4 Casual Style Accessories that Will Update Your Look

One of the hallmarks of casual style is the effortless beauty of its accessories and accents. Pieces invite you to look and touch. Larger scale items on rustic backgrounds make a statement, and have a Southwest inspiration. And casual style accessories are functional as well as fashionable. Here are four accent pieces that will update your casual style home this season:

casual style accessories
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Metal Flowers

Mix materials in your displays to contrast finishes and shapes. This Daffodil Flower Table Top Accent Piece offers a touch of whimsy and it will be forever fresh.

casual style accessories
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Wooden Wall Art

Casual style accessories get a rustic feel with lots of wood. This Moose Wooden Wall Art features three distinct wood finishes. Imagine it hanging above a fireplace or in a welcoming foyer.

casual style accessories
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Wooden Bowl

Accent pieces combine pretty with purpose, and this Tamarine Natural Wood Bowl would be lovely on a cocktail table or as a dining room centerpiece. Let its beauty shine or let it be a stylish way to hold your remotes.

casual style accessories
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Southwest-Inspired Rug

This season’s casual style is inspired by the American Southwest, with a rustic twist on modern. The Contours Native Chic Rug does just that, with a pattern that feels rustic and abstract. It features the colors of the season for a striking display.

How to Transition a Bedroom to Fall

The change of seasons is a good reason to refresh your home décor, and fall is the perfect time to update your bedroom with warmth and coziness in mind. From your window coverings to your bedding, quick changes will get you ready for the cooler weather. Here’s how to transition a bedroom to fall.

Transition bedroom to fall
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Swap Out Bedding

Speaking of bedding, change your sheets to warmer choices, such as microfiber or flannel. Add a blanket or quilt to your bed, and consider a throw blanket that will a sense of luxury and can be pulled up when needed. You might also choose richer colors.

Add Drapes

Summer is time to let in the sun and let your space shine. When fall comes around, you might need a little more warmth, especially if your windows are a little drafty. Add drapes or curtains over your shades or blinds. You can choose a color that complements your bedding or adds a new texture to the room.

transition bedroom to fall
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Layer Lighting

The days are shorter in fall and winter, so make sure you have layers of lighting in your room. Use a lamp on your nightstand. Update overhead lighting with a chandelier or statement fixture. And consider using candles in your space. Be sure to extinguish them before you go to bed or choose the realistic battery operated models available today.

Use Fall Scents

One of the best parts of the fall season is the variety of scents associated with it. If you use candles in your space, consider scented options, such as cinnamon or pumpkin spice. You can also add scent with a diffuser or large bowl of potpourri.

transition a bedroom to fall
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Bring in a Rug

Warm up things underfoot by using a rug. Your feet will appreciate the warm landing in the morning, and a rug visually warms a room, as well. Choose a thick pile, such as shag, which will have the added benefit of providing insulation.

How to Layer Bedding to Create a Designer Look

Beds that are featured in magazines and catalogs are so inviting. The trick? Designers layer pieces to create visual and textural interest. While it looks complicated, it’s really not. Here are four steps that show how to layer bedding to create that designer look at home.

how to layer bedding
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Start with Sheets

Solid sheets serve as a nice foundation for making a beautiful bed. Choose crisp white or a rich color. The idea is to create a sense of contrast with the rest of the bedding. To style the bed like a designer, use this trick: place the flat sheet “wrong side” up. This allows you to fold it over your blanket, exposing the finished hem.

Add Shams

Next, add height and depth to your bed by using shams behind your regular pillows. Square Euro shams will add height, while king or queen size shams add depth. For a king-size bed, use three Euro shams for balance. Shams should match your duvet or quilt, while regular pillows should match your sheets.

Then a Comforter

The next layer is a comforter or duvet. Introduce a new texture, pattern or color on the duvet then fold it and the flat sheet about a third of the way down the bed.

And a Quilt or Throw

Depending on how much warmth you need, top the comforter or duvet with a quilt or throw blanket. For a quilt, fold it in half, and place it on the bottom half of the bed. With a throw blanket, you can do the same, or toss it at an angle at the foot of the bed for impact. Create a sense of balance by choosing a color that matches or complements the sheets.

Have Fun with Toss Pillows

The finishing touch for how to layer bedding is throw pillows, and this is where you can have lots of fun. Mix and match colors and take advantage of texture and pattern. Choose a variety of shapes, as well, such as square or bolsters.

Choosing a Rug for a Child’s Room

Your child’s room is like their own private retreat, and one way to create that cozy feel is by using a rug. A rug not only warms up a space, it softens the floor and provides plenty of room to spread out and play. Even if you have carpet in the room, rugs add a layer of color and pattern, enhancing the décor. When it comes to choosing a rug for a child’s room here are four things to consider.

Choosing a rug for a child’s room
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Decide where you want to use a rug. In a bedroom, you can use a rug to anchor a bed, placing it completely under the bed or under two-thirds, leaving the space around the nightstand. A general rule of thumb is to have 18 to 24 inches of rug around the sides and foot. If one side of your child’s bed is against a wall, you can place the right to the side where they get up. In this case, a 5’ x 7’ rug is ideal. You can also use a rug to define a special area, such as a play corner or reading nook.

choosing a rug for a child's room
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The rug material is especially important in a child’s room. From jumping and playing to food and craft materials, you need a rug that is durable and easy to clean. Wool rugs last a long time, but they’re also more expensive. Blends are stain resistant and more affordable, making them perfect for kids. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, so finding one that fits your child’s décor will be a breeze.

choosing a rug for a child's room
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Color and Pattern

Your child’s room is a place where design rules go out the window, and the more playful or whimsical the style the better. Decide if you want use a rug to complement the décor? Add a pop of color? Or introduce a fun pattern? The sky’s the limit, so have fun with this rug.

choosing a rug for a child's room
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Finally, when choosing a rug for a child’s room, make sure your child’s rug is safe. If it isn’t anchored under the bed, make sure you use a non-slip rug pad beneath it. This will ensure that the rug doesn’t slide under your child, causing them to fall and possibly become injured.

How To Accessorize a Nightstand

It’s the last thing you look at before you fall asleep, and the first thing you see when you wake up. It’s your nightstand, and it could be helping to set a calm and soothing atmosphere or filling your eyes with stressful clutter. Instead of just using it as a holding place for a glass of water, accessorize a nightstand with items that set the tone for your bedroom style. Here are four things to keep in mind:

accessorize a nightstand
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1. Consider your clock

Technology is great, but you’ll add lots of charm if you choose an analog clock. From contemporary to vintage to traditional, find something that underscores your design aesthetic and gets rid of that pesky light that comes from a digital version.


Accessorize a nightstand
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2. Add something personal

Accessorize a nightstand by including a framed photo of a loved one or a cherished memento that reminds you of a fond memory. This small item can instantly trigger happiness.


Accessorize a nightstand
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3. Vamp up your lamp

While a lamp will provide light for reading, it’s also a great way to make a design statement in your bedroom. Pick something that matches your décor or adds a pop of personality.


Accessorize a nightstand
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4. Display your books

Use your book as part of your nightstand décor, especially if it’s a beautiful hardcover edition. It can help elevate items on your nightstand to create depth and interest, then be picked up and opened when you’re ready to read.