5 Area Rugs That Are Perfect for College

When your alarm goes off for your early morning class, you’ll want your feet to land on a nice warm rug and not a cold floor. While some of the newer dorms are carpeted, many still have tile floors so consider bringing a dorm rug. It will also add pattern and interest to your room. Dorm rugs also do a great job at camouflaging spills and dirt. Here are five rugs that would be great for your dorm room or college apartment.

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It’s smart to choose a bright color or fun pattern for your dorm rug, so you don’t have to worry about friends spilling. Patterns help hide stains.

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The soft feeling of a plush rug can make a cold dorm room feel warm. Choose a dorm rug that’s shag or has high pile.

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Low Maintenance

Consider a polypropylene rug, which is the easiest to clean as well as the most stain resistant.

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Use a rug to create a theme for your room. It can be modern or traditional, a color palette or design that inspires the rest of your décor. A dorm rug is an opportunity to add a statement to your room.

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Dark Color

A dark color will help hide the fact that you haven’t vacuumed … since last semester. It will also ground your room, and provide a great sense of contrast.

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Choose the Right Flooring for Your Living Room

Nothing in your home gets as much wear and tear as your flooring. You walk on it, stand on it, and sit on it. Your kids and pets might even run across it. And it’s where the dust settles and spills happen. While flooring is the structural foundation for your room, it’s also the foundation for your décor. Choosing the right materials combines personal taste with practicality. Art Van Flooring has several choices of living room flooring. Here are three options that are perfect for a family-friendly space:

Wood Floors

Wood floors are a timeless choice, offering natural beauty as well as versatile style. Durable and easy to maintain, wood floors are also a great long-term investment because they can be sanded and refinished. You’ll have a rainbow of options when it comes to finish; from light oak to deep walnut, the color of your wood will set the tone for the room.

You can also choose the size of the wood. Strip flooring is a narrower cut of woods – about 2 3/4 inches. Or choose plank flooring, which has a more informal look with wider boards up to about 7 inches. Rooms that might be exposed to moisture, such as a basement family room, should avoid wood as it can warp or bubble in humid conditions.


Today’s laminate floors offer the look of wood or stone at a fraction of the price, making them a good option for living room flooring. Like wood, laminate flooring is available in planks and strips. Traditionally, it is glued in place over your existing flooring, although manufacturers have recently introduced glueless and pre-glued formats that can be installed in half the time.

Unlike wood, laminate flooring cannot be stripped or refinished. However, it’s more resistant to dents and scratches, and offers a layer of cushioning that can be more comfortable than wood or tile.  Laminate is also a great option for a finished basement as it stands up to moist or humid conditions.


Finally, carpet is a popular living room flooring choice because it offers the highest level of comfort. Carpet is also one of the easiest ways to personalize an environment; its color can provide a neutral foundation or a more vibrant shade can become a focal point.

Unlike wood and laminate, carpet provides an added measure of warmth and insulation against extreme heat or cold. It’s available in a wide variety of fibers and textures, giving the room a casual or more formal feeling. Carpet also helps provide safety from slip and fall – an important consideration for families with young children. Many carpets have been treated for stain resistance, but they aren’t stain-proof. Regular maintenance, including vacuuming and professional cleaning will help protect and prolong the life of your investment.

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Bathroom Tile To Enhance Your Décor

Today’s bathrooms are more than just functional spaces; they’re mini spas that allow you to escape from the world and pamper yourself. The bathroom wall tile you choose will set the tone and décor for your entire space. From modern to farmhouse to transitional, here are three perfect bathroom wall tile choices that will make a big statement in your room.

Bathroom wall tile farmhouse style
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A claw foot tub takes center stage in a farmhouse bathroom, but the supporting actor is definitely subway-style tile. Its simple shape and crisp white color make it a timeless choice for your home. The Frost Bevel Tile also adds texture with curved edges that please the eye. It’s made of porcelain, which is easy to clean and maintain.

Porcelain bathroom wall tile gray modern
The Dove Gray Brick Tile is available from Art Van Flooring. Shop the look at artvan.com.

