Get a Sleep Makeover

How’d you sleep last night? An estimated 70 million Americans complain of sleeplessness, and the culprit might be right under their noses … and their backs.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, mattresses should be replaced every 5 to 8 years to ensure proper support and comfort. A study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine said that sleeping on a new mattress can significantly reduce stiffness and back pain. With about a third of your life spent in bed, a good night’s sleep is an essential part of good health.

How old is your mattress? If you’re not sure, it’s probably time to replace it.

The right mattress needs to provide two things: proper support and proper pressure relief. Comfort isn’t always an accurate indicator that the mattress you’re lying on is providing both. Our PureSleep diagnostic machine takes out the guesswork and finds you the exact mattress you need – one that is comfortable when you are lying on it awake and one that will support you while you sleep.

We offer three basic types of mattresses: specialty, which includes foam, memory foam and gel memory foam beds; innerspring, which have the traditional coils, and hybrids, which are a combination of innerspring and foam. Within those three types, we have more than 100 mattress choices, and each does a specific job. Getting the right fit can help erase those sleepless nights.

Another essential element of good sleep is your pillow. Down, poly, foam or latex are all good choices for fill, but did you know yours is probably also filled with fungi, dead skin, dust mites and drool – all of which can aggravate allergies, asthma, sinusitis and respiratory disease?

Pillows act like sponges, collecting what we shed while we sleep. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences says that exposure to these allergens is a significant risk factor for the development of asthma and hay fever.

Not sure how old your pillow is? It’s probably ready to be replaced, but take this quick test: Fold your pillow in half, squeeze and release it. If it doesn’t spring back into form, it’s time to get a new one. The editors of Prevention magazine suggest that you change your pillow once a year. If you use a protective pillow cover, they say you can double its life.

You’ll get more time out of a good, quality pillow. The experts at the PureSleep Center inside Art Van Furniture give these general guidelines: fiber- or poly-filled pillows are usually good for 6 to 18 months depending on quality. Wool or goose down pillows will last for two to three years. And latex or memory foam pillows are good for up to 5 years, depending on quality. Always use a pillow protector to maintain and prolong the life of your pillow investment.

Remember: Good sleep is always in style.

We’ve Got the Look: Brooke Shields’ Manhattan Penthouse

brooke shields

Brooke Shields has been a Hollywood style icon for most of her 40+ years. It should be no surprise then that her Manhattan penthouse home is filled with iconic pieces gathered from throughout the decades.

Shields recently opened her home to Architectural Digest magazine, which photographed many of her eclectic-inspired rooms (take a peek here.) We fell in love with her living room, which effortlessly mixes French Neoclassicism with 1970s modern. If you love it, too, it’s time to pay a visit to your nearest Art Van Furniture because … we’ve got the look:

nadia accent chair babette chair

Shields and her family enjoy the warmth of the fireplace from a pair of Louis XVI–style armchairs. The furnishings are delicate without being too feminine. We have two choices of chairs for your home: Our Nadia Accent Chair has an elegant but contemporary feel with textured taupe fabric contrasted by its black finish wooden trim. Or opt for the more traditional feel of the Babette-IV chair, with plush fabric adorned by a carved frame and gold tipping. You can add geometric-designed throw pillows to further emulate Shields’ look.

 coylin cocktail table

Shields’ home features a 1970s Lucite-based cocktail table with an X-design base. This piece provides a contrast in styles to the French-inspired armchairs, and adds a helping of modern to a room that could easily become too serious. Our Coylin Square Cocktail Table with its sleek metro design provides a similar sense of relief. A truly artistic accent for any home, its beauty is as contemporary as it is classic.

rustic traditions dresser

Flanking one side of the fireplace in the Shields home is a French empire commode that provides storage in the room. We’ve found a similar piece in our bedroom collection. Our Rustic Traditions Dresser has eight drawers to provide ample room for games, linens or anything else you’d like to stash nearby. And the antique brass drop ring and key hardware provide just enough detail for interest.

