Liev Schreiber’s New York Urban Style Décor

Hollywood celebrity Liev Schreiber is known for playing edgy and rugged movie characters, and the New York apartment he shares with his two young sons and puppy has the same aesthetic. With distressed oak floors and steel open staircases, the industrial feel is urban style décor at its finest. He recently invited Architectural Digest in for a tour. We love the open feel of the kitchen and living room, as well as how much his kids are represented in the décor. We also love the bedrooms designed for his boys. Take a tour and then shop the look at


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The Tamarine Natural Wood Bowl is available now. Shop the look at
Wood Bowl

Schreiber uses a bowl his father made in his kitchen to hold fruit. The rustic look is perfect for urban style décor.

The White Lazy Susan is available now. Shop the look at
Lazy Susan

The dining room table features a lazy Susan beneath the centerpiece. It’s a perfect entertaining accessory, offering a way to let guests help themselves.

The Pike White Floor Lamp is available now. Shop the look at
Floor Lamp

A sleek lamp provides light to the living room, blending with the urban style décor while maximizing floor space.

How To Create an Urban Style Dining Room

With the holidays on the horizon, all eyes are about to be on your dining room. Is yours ready for its starring role? If not, it’s possible to get a new look without replacing all of your furnishings. Here are four easy things you can do that will give your urban style dining room a makeover.

Nelson Dining Chairs are available now. Shop the look at
Nelson Dining Chairs are available now. Shop the look at
Nelson Dining Chairs are available now. Shop the look at
Swap out the chairs

You dining room will look completely different when you change out the seating, especially if your current set matches the table. The hottest trend in an urban style dining room is to mix up the chairs. Try an assortment that work well together, from upholstered to metal to wood. Choose all one color, a combination of two, or a mix of solids and patterns. Be creative! Or keep you matching dining chairs, and swap out the two end chairs with upholstered wingbacks.

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Try a bench

Using a bench in place of seats will bring a casual, rustic feel to your dining room. It has the added benefit of letting you to seat more people. Use one or two benches at the long sides of a rectangular table. The great thing about a bench is that it’s versatile; you can always return the chairs after your evening of entertaining, and place the bench in a foyer, mudroom or rec room.

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Use an interesting sideboard

Add appeal to your dining room with a new sideboard. It will stand out if it doesn’t match your dining room table. Choose a different wood finish for a nice contrast, go with something glamorous like mirror, or pick a style that has an unusual design. If you already have a sideboard, repurpose it in another room, such as a family room or oversized foyer.

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Update your chandelier

If your chandelier came from another decade, it’s time for an update. Check out the gorgeous styles that add architectural shapes and drama to an urban style dining room. Today’s chandeliers are not only functional, but they enhance or even take the place of a centerpiece.

3 Urban Accessories You’ll Love

Urban style is about texture and energy, and one of the easiest ways to update your home is by adding new accessories. This season metal accents add interest, with an industrial twist that also brings a sense of character and history. From the floor to the wall to the tabletop, here are three urban accessories that make your spaces look edgy and cool.

The Peddler Bar is available now. Shop the look at
Peddler Bar

A hallmark of urban style is the use of reclaimed materials to create new furniture. This cool piece uses a vintage bicycle as the frame. Cast iron and mango timber provide a striking contrast. Use it as a bar or console table, and let the good times roll.

The Easton Wall Mirror is available now. Shop the look at
Easton Wall Mirror

The mix of rattan and metal on this mirror offers a strong sense of contrast as well as a rustic twist to urban style. The perfect marriage of old and new world styles, it will be a unique addition to any room of your home.

The Pairs Brass Pendant Light is available now. Shop the look at
Brass Pendant Light

One of the best urban accessories is a new statement chandelier, and the simplicity of this Scandinavian-inspired fixture is striking. The gold-plated bulb covers add a glint of glam to the Matte black finish of the metal rod and base.

3 Urban Trends for Fall

Urban style celebrates everything you love about the city with furnishings that feature textured fabrics, reclaimed wood and industrial details. Rooms also have a sense of energy and adventure, and eclectic collections from your travels and life are on display. This season’s urban style is inspired by the explorer, as a result global and casual touches provide a worldly point of view. Here are three new urban trends to incorporate in your urban home.

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First of all, look for colors pulled from a fall sunset and sky. Key shades are blue and copper that add a rich element to the style that’s known for its raw energy.

The Burlington Rustic Sofa Table is available now. Shop the look at

Next, go for rustic and mature home furnishings with exposed steel and distressed wood. The result is an industrial twist to your style.

The Leather Zane Sofa is available now. Shop the look at

Finally, while urban rooms have attitude, they’re also inviting and comfortable. Look for deep seating that also features box and rolled arms.

Six Characteristics of an Urban Style Home

An urban style home is like the James Dean of design—leather, rugged finishes and an attitude that feels like the city. This distinctive look was born decades ago in Europe when artists turned abandoned factories into expansive spaces that would showcase their artwork. You don’t have to live in a warehouse space to enjoy the style, though; its signature characteristics can be easily incorporated into your suburban home. Here’s how:

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1. Stick with neutrals

Colors such as black, white or brown will offset the hard materials used in an urban style home. Paint your walls in the same color family as your furniture. If you have brown furniture, consider a dark taupe or chocolate paint. Black furniture looks great against grey walls.

2. Look for natural materials

Recycled or repurposed items give the rooms in an urban style home a reclaimed feel. Tables made of wood, metal or glass can be great additions. For upholstered furniture, stick to leather, canvas or other natural textures.

The Milo Leather Sofa is available now. Shop the look at
3. Use texture for wall coverings

Weathered brick walls are an urban style home signature, but if your home doesn’t have this detail you can get a similar feel by using sheets of stainless steel, exposed beams or planks of reclaimed wood on the walls. Sealed concrete floors are also a great look. Cloak them with a neutral area rug, or choose hardwood flooring for a warmer look.

4. Keep accessories to a minimum

Consider tone-on-tone art, such as a black and white print in a room with black furniture or sepia prints in a room with brown furnishings. Or create a splash of color with one bold accent. Use lighting with an industrial feel, such as pendant lights or floor lamps made of unusual materials. You can also use accessories, such as a faux fur throw, to soften the lines and materials of your seating.

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5. Create a single focal point

Use wall art sparingly. A large canvas with a bold abstract or geometric design will make an impact. You can also incorporate a statue or waterfall. Or if your view is outstanding let that be the center of attention.

6. Keep windows bare

Urban style focuses on the architectural details of your home. If you have gorgeous windows, let them be seen and leave the window coverings for your bedroom. If you’re concerned about privacy, use coverings that match the color of the walls.