How to Decorate Like a Designer Outdoors

Ever wonder how designers achieve picture-perfect looks in their rooms that are featured in magazines? The answer is all in the layers. Layering adds depth, texture and interest to a space. It proves several places for the eye to stop as you take in the view. And it makes every nook and cranny someplace special. You can turn your patio setting into a stunning feast for the senses by using design layers. Take a look at the details to learn how to decorate like a designer:

how to decorate like a designer
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Toss Pillows

Adding toss pillows to your outdoor sofa is an opportunity to layer colors. This setting features solids mixed with patterns. Since it’s the largest furnishing in the space, the addition of pillows seems to soften and break up the length of the piece, providing visual dimension for a cozier feel.


Outdoor rugs give your patio or deck the feeling of a room, and layering two rugs draws the eye inward even more. Choose a pattern and a solid so each stands out. And the zebra print’s organic shape gives the space character.

Table Runners

A cocktail table offers space to display favorite accessories, and using a table runner helps tie everything together. Fabric also softens wood or aluminum surfaces, and a smart choice of color can complement your accents.


Most people accessorize tables, but designers take it a step further and accessorize areas around the furniture. A hurricane lamp, for example, connects the chair to the rug by playing with height. And a ceramic rabbit makes a basket of throw blankets look like a part of the décor.

How to decorate like a designer involves using layers. How many layers do you have in your patio?

Add Whitewashed Wood Furniture to Your Room

Whether your style is casual, traditional or farmhouse, adding a piece of whitewashed furniture will add interest and charm. The classic look will never go out of style, and whitewashed wood is a nice complement to other wood finishes, providing a curated feel and a sense of contrast. Whitewashed cocktail tables are a great place to start. Here are five we think you’ll love:

whitewash furniture
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Classic Farmhouse

The timeless Bobbin Rectangular Cocktail Table will look great in your family room, with carved legs and vintage-inspired drawer pulls to provide just enough detail to catch the eye. This piece offers the on-trend look of shiplap and would be beautifully paired with a slipcovered sofa or rustic leather chair.

Whitewashed furniture
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Elegant Lines

The whitewashed top of the Camryn Cocktail Table provides a subtle contrast to its grey base, adding a touch of elegance and class to your living room seating group. The curves of the base catch the eye, while the soft palette pleases it.

whitewashed furniture
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Modern Farmhouse

A glass insert gives a whitewashed table a contemporary twist, and the Delphi Coffee Table is a great example. The shelf provides a nice place to display accessories, while the glass top makes sure they’re noticed from all angles.

whitewashed furniture
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The traditional style of the Pie Crust Coffee Table would be beautiful in a formal living room as well as a seating area of a master suite. The classic style is timeless, and adds an heirloom feel to your space.

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Cottage Style

Whitewashed furniture gets a cottage feel when the piece features a contrasting tabletop. The Chadsworth Cocktail Table offers style and storage with two drawers and a lower shelf. It would be a perfect addition to a laidback family room that features an oversized sectional.

Which whitewashed furniture piece is your favorite?

How to Care For Your Wicker Furniture

If you love the look of outdoor wicker furniture but thought it was too high maintenance, you need to learn about today’s resin wicker furniture. Offering the beauty of the old-fashioned material with the advancements of modern technology, modern wicker is designed to hold up to the elements without fading, peeling, chipping or splintering. Today’s wicker turns your patio into a wonderful gathering spot, and the best part is that it requires minimal maintenance. These steps will show you how to care for wicker to keep it looking fresh and new:

How to care for wicker
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Spot clean spills

Drinks or tree sap can quickly become sticky and attract dirt, so use water or a mixture of mild soap and water to clean it. Simply sponge clean or use a soft-bristled brush, then rinse with water, and dry with a cotton or microfiber cloth.

Vacuum the cushion covers

Dust and dirt can become problematic if left to build up. For spots, use water or mild soap and a sponge. Then rinse with water and allow to air dry for at least an hour before using.

How to care for wicker
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Do a thorough cleaning biweekly to monthly

If your furniture is exposed to the elements it will need regular care. Use a garden hose to remove dust, dirt and grime. You can also use a bucket of water with a mild detergent. A ratio is ¼ cup of mild dish soap to one gallon of warm water is a good solution for how to care for wicker.

Remove debris

Next, use a soft-bristle brush, making sure you get into the weave of the wicker. You’d be surprised how much dust can collect, so use a wide brush with long bristles to help get the job done quickly.

How to care for wicker
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Once you clean the furniture, spray again with the garden hose or a bucket of clean water until the soap residue is gone. Then let it air dry for two to three hours before returning the cushions.

Three Vacation Inspired Patios

Summer is winding down, and you can best enjoy its last days by hanging out on your patio. Why not make it special by recreating your favorite vacation spot right in your back yard? A vacation inspired patio will make summer last a little longer. Take a look at these three vacation inspired patios dreamy destinations:

Vacation inspired patios
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Malibu is the quintessential beach town, with its laidback style and glamorous touches. The Brookstone Collection will help you chill Malibu fashion with its crisp white cushions and sleek, curvy styling. Imagine inviting friends to this sophisticated setting complete with a lime green zebra rug.

Vacation inspired patios
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Cape Cod

Bring the feel of the Cape Cod to your patio with classic silhouettes and a touch of preppy plaid. A white and grey palette works well with any style décor. You’ll enjoy evening conversations relaxing on a glider while the firepit table removes the chill from the night air.

Vacation inspired patios
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Bring home the Southern charm of Savannah with a dining set that is rich with details. The elegant pattern on the chairs and table will blend into your lush landscape, giving your patio the feeling of a secret garden.

Which vacation inspired patios is your favorite?


Sleep Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Your Bed?

How much do you know about your bed and sleep environment? You might be surprised at a few facts. Take this better sleep quiz to see if you’re “sleep smart.”

Sleep quiz mattress facts
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1. How often should you replace your mattress?
    • a.) Every three years
    • b.) Every five to seven years
    • c.) Every 10 years
    • d.) Every time you get a new bedroom set

Answer: Replace your mattress every five to ten years. Sleeping on older mattresses causes unnecessary back pain.

2. True or false: Your mattress can double its weight without a proper protector.

Answer: True! Dirt, oil, skin cells and dust mites get trapped inside, weighing it down as well as causing allergic reactions.

3. True or false: Sleep is more crucial to survival than food.

Answer: True! A human can survive two months without food, but only 11 days without sleep.

better sleep quiz
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4. How often should you replace your pillow?
  • a.) Every 12 months
  • b.) Every three years
  • c.) Every five to 10 years
  • d.) The age of the pillow isn’t important

Answer: Replace your pillow every 12 months? Hair and body oils soak into a pillow’s fabric and stuffing, making it a breeding ground for bacteria.


5. How long should it take you to fall asleep?
  • a.) As soon as your head hits the pillow
  • b.) 10 to 15 minutes
  • c.) 30 minutes
  • d.) 45 minutes

Answer: If it takes you less than five minutes to fall asleep, you’re probably sleep-deprived. Ideally, falling asleep should take 10-15 minutes.

How did you do on this better sleep quiz? Let us know in the comments below. And if you need to update any of the items in your room, head over to Art Van PureSleep for the latest technology and sleep solutions.