in your kitchen is also a great addition, since that’s often where people tend to gather.


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The Matriarch

Do you relish hosting your extended family once or twice a year for a traditional-style holiday feast? If so, you’ll want special pieces in an elegant style worthy of your semiannual affair. You’ll need a dining room table with a leaf (or two). A formal china cabinet or sideboard will also fit the bill. And consider a table protector to guard your investment, especially if you have small children in attendance. Consider the Infinity Dining Room Collection. The cherry finish is rich and inviting, while the leaf expands the table to 96”. You’ll love using the matching buffet for displaying prized accents or tempting dinner guests with dessert.

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The Laidback Hostess

Do you combine your everyday eating area with the space in which you entertain? If so, you’ll need a causal yet transitional dining set that would be as much at home during Saturday morning Cheerios with your kids as it would be on Christmas Day sharing a standing rib roast with your in-laws. Sturdiness, comfort and function are key for your entertaining style, so look for a table and chairs that are sold enough for daily use yet beautiful enough for showing off. The Sterling Collection from Gascho is handsome enough for company and sturdy enough for daily use. It’s an excellent example of solid wood construction, utilizing the finest selections of solid maple. An investment in Gascho is an investment in a family heirloom. You’ll love this piece for years.


How to Mix Dining Room Chairs to Create a Unique Look

When it comes to creating a trendy dining room, gone are the days when everything needs to match. Instead, mix dining room chairs to create a unique space that reflects your personality. But how do you know which combinations work and which look like a mismatch? Here are five rules for mixing dining room chairs that will help you to create a look that’s eclectic and stylish:

mix dining chairs
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mix dining chairs
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Stick to One Shape

Mixing chairs works when you choose one shape and vary the upholstery or finish. For example, choose Parsons Chairs in different colors, or ladder-back chairs that feature different finishes.

Stick to One Color

Create a cohesive look by mixing chairs of the same color. For example, all white chairs around a table offer a bright and clean look. Or a mix dining room chairs in a warm wood finish will work well together.

mix dining chairs
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mix dining chairs
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Stick to One Style

You can also mix chairs well when you stick to a certain style, such as Mid-Century Modern, Farmhouse or Urban. The result will be visually consistent, setting a tone for the room.

Use a Bench

Consider switching out your side chairs with one or two benches. A bench will create a casual and inviting feel in your dining room, allowing you to make room for everyone.

mix dining chairs
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Swap Out the Armchairs

Finally, an easy way to mix dining room chairs is to change the end chairs. If your dining room chairs are wood, for example, using upholstered end chairs will instantly dress up the room.

One Dining Table + Four Chairs = Four Dining Room Looks

The holidays are upon us, and that puts everyone’s attention on the dining room. If yours needs an update, one of the quickest ways to get a new look is to add new dining chairs. A basic table can go from modern to farmhouse to casual to urban in an instant when you change the seating. We’ve paired our Claremont Grey Trestle Table with four different styles of chairs to create four distinct looks. Which is your favorite?

new dining chairs
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A casual table gets a modern twist when you choose new dining chairs that are sleek. The NB2 Modern Side Chairs look simple and chic, giving the dining room a sophisticated feeling.

new dining chairs
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The colorful Indigo Parsons Chairs give the dining table a look of casual elegance. The combination of weathered wood and indigo upholstery feel laidback and effortless.

new dining chairs
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Give your dining room an urban twist by choosing Nelson Upholstered Chairs with the look of aged leather. The mix of materials has an energy that is exciting and raw.

new dining chairs
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Give your dining room a modern farmhouse look by using new dining chairs with a classic spindle back style in black. The Windsor style will quickly become a family favorite.

Color Crush: White

When it comes to favorite colors, white might not come to mind. But white décor is classic, never going out of style. Crisp and clean, adding a pop of white to your room adds lightness. You can even go all in and create all-white spaces that show you’re confident and sophisticated. Here are four white furnishings that will add a special touch to your space.

white furnishings
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A white leatherette armchair is sophisticated and chic, especially with the sleek chrome frame. Add one to the corner of your room, or a pair to a seating group. The white furnishings will make a statement in your room.

white furnishings
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A white nightstand will bring a cottage feel to your bedroom. Pair it with an upholstered headboard or mix wood finishes for interest. The look is casual and laidback—perfect for a master suite.

white furnishings
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Dining Chair

Update your kitchen or dining room by switching out your chairs with iconic white Mid-Century Modern style seating. The look is crisp and modern as well as timeless.


white furnishings
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A pair of white lamps will brighten your room—literally. Use them in your bedroom on nightstands, on a buffet table, or in a living room on end tables. The white shades and bases will work well in any décor.