Create a focal wall in a modern bathroom with the Dove Gray Brick Tile. The glossy ceramic is practical as well as pretty, with a shiny finish that glistens in the light. The soft gray color is on trend, and provides the perfect contrast to dark cabinetry.

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Strike a balance between modern and traditional with the transitional feel of the Silva Oak Tile. The blend of gray, beige and cream are a trifecta of neutrals, offering a soft palette that will stand the test of time. This bathroom wall tile is made of frosted recycled glass, so it offers another texture and finish to your space.

Whether it’s used on all of your surfaces or as an accent on a single wall or nook in your shower, bathroom wall tile is a great way to show off your personal style. Which is your favorite?

How to Choose an Outdoor Rug

One of the best ways to turn your patio or deck into an inviting and cozy outdoor room is to add an outdoor rug. A rug brings color, texture and a sense of cohesion to a group of furnishings. It also helps to protect the deck wood or patio pavers.

When you shop for an outdoor rug, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by new designs and materials. In fact, today’s options are as colorful and stylish as the rugs you use inside. So how do you choose the right one?

how to choose an outdoor rug

Size and Shape

Outdoor rugs come in a variety of dimensions. To find the right size, consider the area you want to cover. Measure your patio, deck or porch and pay attention to architectural details, like pillars or stairs. If you are adding a rug to a dining group, make sure it’s large enough to accommodate the chairs. The rule of thumb is that a rug should be at least two feet wider than all sides of the table. For a seating group, make sure the rug is large enough to allow the front legs of the furniture to be placed on the rug.

Choose the shape by looking at how your furniture is grouped. A round patio table, for example, looks best over a round rug. Seating groups are best defined by a square or rectangular rug that mimics the layout.

Outdoor Rug 2


Outdoor rugs need to hold up to a variety of weather conditions, and natural and synthetic materials are available that withstand the elements. Natural fibers, such as sisal, jute and seagrass, provide a bit of texture. They can mildew when exposed to too much moisture, so they do require extra care. Natural might be a good choice if your outdoor area is covered or if you’re willing to bring the rug inside during the off-season or periodically hang it to dry. Synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene or acrylic, come in a wider range of colors than natural rugs and are extremely durable. They have the added benefit of drying quickly and are often less expensive.

Outdoor Rug 3

Color and Pattern

Outdoor rugs come in every color under the sun, and patterns are available that will enhance your style. When choosing a color, look to the surrounding area for inspiration. Choose a palette from your landscape, or pick shades that evoke the feeling you want to create. For example, bright yellow or orange will create a vibrant setting, while neutral colors allow your furnishings to take center stage.

Create a unified feeling by choosing patterns that are similar to your indoor décor. For example, if your indoor style is traditional, you might go with floral patterns. Contemporary homes will look great with geometric or abstract patterns.

When you’re ready to add a rug to your patio or deck, check out all of the options available from Art Van Furniture by clicking here.

Area Rugs For Summer Perk Up Your Flooring

With the warm weather finally here, it’s time to update your home for the season. Adding new area rugs for summer is an easy way to change the look of your room. Choose a fresh color, natural material or vibrant pattern, and you’ll be ready for the season. Here are five area rugs for summer that will make you feel like you’re on vacation:

area rugs for summer


Ferns and whispy leaves are a big trend for Summer 2018, and the Spencer Area Rug will turn your room into a lush botanical garden. This is a great style for casual or traditional rooms, as it is effortless and elegant.

area rugs for summer

Flower Power

Floral prints are a big force for Summer 2018, but why not be bold, too? This oversized yellow bloom will serve as a focal point—and no watering is required!

area rugs for summer


Add a touch of summer whimsy with a ladybug rug. The curled vines are contemporary and graphic, and the cute little bugs add a pop of red.

area rugs for summer


Bring the coast to your room with a nautical-inspired lighthouse rug. The water and sailboats feel relaxing, while the border of shells will remind you of the beach.

area rugs for summer


Choose a sisal rug to keep your room cool. The eco-friendly fibers complement your hardwood floors, while the light palette feels natural.