Mantera Sofa Table

On the other side of the fireplace is a marble top table, used as a handy bar for entertaining. Our Mantera Sofa Table captures a similar style of traditional elegance with shapely turned chamfered posts and deep reeded detailing. The top includes raised panel beveled glass inserts, which means it could easily be used as a bar without worry of spills.

shields lampshields lamp 2

Shields’ living room is illuminated with a mix of lamp styles. Our ceramic Dream Jeanie Table Lamp mirrors the contemporary selection with its crackled base and our ornate Gold Base Table Lamp provides a touch of traditional in gold with a scalloped finial.

ivory rug

Underfoot, Shields chose a jute rug for her space. We, however, love the comfort and warmth of our Regency Ivory Rug. The 100% virgin wool hand loomed rug has rich hues that are shaded with evidence of light brush strokes.

brooke shields wall art

Finally, Shields finishes the room with a personal selection of art, including portraits by Will Cotton of her two daughters and an original Keith Haring painting, which was a gift from the artist. While we can’t offer you an authentic Keith Haring, we love the similar feel provided by this wooden piece of art that features a series of blocks in distressed brown, red and cream tones. The center circle adds interest to this piece. You’ll find several more accent pieces in Art’s Marketplace, something that’s sure to represent your own personal style and taste, creating a room that you will “Endless-ly Love.”


Introducing the HGTV Collection: Modern Heritage

Art Van Furniture is excited to be the exclusive carrier of the HGTV Home Furniture Collection in Michigan. We know that decorating can be daunting, and HGTV has taken the guesswork out of designing a room by offering fresh takes on timeless style.

Several collections are available – Modern Heritage, Woodlands, Park Avenue, Greenwich, Classic Chic, Meadowbrook Manor and Water’s Edge – each with a distinct style all its own.

Today, we want you to meet the Modern Heritage Collection. The HGTV Designers describe the look as: “Traditional elegance with a flair all its own. The Modern Heritage group is indeed a fresh take on traditional values.”

modern heritage

The pieces proudly showcase lines with classic appeal and unique finishes that are undeniably contemporary creating incomparable character. Mixing styles takes talent, and the designers at HGTV have brilliantly meshed two distinct looks. Neoclassic inspired, the effect is distinguished but the attitude is 100% modern.

Take a Look at the Details

The Modern Heritage group combines the grace of the past with forward-thinking features, such as (right to left) geometrics on metal fretwork, Napoleonic-inspired star motif hardware, Neoclassical-inspired case detailing and fresh fabrics.

modern heritage geometrics modern heritage napoleonic inspired modern heritage neoclassical modern heritage fabrics


Here Are a Few Striking Pieces from this Collection

modern heritage console


The Neoclassical-inspired Demilune Console Table has a metal base with beveled glass top. Console tables can serve in a multitude of roles. Use one as a welcoming entry statement piece, as a sofa table to hold a lamp or decorative accessories, or even as an alternative server in a small dining alcove.

black and nickel chest

The Black and Brushed Nickel Chest creates a powerful presentation of traditional style with modern day appeal. Use one as a sideboard in the dining room, position one in a foyer for a touch of drama or place one bedside for an unusual nightstand.

HGTV Room Divider

An oversized space becomes instantly more usable with the Noire Room Divider. Featuring two drawers, three fixed wood shelves and four removable partitions, the piece is finished on all side and can be used in a multitude of ways – from displaying your collectibles to organizing your office.

And Now for the Big Reveal

modern heritage big-reveal

The Modern Heritage Collection is the perfect choice for updating your entertaining spaces. This dining room had great architectural details, but it was ready for a new look. Using the dramatic contrast of the Cerise dining table with noire-finish dining chairs created an effect that can be best described as “striking.” The curves of the dining chest added more drama and resulted in a room with an intriguing eclectic look and modern overtones.

Visit any of our convenient locations and explore the unique point-of-view of HGTV’s top designers.

Livable Luxury

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”—Coco Chanel


The Scott Shuptrine Showroom inside Art Van Furniture is the place to find livable luxury at an affordable price. The stylish and unique pieces range from furniture to custom window treatments, floor coverings and accessories.

