Liev Schreiber’s New York Urban Style Décor

Hollywood celebrity Liev Schreiber is known for playing edgy and rugged movie characters, and the New York apartment he shares with his two young sons and puppy has the same aesthetic. With distressed oak floors and steel open staircases, the industrial feel is urban style décor at its finest. He recently invited Architectural Digest in for a tour. We love the open feel of the kitchen and living room, as well as how much his kids are represented in the décor. We also love the bedrooms designed for his boys. Take a tour and then shop the look at


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Wood Bowl

Schreiber uses a bowl his father made in his kitchen to hold fruit. The rustic look is perfect for urban style décor.

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Lazy Susan

The dining room table features a lazy Susan beneath the centerpiece. It’s a perfect entertaining accessory, offering a way to let guests help themselves.

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Floor Lamp

A sleek lamp provides light to the living room, blending with the urban style décor while maximizing floor space.

Cindy Crawford’s Casual Style Home Decor

Supermodel Cindy Crawford has defined beauty and set fashion trends around the world. She effortlessly translates her wisdom to the art of home design with the Cindy Crawford Home Collection. When she’s away from the camera, however, her casual style home is timeless and chic. Cindy was asked to describe her style, and she said it’s not too trendy.

“I think my style is more what I’m not, and I think the furniture line really reflects that,” she said. “There’s an awareness of what is on trend, but I would not go with a trend if I didn’t feel like it would flatter me. And I feel like with the furniture it’s the same thing.”

Vogue 73 Questions

Get a glimpse into the Malibu casual style home Cindy shares with her husband and children in this Vogue magazine 73 Questions with Cindy. We love her casual style decor. Which room is your favorite?

We’ve Got the Look: Tommy Hilfiger Bedroom

Tommy Hilfiger is known for his preppy, all-American style, but the $50 million penthouse apartment he shares with his wife, Dee Dee, in Manhattan spans a wide range of influences and décor. Filled with personal collections and meaningful accents, you could spend hours looking around the home, taking in the couple’s style. We love the Hilfiger bedroom, which Dee Dee calls airy and light, cozy and elegant. If you like it, too, we’ve got the look.


Hilfiger bedroom bed
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Dramatic Bed

The bedroom in the Hilfiger home features a dramatic bed with sweeping curves and striking details. Our Cordova Mineral King Bed also has a stylish headboard and footboard, with nailhead trim that outlines the dramatic shape. Complete the look with luxurious bedding and lots of accent pillows.

Hilfiger bedroom chair
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Accent Chairs

The Hilfigers have a pair of tufted slipper chairs on either side of the bed, offering a place for the couple to sit as they dress. Our Deidra Accent Chairs would be a wonderful addition to a master suite. Add one in a corner or two if you have space. The light color is classic, and the nailhead trim complements the detail on the bed.

Hilfiger bedroom nightstand
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Mirrored Nightstands

Mirrored nightstands add a reflective quality to the Hilfiger bedroom, as well as a touch of glamour and sparkle. Our Claudia Mirrored Nightstand would be a great choice, offering the same look as well as classic ring hardware.

Hilfiger Bedroom Chandelier
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Crystal Chandelier

The crowning touch on the Hilfiger bedroom is a beautiful traditional chandelier that hangs over the bed. Oversized and dramatic, it is the perfect piece to top off this elegant room. Our Iron Branch Chandelier offers the same effect, with its unique crystal details and candle-style lights.

What do you think of the style of the Hilfiger bedroom? Over the top or wonderfully indulgent?

We’ve Got the Look: The Crown Style

We love the Netflix series The Crown. It gives us a weekly fix of royals, and some great design inspiration, as well. The Los Angeles Times interviewed the production designer Martin Childs, who shared that the production was shot over eight months on 398 sets. This explains why the series is so popular with design fans. Here are some of the insider tips on The Crown style that might help you as you design your own palace.

The Crown Style
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Viewers often inquire about where they could find an item, and recently Childs was asked where to find a light box like Tony Armstrong-Jones has in his studio. “The more mundane the request, the more I feel people are noticing the detail and that’s pretty gratifying,” he said.

The Crown Style
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From floral slipcovered sofas to draperies and large floral sprays, the set is literally in bloom. “The palace floristry team is at work constantly and we have a one-woman equivalent in the form of the wonderful Helen Byrne,” Childs said.

The Crown Style chair
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The interiors reflect the difference between royals and non-royals, and in season one, Childs focused on showing postwar austerity. “For Season two, it’s the dawn of the more permissive ’60s. London doesn’t suddenly go all Austin Powers and Carnaby Street. The luxury of long-form TV is that you can introduce these things subtly, by stealth, leaving some of the world as it was in order to notice what it’s becoming,” he said.

Do you love The Crown style? Let us know your favorite detail in the comments below.

We’ve Got the Look: Mandy Moore’s Living Room

Celebrity homes can be a great source of inspiration when you’re designing a room. Not only do you get some great style tips; you get a chance to peek into a favorite actor’s life. This is Us actress Mandy Moore recently took Architectural Digest on a tour of the Mid-Century Modern home she purchased with fiancé Taylor Goldsmith. She renovated the four-bedroom Pasadena, California house designed by architect Harold Zook, and the results are incredible. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls provide amazing 360-degree views of the 1.45-acre estate, and the décor feels timeless yet fresh.

We especially love Mandy’s living room. The Mid-Century Modern furnishings complement the style of the home, and the crisp white and blue color palette is enhanced with wooden accents. If you love it, too, we’ve got the look.

Celebrity homes
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Start with a Sofa

A sleek white sofa with a Mid-Century design sets the tone in Mandy’s room. While not a perfect match, our Rocky Tufted Sofa offers the same sense of sophistication. The retro-inspired upholstery is highlighted by a sculpted wooden frame, making it Mid-Century fabulous.

Celebrity homes
The Cole Blue Tufted Chairs is available now. Shop the look at
Accent Chairs

Mandy uses two navy chairs in her room to provide color as well as more seating. Our Cole Blue Tufted Chairs would be a perfect choice. Offering a Mid-Century minimalist chic design, these chairs also recline, helping you to relax and freeing up floor space because they don’t require an ottoman or footstool. The walnut-finished legs complete the sophisticated style and complement the sofa frame.

Celebrity homes
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Floor Lamp

Next to the sofa, Mandy uses an arc lamp to provide task lighting as well as another Mid-Century-inspired element to the space. Our Craftsman Arc Lamp would be a great choice for your room. The bronze finish adds warmth, and the design offers a sense of drama.

Celebrity homes
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Mandy and her fiancé are both musicians and having a record player in the room was important to them. She uses a fabulous Mid-Century sideboard that provides surface space and storage. Our Lawlar Storage Cabinet would be a wonderful addition to this room. The white front balances the sofa, while the wood frame features the same finish as our other furnishings.

Celebrity homes
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End Tables

Finally, instead of a coffee table, Mandy’s room features an assortment of drum end tables and woven benches that can be put together or pulled apart and used as seating. They feature a bronze finish that plays off of the fireplace hood and brass inlays from the floors. Our Cordoba End Table would be a great choice, and its finish adds light and reflection to your room.

What do you think of Mandy’s room? Check out more celebrity homes here.