Five Characteristics Of Modern Farmhouse Style Home

One of the hottest styles in our fall catalog home design is Modern Farmhouse. It’s a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, with natural finishes, industrial touches and unexpected accessories. While it’s always in style, HGTV’s Fixer Upper brought the look to the forefront of popular design. If you want to bring the Modern Farmhouse style home, here are five easy ways to do it:

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The Farmhouse Table

A Modern Farmhouse style home puts the kitchen at the center of the home where families go to eat, talk or work. Oversized surfaces are key, and that often includes a large kitchen table where everyone can gather. Choose one that is made of wood and includes a nice vintage or weathered look.

Open Shelving

Classic farmhouse kitchens used wall-mounted shelves and door-less cabinets to hold dishware and make it easy to grab. This puts your items on display. Consider removing some of your upper cabinets to create the look. Shelves with ornate brackets would be especially beautiful and will add to the design.

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Wood Furniture with Antique Lines

Something old adds history and character to your Modern Farmhouse style home, but something new with old lines does the trick, too – and it’s easier! Just like with the farmhouse table, look for weathered wood, industrial-style finishes and classic lines. A distressed sofa table like this one would look great in your foyer or living room.

Barn Doors

Go all in by swapping out an interior door for a barn-style sliding door. This simple touch can transform your home from modern to Modern Farmhouse. If you prefer to leave your architecture as is, bring home a piece of furniture utilizes barn doors, such as a media console or dining room sideboard.

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Iron Beds

Iron beds will never go out of style. Give yours the Modern Farmhouse feel with a modern quilt or striped bedding. Add lots of pillows and artwork and you’ll give your bedroom a personal touch.

What do you think of Modern Farmhouse style home? Let us know in the comments below.

Six Characteristics of an Urban Style Home

An urban style home is like the James Dean of design—leather, rugged finishes and an attitude that feels like the city. This distinctive look was born decades ago in Europe when artists turned abandoned factories into expansive spaces that would showcase their artwork. You don’t have to live in a warehouse space to enjoy the style, though; its signature characteristics can be easily incorporated into your suburban home. Here’s how:

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1. Stick with neutrals

Colors such as black, white or brown will offset the hard materials used in an urban style home. Paint your walls in the same color family as your furniture. If you have brown furniture, consider a dark taupe or chocolate paint. Black furniture looks great against grey walls.

2. Look for natural materials

Recycled or repurposed items give the rooms in an urban style home a reclaimed feel. Tables made of wood, metal or glass can be great additions. For upholstered furniture, stick to leather, canvas or other natural textures.

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3. Use texture for wall coverings

Weathered brick walls are an urban style home signature, but if your home doesn’t have this detail you can get a similar feel by using sheets of stainless steel, exposed beams or planks of reclaimed wood on the walls. Sealed concrete floors are also a great look. Cloak them with a neutral area rug, or choose hardwood flooring for a warmer look.

4. Keep accessories to a minimum

Consider tone-on-tone art, such as a black and white print in a room with black furniture or sepia prints in a room with brown furnishings. Or create a splash of color with one bold accent. Use lighting with an industrial feel, such as pendant lights or floor lamps made of unusual materials. You can also use accessories, such as a faux fur throw, to soften the lines and materials of your seating.

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5. Create a single focal point

Use wall art sparingly. A large canvas with a bold abstract or geometric design will make an impact. You can also incorporate a statue or waterfall. Or if your view is outstanding let that be the center of attention.

6. Keep windows bare

Urban style focuses on the architectural details of your home. If you have gorgeous windows, let them be seen and leave the window coverings for your bedroom. If you’re concerned about privacy, use coverings that match the color of the walls.

Four Casual Style Trends for Fall

Casual style is easy and effortless, setting the tone for relaxation. It’s the perfect look for families as it complements an active lifestyle and creates a home sweet home. This season, casual style has four distinct trends inspired by the American Southwest, with a rustic twist on modern. If your style is casual, here are four casual style trends to look for:

casual style trends
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An earthy color palette

Rich tones like mocha combine with touches of orange and red for an early color palette that’s reminiscent of the changing colors of fall. Accents include vibrant jewel tones that add drama and warmth.

casual style trends
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Simple details

Another one of the casual style trends is the use of simple details on furnishing and accessories. Forego the fussy and opt for clean lines. Also, add interest by using fabrics with texture and interesting weaves.

casual style trends
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Overstuffed seating

Casual style invites you to kick back, and soft overstuffed seating helps get the job done. Look for comfortable upholstery accented by low luster surfaces. The look is inviting and accessible.

casual style trends
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Chunky tables

Finally, be on trend by using cocktail and accent tables are “chunky.” The heavy look of wood grounds a room and lets the grain shine. The tables become statement pieces, commanding attention.

