Kris Jenner’s Holiday Décor Inspiration

You can’t be surprised that Kris Jenner’s holiday décor is over the top.

Her Calabasas home is a whimsical winter wonderland. With a massive evergreen tree in the foyer to the luxurious touches throughout her home, keeping up is pretty impossible. Our favorite part of this tour by Architectural Digest is hearing the insights from Kris and her designer. The use of red is classic, but the execution is totally contemporary. Here are three tips we gleaned that could be used in your home this holiday season:


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Plaid Plates

You can never go wrong with plaid plates for the holidays. The bonus is that you can use them throughout the year when you want a traditional touch. In classic red, they’ll never go out of fashion.

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Red and Black Ornaments

We love the idea of mixing red and black ornaments for a naughty but nice holiday look. Black is unexpected; it provides a bit of glamour and drama, letting the classic red feel bold.

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Faux Fur

From white faux fur stockings to animated fur reindeer, Kris Jenner’s holiday décor features lots of texture. We think she’d love this white faux fur tree. Imagine it as a centerpiece or on a table in your foyer.

What is your favorite part of Kris Jenner’s holiday display?

Celebrate the Season with Whimsical Holiday Décor

Need some holiday inspiration for your home décor? Our Creative Director Broc Clark has identified three important holiday trends for 2018, each with its own distinct style and twist. Get a peak at the dramatic and unique Starry Night or stay true to traditional holiday style with Classic. This week he offers the latest look, Whimsical holiday style.

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Bright colors

Evergreen trees are lovely, but why not go unexpected and use a pink tinsel tree instead? Imagine the surprise on the faces of your friends and family as you color outside of the traditional holiday lines. Decorate it in all white, tropical colors or even black ornaments. You could easily leave it as is and simply string lights. Your holiday will be extra bright when you find a way to use vibrant colors.

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Flamingos are iconic—and they’re also the “it” creature of the moment. Make your front door extra festive by adding this whimsical rug. It might be snowing outside, but you’ll feel like you’re on vacation every time you come home.

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Tropical colors

Red and green are classic holiday colors, but add a sense of whimsy by choosing tropical colors for décor, instead. Turquoise, pink and purple ornaments will bring your tree to life. Or choose metallic chargers in tropical colors to add fun to your holiday entertaining.

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Your front door will set the tone for your holiday décor, so make sure your wreath reflects your penchant for whimsical. It can be as simple as an evergreen wreath with blue and silver ornaments. Or choose a wreath in an interesting shape, such as a square, or in a unique texture, like metal.

What do you think of Whimsical holiday décor? Let us know in the comments, and dare to try something different this season.


Enjoy the Spirit(s) of the Season with a Holiday Bar

Holiday entertaining at home often includes an assortment of beverages, soft and not so soft. You’ll feel like a guest at your own party when you set up a bar where friends can serve themselves. Here are four tips for creating a libation station holiday bar:

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Choose an out-of-the-way spot

This will make sure it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the party. Choose a corner of the room where you expect people to gather, or use your dining room sideboard or kitchen island. Leave enough space so more than one person can be pouring to avoid a line or congestion in the area.

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Stock it with the basics

You can make things easy by serving just soft drinks, beer and wine. If you want to stock a full bar, consider bourbon, gin, rum, scotch, tequila, vermouth, vodka and whiskey. You’ll also need orange juice, cranberry juice, ginger ale, tonic, club soda, lemons, limes and olives. And champagne is always a great option. These ingredients will cover the most common mixed drinks. You might also consider adding coffee liqueur or Irish crème. To know how much to purchase, check out this handy drink calculator.

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Create a special holiday drink

For a holiday-theme, choose a beverage such as eggnog, mulled wine or white cranberry “snowflake” martinis. You can make a pitcher ahead of time or fill glasses and display them on a tray, replenishing as needed. Or put out the ingredients and have a recipe card on the bar and invite guests to mix the drink themselves.

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And have the right supplies

Be sure your holiday bar area has sufficient ice, cocktail napkins, one or two towels for spills, corkscrew, shaker, measuring glass and trash container. And you’ll need an assortment of glassware. If you want to streamline things, just set out basic wine and old-fashioned glasses. If you want to do things right, offer champagne, red wine, white wine and highball glasses.

