How to Hang Art

blossom wall art

If you’ve ever put more than one nail in the wall attempting to hang a picture, we’ve got the information you need. You’ve probably heard that eye level is the right height for hanging art … but whose eyes and what level?

Museums and galleries have a handy rule of thumb, allowing art to be hung at the perfect height and a consistent feel to be found throughout the exhibit. Their magic eye-level number is 57” from the center of the picture to the floor. Turns out, 57” is the average eye level of humans.

If you’re not mathematically inclined, that’s OK. We’ve broken the task down into four simple steps you can do before you pick up a hammer and nail:

  1. First, measure the height of the artwork. Then divide that number by 2. Our lovely blossom painting is 50” high. Divide that by two and you have 25”, the center of our piece.
  2. Next, measure the distance from the top of the picture wire when stretched to the top of the frame. Our painting has 3”. We’ll call this the wire adjustment measurement.
  3. Now subtract the wire adjustment measurement (3”) from the center of the piece (25”). That’s 25” – 3” = 22”. We’ll call this the adjusted center measurement.
  4. Finally, take the museum and art gallery perfect height (57”) and add the adjusted center measurement (22”). We have 55” + 22” = 77”. This is the distance up from the floor at which you should install your picture hanger.

That’s it! You can now put a nail in the wall with confidence … complements of your friends at Art Van Furniture.

Get Your Game On

A kitchen might bring families together for meals and conversation, but a game room adds laughter and teamwork to the mix. If you want to strengthen your relationships with family and friends, consider adding a game space to your home. Dedicate a room for a more permanent hangout. Or incorporate good game room elements to your family room and pull out Twister when the gang’s in the mood.

We’ve created two designs. Which one suits you?


All In

lucky collectionWe think our Lucky Collection was made for a game room. Just look at the dice-inspired ottomans! The powerful combination of black and white creates a statement, and the extra thick seat cushions provide comfort. These pieces easily move around to create just the right layout for whatever game you’ve got in mind.

hampton bay entertainment

Sometimes game night is video game night. Or maybe your family loves to play along with Alex Trebek on Jeopardy! You’ll need a media center to hold your television and supplies. Our Hampton Bay Entertainment Center features two open compartments for your electronic components and two drawers to stash games as well as controllers. The ivory finish provides a nice complement to the room’s darker furnishings.

bayfront game table

Finally, you’ll need a place to break out the board games. Tucked in a corner, our Bay Front Table is a fun choice. It’s also a great place for hosting the neighborhood Euchre night. With a tempered glass table, you won’t worry about spills. And the bar height is convenient for entertaining.

Keeping Your Options Open

game room fontaine

If you plan to use your room for more than gaming, you’ll love the look of this sectional. The Fontaine Collection by Cindy Crawford is comfortable enough for a rousing game of charades, and stylish enough to fit in with the rest of your décor. Its neutral color alleviates worries about stains, and the ottoman provides a place for the popcorn bowl.

hudson game room

For video game night – Wii bowling, anyone? – choose the Hudson Media Center to hold your console and games. When the games are over and it’s time to unwind, the piece has enough room to conveniently hold movies and CDs. Storage behind the wooden doors includes four pull-out drawers. And three sections at the top hold your DVR, Blueray player and gaming device. Sizes are available from 36” to 62” (shown.)

larkspur gathering table

If you have room, our Larkspur Collection Gathering Table provides a convenient spot for the family to play checkers. Or use the table for craft or school projects. It also makes the perfect snack break area. The self-storing butterfly leaf makes it a versatile addition to the room, and the burnish finish and dark cherry stain make the handsome piece a welcome design addition.


The Latest Trends in Outdoor Living

It’s time to move the party outside. Spring is here and the patio and deck take center stage. Is yours ready for their close-up?

Art’s Backyard is stocked full of this season’s latest looks for decking out your deck and polishing up your patio. Take a look at these trends in outdoor living:

resort seating

The Resort Look

Your backyard easily turns into an island oasis … even if you’re hundreds of miles inland. All it takes is sumptuous furnishings like this wicker seating with deep cushions. Our Marrakesh Collection is resort living at its best. Its plush, padded cushions turn an evening gathering into a summer soiree. Mai Tai anyone? The pieces are covered in Geobella and Sunbrella fabrics for maximum fade, mildew, and moisture repellency. In the winter, move this set indoors. It’s elegant enough for a family room, sunroom or enclosed porch.


outdoor motion seating

Motion Furniture

Outdoor seating should be comfortable, and motion seating lets you rock while you relax. Our Savannah Collection features deep-cushioned gliders and spring lounge chairs. Brimming with Southern charm, the set oozes grace and begs for a glass of sweet tea. But this is no wilting wallflower; the full-aluminum construction and solid, hand-cast components provide quality and dependability that’s very hospitable.


transitional outdoor furniture

Transitional Furniture

Transitional outdoor furniture combines the clean, simple lines of contemporary with the comfort and style of traditional. The result is a timeless look that never goes out of style. Transitional pieces are a smart investment as they effortlessly mix with your existing pieces. You can quickly update your look by swapping out pillows, cushions and accessories. Our Lattice Collection is a wonderful transitional offering. Its graceful curves are elegant in a traditional style, and its colors and materials are very contemporary. The natural slate inlaid table surfaces marry the two styles together for an ultimate outdoor room.


