How to Design a Casual Style Bedroom

A casual style bedroom sets the tone for sleep with laidback furnishings that invite you to relax. Furnishings are oversized, with family-friendly fabrics and simple, unpretentious details. As a result, the bedroom clears away the fussy and focuses on fashionable function. Here are three characteristics of a casual style bedroom:

casual style bedroom
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Simple details

The first characteristic of a casual style bedroom is furniture that features uncomplicated lines and comfortable finishes. This is not the kind of room that feels off limits or for show. As a result, furniture and bedding are family-friendly and suit your lifestyle. The great thing about a casual style bedroom is that there aren’t strict rules; the only prerequisite it that everything is comfortable.

 Warm-toned woods

Next, look for pine, oak and cherry furnishings, which are the hallmark of casual style. They not only age well; furnishings also blend with the neutral palette of a casual style home. In addition, distressed pieces give a sense of history and ease.

Functional accessories

The accessories in a casual bedroom are not just beautiful; they serve a purpose. From throw pillows and blankets, to baskets, clocks and books, accent pieces look nice and are ready to be used when needed.

How to Design an Urban Style Bedroom

Urban style brings a sense of adventure and history to your home, celebrating everything you love about the energy of the city. Furnishings feature textured fabrics, reclaimed wood and industrial details. When you bring urban design to your master suite, you introduce an unexpected attitude to the room, where each piece has a story and personality. Here are four characteristics of an urban style bedroom:

urban style bedroom
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Natural materials

Recycled or repurposed items give the room a reclaimed feel. Choose a bed, dresser and nightstand made of distressed wood, metal or glass. For upholstered pieces, such as a headboard or accent chair, stick to leather, canvas or other natural fabrics.


Brick walls offer classic urban style, but if your bedroom doesn’t have this detail you can get a similar feel by adding wood panels or beams. Wood or concrete floors are another urban-style signature; warm them up with a contrasting texture, such as a shag or animal-skin area rug.

A single focal point

In an urban bedroom, use wall art sparingly. A large canvas with a bold abstract print or geometric design above the bed will make an impact. Or if your view is outstanding let that be the center of attention. Your lighting can also be your statement piece; choose an oversized chandelier with an industrial feel.

Minimal accessories

Industrial pieces, such as an old clock or nautical instrument, add character to the room. Consider tone-on-tone accents, such as a black and white print in a room with black furniture or sepia prints in a room with brown furnishings. Or create a splash of color with one bold accent.

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How to Decorate Like a Designer Outdoors

Ever wonder how designers achieve picture-perfect looks in their rooms that are featured in magazines? The answer is all in the layers. Layering adds depth, texture and interest to a space. It proves several places for the eye to stop as you take in the view. And it makes every nook and cranny someplace special. You can turn your patio setting into a stunning feast for the senses by using design layers. Take a look at the details to learn how to decorate like a designer:

how to decorate like a designer
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Toss Pillows

Adding toss pillows to your outdoor sofa is an opportunity to layer colors. This setting features solids mixed with patterns. Since it’s the largest furnishing in the space, the addition of pillows seems to soften and break up the length of the piece, providing visual dimension for a cozier feel.


Outdoor rugs give your patio or deck the feeling of a room, and layering two rugs draws the eye inward even more. Choose a pattern and a solid so each stands out. And the zebra print’s organic shape gives the space character.

Table Runners

A cocktail table offers space to display favorite accessories, and using a table runner helps tie everything together. Fabric also softens wood or aluminum surfaces, and a smart choice of color can complement your accents.


Most people accessorize tables, but designers take it a step further and accessorize areas around the furniture. A hurricane lamp, for example, connects the chair to the rug by playing with height. And a ceramic rabbit makes a basket of throw blankets look like a part of the décor.

How to decorate like a designer involves using layers. How many layers do you have in your patio?

Stripes are Stars of Home Style

Paisley, chevron, honeycomb and floral … patterns may come in and out of style, but stripes last forever. Classic and crisp, stripes transcend any style and look at home in traditional, casual, rustic or contemporary décor. Uniform and symmetrical, using stripes in decor brings a look of order to any space.

Has your room earned its stripes? Here’s what they can do for you:

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Stripes dress up a room

Striped upholstery is like a pinstriped power suit; it makes a great first impression and is always in style. Our Ralph Dining Chair fits the bill with its business-class style and chic metal ring detail.

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Stripes play well with others

Stripes in decor mix effortlessly with patterns such as floral, plaid and check. Our Stripe Duvet is perfectly paired with a floral quilt or sheets, balancing a room with a masculine touch.

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Stripes can be elegant

When used tone on tone, stripes make a room feel more formal. Our Pearl White Chair with whitewashed wood trim dresses up living room seating or creates an elegant dining area. You can also paint the walls with tone-on-tone stripes, mixing flat with gloss or eggshell finishes to create a subtle texture.

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Stripes command attention

When used in contrasting colors or unexpected places, stripes in decor grab the spotlight. Take a look at our Envy Bench—its style is hard to ignore! The sleek design combined with bold black and white stripes make a statement in your room, marrying function with fashion.

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And stripes tease the eye

When used on walls, stripes can reshape a room. Painted vertically, wide stripes add depth and dimension, while thin stripes create interest. Applied horizontally, stripes make a small room seem larger. On the floor, they can have the same affect, making a small room feel larger, such as this Multi Stripe Grey Rug.

So how will you use stripes in your home?

1 Sofa + 4 Works of Art = 4 Distinct Looks

A basic grey leather sofa offers an endless amount of design opportunities, and choosing artwork can change everything. From casual to urban, art creates a distinct look and atmosphere. The best part is that changing it allows you to change your style in an instant. Here are four distinct looks that come from using the same sofa and four different pieces of art.


Cool colors of blue, taupe and ivory and a chic landscape scene set a casual tone in a living room. Add ivory toss pillows and a taupe rug to complete the look.


Choosing artwork of a cityscape will bring the feeling of downtown to your living room, perfectly complementing the grey leather sofa. Complete the urban look with a reclaimed wooden cocktail table that features industrial hardware.


A graphic abstract work of art gives a grey leather sofa a contemporary edge. In striking black and gold, this combination feels sophisticated. Finish the setting by using a glass cocktail table and a white flokati rug.


A grey leather sofa can look quite stately when it’s paired with a floral painting. Add a traditional coffee table with ornate legs and a vase of fresh flowers for a look that’s rich and elegant.

Choosing artwork is fun. Which combination is your favorite?