How to Decorate Like a Designer Outdoors

Ever wonder how designers achieve picture-perfect looks in their rooms that are featured in magazines? The answer is all in the layers. Layering adds depth, texture and interest to a space. It proves several places for the eye to stop as you take in the view. And it makes every nook and cranny someplace special. You can turn your patio setting into a stunning feast for the senses by using design layers. Take a look at the details to learn how to decorate like a designer:

how to decorate like a designer
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Toss Pillows

Adding toss pillows to your outdoor sofa is an opportunity to layer colors. This setting features solids mixed with patterns. Since it’s the largest furnishing in the space, the addition of pillows seems to soften and break up the length of the piece, providing visual dimension for a cozier feel.


Outdoor rugs give your patio or deck the feeling of a room, and layering two rugs draws the eye inward even more. Choose a pattern and a solid so each stands out. And the zebra print’s organic shape gives the space character.

Table Runners

A cocktail table offers space to display favorite accessories, and using a table runner helps tie everything together. Fabric also softens wood or aluminum surfaces, and a smart choice of color can complement your accents.


Most people accessorize tables, but designers take it a step further and accessorize areas around the furniture. A hurricane lamp, for example, connects the chair to the rug by playing with height. And a ceramic rabbit makes a basket of throw blankets look like a part of the décor.

How to decorate like a designer involves using layers. How many layers do you have in your patio?

Stripes are Stars of Home Style

Paisley, chevron, honeycomb and floral … patterns may come in and out of style, but stripes last forever. Classic and crisp, stripes transcend any style and look at home in traditional, casual, rustic or contemporary décor. Uniform and symmetrical, using stripes in decor brings a look of order to any space.

Has your room earned its stripes? Here’s what they can do for you:

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Stripes dress up a room

Striped upholstery is like a pinstriped power suit; it makes a great first impression and is always in style. Our Ralph Dining Chair fits the bill with its business-class style and chic metal ring detail.

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Stripes play well with others

Stripes in decor mix effortlessly with patterns such as floral, plaid and check. Our Stripe Duvet is perfectly paired with a floral quilt or sheets, balancing a room with a masculine touch.

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Stripes can be elegant

When used tone on tone, stripes make a room feel more formal. Our Pearl White Chair with whitewashed wood trim dresses up living room seating or creates an elegant dining area. You can also paint the walls with tone-on-tone stripes, mixing flat with gloss or eggshell finishes to create a subtle texture.

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Stripes command attention

When used in contrasting colors or unexpected places, stripes in decor grab the spotlight. Take a look at our Envy Bench—its style is hard to ignore! The sleek design combined with bold black and white stripes make a statement in your room, marrying function with fashion.

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And stripes tease the eye

When used on walls, stripes can reshape a room. Painted vertically, wide stripes add depth and dimension, while thin stripes create interest. Applied horizontally, stripes make a small room seem larger. On the floor, they can have the same affect, making a small room feel larger, such as this Multi Stripe Grey Rug.

So how will you use stripes in your home?

1 Sofa + 4 Works of Art = 4 Distinct Looks

A basic grey leather sofa offers an endless amount of design opportunities, and choosing artwork can change everything. From casual to urban, art creates a distinct look and atmosphere. The best part is that changing it allows you to change your style in an instant. Here are four distinct looks that come from using the same sofa and four different pieces of art.


Cool colors of blue, taupe and ivory and a chic landscape scene set a casual tone in a living room. Add ivory toss pillows and a taupe rug to complete the look.


Choosing artwork of a cityscape will bring the feeling of downtown to your living room, perfectly complementing the grey leather sofa. Complete the urban look with a reclaimed wooden cocktail table that features industrial hardware.


A graphic abstract work of art gives a grey leather sofa a contemporary edge. In striking black and gold, this combination feels sophisticated. Finish the setting by using a glass cocktail table and a white flokati rug.


A grey leather sofa can look quite stately when it’s paired with a floral painting. Add a traditional coffee table with ornate legs and a vase of fresh flowers for a look that’s rich and elegant.

Choosing artwork is fun. Which combination is your favorite?

Celebrating Americana in Home Décor

Americana design celebrates our heritage by reflecting the lifestyle and values of the American family. It’s homegrown, casual and kid- and pet-friendly. It’s farmhouse, industrial, rustic, nautical and primitive. Sometimes it’s a combination of all five. The best part is that it’s versatile, classic and stylishly understated because it’s approachable.

Celebrate your patriotism by bringing home Americana style. Here are five characteristics to look for:

Americana decor
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1. Modern Farmhouse

First up is Modern Farmhouse, a design that is quite popular today thanks to Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper. The “modern” slant includes sophisticated details and chic accents. Kitschy pieces, like roosters, are replaced with sleek accessories, like white pitchers and window frames. And shiplap is a staple.

Americana decor
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2. Industrial

Next, is Industrial. This home design look gets a nod from America’s work ethic because it uses raw materials that include iron, steel and reclaimed wood. The look celebrates the industrial revolution, giving rooms lots of character and texture as well as a sense of history.

Americana decor
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3. Rustic

Another design is Rustic, which gets a fresh twist with weathered wood and metal details. The look is inspired by nature because it uses materials in the great outdoors. Rooms also feature comfortable furnishings and minimal fuss. Rustic Americana meshes the indoors with the outdoors, inviting you to kick back and relax.

Americana decor
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4. Nautical

Celebrate a spirit of American adventure with nautical-inspired décor. Crisp white and royal blue set the tone, while accents include everything from the sea, such as decorative oars, lighthouses and shells.

Americana Decor
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Finally, Primitive Americana features handcrafted objects, such as Shaker-style furniture, pottery, and woven rugs. The design looks cozy and well-loved, with distressed finishes and crafted designs.

Which Americana design is your favorite? The great news is that they work well together, and you can love and use them all!

Style 101: Coastal Style

Life’s better at the beach. So why not bring some of those good vibrations home? Coastal style gives you the feeling of being on vacation all year long. Its casual attitude and breezy energy makes it an easy-to-live-with option that is classic and fun.

If you like Coastal Style, here are five things you should bring to your sea-worthy residence:



Coastal style sings the blues. Choose your favorite shade of blue or introduce a palette that combines more than one. From sky to turquoise to midnight, blue helps you feel calm and relaxed, and you can create depth by layering shades of blue and using patterns. For accent colors, look to other sea inspirations, such as sand, coral and green. The result will be refreshing.

Lots of Light

Dare to bare your windows, or keep them minimally covered when possible. Coastal rooms are known for letting in the light. In rooms that require treatments, such as bedrooms, consider draperies that can be pulled back during the daytime. Or choose white Plantation shutters that are classic Coastal Style.


Sea-Inspired Accessories

Bring the feeling of the sea into your room with items you might discover on the beach. A basket of shells, beach glass or driftwood adds a touch of nature. An antique telescope or sextant gives your room a maritime feel. Or choose a nautical-inspired print or decorative chest. But be careful not to overdo it – you don’t want to like a seafood restaurant! Less is more when it comes to creating the right balance.

A Casual Feel

Coastal Style promotes barefoot living, so make sure your home is casual and comfortable. Warm up wood or tile floors with a nice rug. Choose furnishings that encourage people to lounge and linger. Add an ottoman that beckons you to enjoy an afternoon spent with a book.

White And Bright

Coastal rooms get definition from crisp white woodwork that amplifies the blue hue. Use white in furnishings, as well. Or choose light wood varieties like oak, maple, and pine in natural finishes. You’ll want to avoid heavy, dark woods, opting for painted varieties instead. Or lighten the look of dark wood by toning it down with white accents.