All that’s left is gathering your friends and enjoying the spirit – and spirits – of the season. And always remember to drink responsibly.

Gift Giving Tips to Find the Perfect Present

The gift-giving season is here … and finding the perfect present can present a challenge. While gift cards are always a great option, they don’t exactly say, “I gave this gift a lot of thought.” Instead, start brainstorming ideas for your loved ones so you can show that it is the thought that counts. If you’re finding yourself stuck for ideas, here are gift giving tips to consider:

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Start listening closely

First of all, pay attention to what your friends and family talk about. People often give hints and don’t realize it. Maybe they mention that they lost their gloves. Or perhaps they remark that they forget to plan dinner. By paying attention to the things they talk about, you can get some insight on what would make their life easier or what they need replace.

Consider their personality

Another idea is to match gifts to the personalities and pastimes of your friends and family. If your sister is a fashionista, for example, a bold scarf or faux fur purse might be perfect. If she prefers to stay home in sweats, she’d probably love a book and assortment of teas.

Think about hobbies

Also, hobbies can be a great path to finding the right gift. Does your brother love to golf? Cook? Drink wine? Consider a new tool that can help them enjoy their hobby more, or find a home accent that celebrates their interest.

Give of yourself

Maybe you have a talent that can be turned into a gift, giving something you’ve made can be extra special. Maybe you can give homemade baked goods, a painting or a hand knitted scarf. As a result, every time they use it, they’ll be reminded of your generosity.

Make it special

Finally, consider items that most people don’t buy for themselves—something special or indulgent. Cindy Crawford takes Christmas seriously, and buys dozens of gifts each year. She says she keeps a list going back five years to make sure there are no duplicates.

“I start thinking about Christmas in September,”she told AOL. “I try to find gifts that I can give to ten people. If I try to buy something different for everyone on my list, I would go crazy.”

One of her recent favorites was a champagne ice bucket. “This one is for the person who has everything. We actually gave it to friends of ours as a wedding present. It’s just cool,” she says.


Spend time thinking of the perfect gift, and you’ll show how much you care. If you need more ideas, be sure to visit the Art Van Furniture Holiday Gift Guides, with unique and fun ideas for everyone on your list.

Starry Night Holiday Décor

Tis the season to start decorating for the holidays. This year, why not think outside the box when it comes to your décor. While traditional red and green are timeless and elegant, consider choosing a palette that’s fresh and fun. Our Creative Director Broc Clark has identified three important holiday trends for 2018, each with its own distinct style and twist. First up is Starry Night. This look is inspired by the rich colors and drama of the Van Gogh painting, setting a tone that celebrates a calm winter’s night. Here are its signature elements:

Navy, Gold and Pink

Three important colors for Starry Night are navy, gold and pink. Navy and gold combine to bring the look and feel of an evening sky to your home. Pink touches provide a playful twist and a rosy glow. Imagine decorating your tree in navy, gold and pink ornaments. The combination will feel quite refined.

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Gold Finishes

The important metal of this palette is gold. Look for places to spread its richness. Gold pillows and frames would set your rooms aglow. Use gold silverware, chargers and candlesticks at dining room table settings. And decorate bannisters and chandeliers by embellishing them with gold garland.

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Rustic Accents

While Starry Night features elegant colors and finishes, rustic touches keeps things grounded and fun. Look for textures plucked from nature as well as shapes and accents that feel like they belong in the woods. This sweet Santa Gnome, for example, is sure to make you smile.

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Faux Fur

The elegant colors of Starry Night are complemented by rich textures, especially faux fur. Drape a warm minky throw on the arm of your sofa, or swap out the toss pillows on your chair or bed with some covered in faux fur.

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Forest Animals

Finally, add the feel of the forest to your holiday setting with woodland animal inspired accents. Add a small trinket or statue to a tabletop, or look for animal shapes on pillows, such as this sequined velvet variety. The sparkle will catch the light and make your room feel like an enchanted forest.