Three Modern Style Accessories

Modern style is all about simplicity. The calm feeling celebrates the idea that less is more, making each piece important in your rooms. Update your Modern Style home by changing out the accents. Here are three modern style accessories that will make your spaces look trendy and chic.

modern style accessories
The Cobblestone Aluminum Tray is available now. Shop the look at
Aluminum Tray

This beautiful metallic tray would look beautiful on a sideboard or as a centerpiece on a modern dining table. Its textured finish would pick up the light.

modern style accessories
The Reflections Wall Art is available now. Shop the look at

Black and white artwork makes a striking statement in a modern home. The abstract design of this canvas would be perfect choice of modern style accessories, providing a statement with the neutral palette of your décor.

modern style accessories
The Clarte Chrome Pendant Lamp is available now. Shop the look at
Pendant Light

Blend function with fashion by choosing a modern pendant light. This striking piece would be perfect hung over a nightstand or use two over your kitchen island.

Three Traditional Accessories to Update Your Home for Fall

Traditional style is all about history, details and charm. One of the easiest ways to update your home is by adding new accessories. Look for lacquer, animal prints, metal accents and antique-inspired lines. From the floor to the wall to the tabletop, here are three traditional accessories that make your spaces look sophisticated and storied.

The Ottoman with Metal Legs is available now. Shop the look at

An ottoman is a versatile piece that can be used in the living room as a cocktail table or seating as well as in the bedroom as a bench at the foot of the bed in the master suite. The metal legs of this bench put it—and you—on trend for the season.

The Gilford Wall Clock is available now. Shop the look at

Another one of the season’s traditional accessories that will update your home for fall is an oversized clock. Functional art, choosing a traditional-style clock will give your room a sophisticated touch.

The Vernonia Bar Cabinet is available now. Shop the look at
Bar Cabinet

Fall starts the season of entertaining, and one of the hottest traditional accessories of the season is a bar cabinet. Choose an ornate piece that adds an element of art to the room.

3 Farmhouse Accessories to Update Your House for Fall

Modern Farmhouse Style is a super hot look, but you don’t have to redecorate your entire room to bring this aesthetic home. Adding accessories is an easy way to be on trend without spending a lot. Here are three Farmhouse accessories that will look perfect in your home:

The Rule the Roost Planter is available now. Shop the look at
White Ceramics

Modern Farmhouse style puts dishes and utensils on display. Nothing is more classic or beautiful than white dinnerware. Stack dishes and bowls on open shelves. Keep your table set, and use plate hangers to display pieces on the wall. And find whimsical white ceramic pieces, such as a playful planter.

The Fringe Grey Pillow is available now. Shop the look at
Fringe and Textiles

Look for pillows, dishcloths, table runners and rugs in natural textiles, such as burlap, linen and cotton. The humble textures add the feeling of warmth to your room. Fringe is a big trend in farmhouse accessories, so look for it on pillows, throws and rugs.

The Inverted Floral Wall Art is available now. Shop the look at
Botanical Prints

Modern Farmhouse style takes literal cues from nature, with artwork and accessories that feature botanicals. Look for floral prints as well as large leafy designs.

3 Urban Accessories You’ll Love

Urban style is about texture and energy, and one of the easiest ways to update your home is by adding new accessories. This season metal accents add interest, with an industrial twist that also brings a sense of character and history. From the floor to the wall to the tabletop, here are three urban accessories that make your spaces look edgy and cool.

The Peddler Bar is available now. Shop the look at
Peddler Bar

A hallmark of urban style is the use of reclaimed materials to create new furniture. This cool piece uses a vintage bicycle as the frame. Cast iron and mango timber provide a striking contrast. Use it as a bar or console table, and let the good times roll.

The Easton Wall Mirror is available now. Shop the look at
Easton Wall Mirror

The mix of rattan and metal on this mirror offers a strong sense of contrast as well as a rustic twist to urban style. The perfect marriage of old and new world styles, it will be a unique addition to any room of your home.

The Pairs Brass Pendant Light is available now. Shop the look at
Brass Pendant Light

One of the best urban accessories is a new statement chandelier, and the simplicity of this Scandinavian-inspired fixture is striking. The gold-plated bulb covers add a glint of glam to the Matte black finish of the metal rod and base.

4 Casual Style Accessories that Will Update Your Look

One of the hallmarks of casual style is the effortless beauty of its accessories and accents. Pieces invite you to look and touch. Larger scale items on rustic backgrounds make a statement, and have a Southwest inspiration. And casual style accessories are functional as well as fashionable. Here are four accent pieces that will update your casual style home this season:

casual style accessories
The Daffodil Flower Table Top is available now. Shop the look at
Metal Flowers

Mix materials in your displays to contrast finishes and shapes. This Daffodil Flower Table Top Accent Piece offers a touch of whimsy and it will be forever fresh.

casual style accessories
The Moose Wooden Wall Art is available now. Shop the look at
Wooden Wall Art

Casual style accessories get a rustic feel with lots of wood. This Moose Wooden Wall Art features three distinct wood finishes. Imagine it hanging above a fireplace or in a welcoming foyer.

casual style accessories
The Tamarine Natural Wood Bowl is available now. Shop the look at
Wooden Bowl

Accent pieces combine pretty with purpose, and this Tamarine Natural Wood Bowl would be lovely on a cocktail table or as a dining room centerpiece. Let its beauty shine or let it be a stylish way to hold your remotes.

casual style accessories
The Contours Native Chic Rug is available now. Shop the look at
Southwest-Inspired Rug

This season’s casual style is inspired by the American Southwest, with a rustic twist on modern. The Contours Native Chic Rug does just that, with a pattern that feels rustic and abstract. It features the colors of the season for a striking display.