3 Tips for Caring For Your Upholstered Furniture

Your upholstered furnishings are probably the most used furniture in your home. Soft and comfortable, it’s where family and friends hang out and gather. Keep it looking its best by adding these three routine tasks to your housekeeping schedule:


Vacuum. Using the soft brush attachment and crevice tool or a hand-held vacuum, remove surface soil each week. This will prevent the dirt from being embedded in the fibers and causing further damage. Be sure to clean under the cushions, as well. Or use a soft-bristled brush, gently sweeping dirt to the floor where you can vacuum it away.


Flip the cushions. You can extend the life of your upholstered furniture by periodically turning over the loose cushions to provide a more even distribution of wear and tear. You can also move cushions from one part of your sofa or loveseat to the other, so they get even usage.


Spot clean. Spills happen and when they do, blot them immediately with a clean white towel. Never rub as this will distribute and embed the stain, and damage the fabric. And remove using water only. If this isn’t enough to remove the spot, refer to manufacturer care guidelines before using any kind of cleaning solution. When purchasing new furniture, consider adding Art Van Furniture’s Fabric Stain Protection Program that will give you peace of mind.