The designers at Scott Shuptrine are experts at creating welcoming yet indulgent spaces. Here are four ways you can add a little luxury to your home:

Picture 1

Incorporate texture

Texture enhances any room by adding dimension. Choose an accent chair in a richly woven fabric. Replace matching pillows with textured, contrasting designs. Or add a faux fur throw to the arm of a sofa or across an oversized ottoman.  Mixing textures increases the feeling of depth in a room. So, pair silks with linen or wool with velvet, and create a room that beckons you inside.


Mix patterns

A variety of patterns add visual interest to a room, but mixing can be daunting. Know that stripes play well with many patterns, so start there. Be selective and keep balance and scale in mind to achieve a look that is stylish and sophisticated. Keep the number of patterns in a room to three or less, or it can look chaotic. And if you need help, the experts at Scott Shuptrine can show you patterns that combine well.


Add in the shiny finishes

Metal, glass and mirrors add opulence to a room. Use metallic accent pieces such as a mercury glass vase filled with hydrangea blooms. Or place a silver tray on a cocktail table. Prop an oversized mirror against the wall, or choose a mirrored end table, which will reflect the lamp set on top. And accessorize fireplace mantels or sofa tables with crystal candlesticks, which are classic and elegant.


Choose rich colors

Deep colors – whether on the walls or in the furnishings – add a touch of drama. Jewel tones, such as ruby, emerald or amber, are synonymous with luxury and make great accent pieces. Or choose rich colored furnishings, such as mahogany tables or cabinets, burgundy leather armchairs, and charcoal upholstered sofas.

Picture 2

One visit to Scott Shuptrine and you’ll discover how easy it is to add a touch of luxury to your home – whether it’s with their accent pillows, rugs and throws, or by bringing home an entire room of furnishings. Pamper yourself and your family, and enjoy returning home at the end of each day.

Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Snowmen. Icy walkways. Long afternoons filled with sledding. Winter has a habit of inviting mud, salt and other debris into your home. But spring is here, and it’s time to sweep out of all the remnants of the cold weather.

woodlands spring cleanThe good news is that you don’t have to tackle this task yourself. Art Van Furniture has teamed up with Floor Savers to begin a new home cleaning service in Metro Detroit – Clean Team by Art Van.

“Clean Team is just one more way that Art Van Furniture has sought to serve our guests,” said Art Van Elslander, Art Van Furniture founder and chairman. “So much of our hearts go into making our houses a home. Marc and his team have a long track record of providing exemplary service that will help preserve the quality and beauty of these treasured belongings.”

“If you can walk, sit, or play on it, it can be cleaned, restored and protected,” says Marc Munyan, President of Clean Team by Art Van. Munyan has more than 25 years in the floor cleaning business offering easy, effective, and affordable solutions.

The Clean Team by Art Van will clean your carpet, tile and grout, wood floor and upholstery. It’s as easy as picking up the phone.


To maintain your furniture, Art Van offers programs to protect your investment. Click here for more information. And for everyday care, check out these six tips on caring for your furnishings:

  • For upholstered pieces, never rub a spill, not even with a soft cloth, as you can permanently damage the fabric. If a spill occurs, immediately blot it with a clean, absorbent white cloth or paper towel.
  • Rotate cushions and pillows weekly to redistribute wear, extend the life of the foam core and keep cushions and pillows looking newer longer.
  • Take care not to leave newspapers, magazines or other printed materials, as well as flowers and plant foliage on or near upholstered furniture as certain inks and pigments may stain the fabric.
  • Wood surfaces that are used daily as eating areas should be wiped with a slightly damp (not wet) lint-free cloth; dry immediately and thoroughly.
  • Once a week, dust the furniture with a lint-free cloth dampened with Art Van Furniture Cleaner so that dust particles will have less of a chance to build up, potentially scratching the wood’s finish.
  • Clean table and desktops each month with Art Van Furniture Cleaner, formulated specifically to preserve the finish of wood. Do not let the cleaner soak into the wood surface, and immediately follow the cleaning with our furniture polish to give the wood a vivid finish.