stackable chairs

Stackable Patio Chairs

A few extra drop-in guests don’t need to send you scrambling for the folding chairs you keep in your trunk for your son’s soccer game. These great stackable patio chairs are a much nicer option. A far cry from the plastic white or green lawn chairs that were popular years ago, today’s outdoor stackables are crafted from durable, high-quality materials like rust-free aluminum and resin weave. Our Villa Collection is ideal for outdoor entertaining. Gorgeous, you’d never guess they’re also portable and convenient. When not in use, the chairs stack and stow with ease.


mosaic outdoor

Touches of Turquoise

Reminiscent of cool Caribbean water, turquoise is one of the hottest colors in home design this summer. Use a splash of the jewel-tone blue with pillows to update your existing seating. Grab a turquoise candle holder or bowl and accessorize your outdoor tables. Or better yet, bring home our three-piece Ocean Marina Mosaic Bistro Set to dress up to your garden, deck or patio. The tabletop and chairs are embellished with hand-laid mosaic tiles in beautiful shades of blue, creating a tranquil setting for a Sunday morning latte with the newspaper.

Pantone’s Sojourn Palette

The word “sojourn” means a temporary stay. Pantone chose the word for one its 2013 home palettes, with hues that include Syrah, Foxglove, Black Plum, Baton Rouge, Pampas, Winter Moss, Cobblestone and Shitake. The combination is reminiscent of a walk through a luscious countryside garden. The good news is that your stay doesn’t have to be temporary; you can bring this rich combination of fuchsia and olive tones home for good.

pantone sojourn

Pantone makes the often-intimidating job of color selection simple and fun; you simply look for the collection that feels like you. If Sojourn speaks to you, take a look at this sophisticated living room we styled from its palette:

diva divine sofa

We started with the Diva Divine sofa from HGTV’s Classic Chic Collection; its throw pillows combine many of Sojourn’s colors. Available in a few fabric choices, the tuxedo back and curved lines are classic and cosmopolitan. The upholstery features welt cord trim for a tailored look. As with all HGTV pieces, the look is fresh and well styled.

roxy chair

Next, we added the Roxy Accent Chair, upholstered in the same fabric as the Diva Divine’s throw pillows. This chic and urban piece has a smooth wooden frame and lean tapered legs. It, too, has welt cord trim for a fine tailored accent.

sojourn chair

We included a second accent chair for more seating. This eye-catching Klein Armless Accent Chair is upholstered in Meadow, a light green shade that provides a fun burst of color. It plays well with the Roxy Accent Chair, and is a versatile piece that can be used throughout your home.

high sierra rug

To anchor the room, we chose the High Sierra Teak Rug. Its mushroom-colored shag provides depth and texture, creating an inviting look.

sojourn cocktail table sojourn end table

This living room is the perfect place for parties, and gatherings require beverages. For a convenient resting place we chose the Helix Rectangular Cocktail Table. It’s glass top allows the rich color of the rug to shine through, while balancing the room with light. A matching end table is placed between the two accent chairs.

sojourn sculpture

A sophisticated room needs sophisticated accents. This beautiful sculpture is the perfect piece for the glass top table. In Black Plum, the showy design coordinates well with the rest of the room’s furnishings.

sojourn art

And finally on the wall we hung this series of four wood wall panels, each topped with a different color, concave metal panel. The colors reflect the Sojourn feel, bringing the richness of nature inside your contemporary home.

Design Solution: Small Dining Area

A small dining area is no reason to forego hosting dinner parties. You can entertain in BIG style in a tight space if you incorporate a few tricks of the design trade. Take a look at these six solutions:

pedestal table1. Use a round pedestal table. A round table usually seats more people than a rectangular one, and it can effortlessly fit into tight corners. Choosing a pedestal base makes it a breeze to seat more guests because there are no table legs to obstruct knees.

drop leaf table

2. Try an expandable or drop leaf table. Another space-saving option is an expandable or drop leaf table, which can be placed against a wall. Perfect for one or two everyday diners, it quickly pulls out and accommodates four to six when company comes. You can choose a round or rectangular version, depending on your personal taste.

parsons chair3. Select armless chairs. You’ll fit more people around a table when you use armless chairs because they take up less room. Easily squeeze in an extra diner or two by choosing sleek and slim-lined dining chairs. These Parsons Chairs also make great seating for living spaces, as well.

woodlands sofa

4. Think like a restaurant. Create your own custom-made “booth” by using a sofa as bench-style seating. A banquette makes the most of your space by bringing seating all the way to the wall. Add a table and chairs and a cozy nook is ready for breakfast as well as formal dinners.

napoli table5. Choose “light footprint” furnishings. See-through or slim frames will give a light and open feel to a small space. Choose chairs and tables with thin metal legs, which virtually disappear, allowing the eye to travel around the dining area. Glass top tables allow light to move through the space, giving a feel of openness.

lattice table6. Go tall. A gathering-height table is perfect for small eating nooks because the extra height allows the eye to see more floor area, giving the area an illusion of being more spacious. Also, the counter height is perfect for parties where you serve appetizers; your guests will most likely stand tableside as they chat with others.