Which of these four casual style trends is your favorite?

Five Characteristics of a Casual Style Home

If you’d love to come home to a place that’s as warm and comfortable as a soft pair of khakis and cotton tee, you’ll love furniture that’s casual style. This unpretentious take on home décor starts with traditional design elements, clears away the fussy and focuses on function. Inviting and relaxed, casual style is a popular choice. Here are five of the signature characteristics of a casual style home:

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1. Simple details

Carved legs and camel backs are beautiful, but casual style furnishings use little ornamentation. Instead, lines are clean and comfort is key. This is not the kind of room that is off limits or for show; casual style is 100% approachable. Furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed by everyone.

2. Warm-tone woods

Pine, oak and cherry furnishings are the hallmark of casual style, as they age well and blend with the palette of a casual style home. Distressed pieces give a sense of history. Choose wooden accent tables for your living room, a farmhouse-style table for your kitchen, and bench seating for the dining room.


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3. American inspirations

Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger are American icons of casual clothing, and the fabrics they choose can serve as inspiration for your home décor. From cotton to leather, the upholstery in casual style is livable and durable. Patterns include stripes, plaids and checks. And colors are crisp, neutral and rich.

4. Functional accessories

The accessories in a casual style room are not just beautiful, they serve a purpose. From throw pillows and blankets, to baskets, trays and books, the accent pieces look nice and are ready to be used when needed.


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5. No hard rules

The great thing about casual style is that there aren’t strict rules – the only prerequisite it that everything is comfortable. That means arms on chairs can be rolled or track. Leather upholstery is as important as fabric. And the color palette has no limits. The only thing that matters is that the space suits your lifestyle – whether that’s the single life or a bustling family on the go.

How to Furnish A Small Bedroom

Whether it’s the master suite, a child’s room or a spot to be used by guests, a cozy bedroom can be a comforting place in which to fall asleep each night. Small spaces, however, bring a special set of design challenges: you need to choose the right size furnishings because large pieces will quickly overwhelm the room, and the choice of patterns and colors can play an important role in peace and tranquility. If you want to create a design that offers a sense of balance, here are five things to know about how to furnish a small bedroom.


how to furnish a small bedroom
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Choose the Right Bed

A king-size bed might offer a lot of room to unwind, but it takes up a lot of floor space – about 42 square feet. Instead, consider a queen-size bed, which takes up about 33 square feet or a full-size bed that takes about 28. The extra space will provide more room for nightstands and storage.


how to furnish a small bedroom
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Go For Light Materials

Instead of a large mahogany headboard or canopy bed, look for furnishings that have an open feel. A metal bed, for example, will allow the wall behind the headboard to show, giving the room a lighter feel. Glass-top nightstands will seem to take up less space because you can see through them.


how to furnish a small bedroom
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Sneak In Storage

In a small bedroom, you might not have room for a pair of nightstands, dresser and chest of drawers. Instead, streamline your space by choosing double-duty pieces. A small accent chest can serve as a nightstand and dresser. Or choose a bed that has storage in its base. You might not need a dresser or chest of drawers at all.


how to furnish a small bedroom
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Consider Monochromatic

An uninterrupted line of vision gives a room a sense of flow when it comes to how to furnish a small bedroom. When choosing wall color, flooring and bedding materials, consider sticking to a neutral and monochromatic palette. Light colors can brighten a room and create an illusion of more space, but darker colors can also work, making walls almost fade away. Choose an upholstered headboard in a fabric that matches the wall color. And stay away from bedding with large prints, which can overwhelm the space.

how to furnish a small bedroom
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Have One Focal Point 

Every room should have a focal point that draws attention. This can be the headboard, a piece of art hung above the bed or a collection of bold pillows. In a small room, the focal point is important because the room can feel cluttered if items compete for attention. Streamline your accents, and put the emphasis on one spot.