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16, Aug


Flipper Upper

Before they were HGTV stars, Joanna and Chip Gaines were home flippers. In a recent episode, they returned to their roots by buying their own fixer upper and renovating it to sell.


We love the simple updates they did to the master suite, which turned a challenging floor plan with a wall of windows into a bright and open space. The Gaines’ replaced the ceiling fan with something more contemporary, refinished the floors, gave the walls a fresh coat of paint and added a single open shelf added above the headboard. The result combines urban with midcentury modern … and we’ve got the look.


Shiplap Bed

Joanna sets the stage in the room with the modern bed that features a shiplap headboard. The Framework Bed from Magnolia Home offers the exact same look, in a slightly darker finish. The bed can be used with or without a skirt.


Flipper Upper Table

A pair of single midcentury modern nightstands complements the rustic feel of the bed, and makes the space feel lighter. The drawers add just enough storage, while the modern lamps add light for reading in bed. Our Mila End Tables would be a great pick. The wood finish matches the bed, and the sleek lines mimic the tables in our inspiration room.


Flipper Upper Chest

Instead of a traditional dresser, Joanna uses a beautiful urban-style, which has a flat wooden front. The style complements the headboard, and keeps things clean and simple. Our Brisbane Dresser would be a perfect choice, matching the finish of the bed.


Flipper Upper Rug

Finally, the room is finished with an oversized ecru rug in a low pile. Breaking up the wood in the room and warming up the floor, the rug also softens the room by adding another texture. Our Edge Ivory rug would be perfect, with its hand-woven tactile feel.


What do you think of Chip and Joanna’s “flipper upper”?


15, Aug

All rooms should have variety of lighting types, and this is especially true in the home office, where inadequate lighting could cause eyestrain. A home office should include a mix of overhead, task and ambient lighting. Here are three fixtures that will turn your work area into an illuminating space.


Ceiling Light

Ambient Light

Ambient lighting is general lighting. Its job is functional, offering the right amount of brightness so you can see and navigate without stubbing your toe. Common ambient fixtures include ceiling, wall-mounted, recessed or track lights. Having this centralized source of light is the first step in your office lighting plan, serving as your first layer.


Desk Lamp


Desk Lamp

Desk lamps provide task lighting that helps you see what you’re working on. The taller the lamp the greater the desk area it will light up, so determine how much space you need to illuminate. If you do lots of detail work, select a desk lamp that adjusts to bring the light where you need it.


Desk lamps come in a variety of styles and finishes, so choose one to fit your décor. Complement other features in the room, such as the hardware on your desk, for example. Or choose one that adds a bit of personality.


Accent Light

Accent Lighting

Office lighting can be decorative, adding light around the room. If your office has a filing cabinet or bookcase, consider adding a small lamp that highlights the area or an accent item. lamp with a tall stand that can be angled is an ideal tool for spotlighting a feature, such as beautiful object or an ornamental corner of a room. Make sure you get a lamp that can be pointed, and use a light that is around three times brighter than the general ambient light in the room.


14, Aug

Nearly 10 million Americans work from home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and as technology makes it easier and easier to be remote, that number is expected to grow. If you’re among this trend-setting group, you can set the stage for work and get more done by taking the time to design a proper workspace.


Whether you log in fulltime hours or simply manage household affairs, here are seven ways to work efficiently – and in style – from your home sweet home (office):


1. Claim a space. If you haven’t done so already, choose a spot in your home that can be used exclusively for work. A formal home office or spare bedroom is ideal – a spot on the sofa with a laptop is not. Look for an area where you can place a desk and storage system –you can even if you convert a closet if need be.


Modena White Desk


2. Choose a work surface. Every home office needs a desk or work surface. From a sleek writing desk to a larger executive set, the amount of space you have will dictate which style is best for you. If you have the room, consider an L-shaped desk that will offer room for your screens as well as a surface for writing.


3. Clear out distractions. Home offices sometimes need to double duty as a guest room or den, but you’ll want to get rid of anything that might steal your attention. This includes everything from clutter to media components, such as a television – you want your space to be focused on work. If your job requires you to watch videos, however, the TV can stay; if you’re tempted to watch Judge Judy, it should go.


4. Personalize your room. Just as you would place a picture of your loved ones on your desk at an outside office, personalize the area so it is welcoming to you. Choose a paint color that makes you happy, hang art on the wall, and consider furniture beyond a desk and chair. For example, a loveseat or accent chair might make sense if you do a lot of reading at work and want a comfortable place to sit.


5. Incorporate good lighting. No matter what kind of work you do, you’ll want to do it in a room that is well lit. This means including an assortment of lighting. Overhead lights are a good place to start. Then add task lights at your desk or workstations, as well as accent lights that will help create an inviting atmosphere.


filing cabinet


6. Find a place for paperwork. No matter how much of your work is digital, you’ll most likely have papers you need to keep and reference. If your desk doesn’t have adequate drawer space, include filing cabinets or bookcases that can handle the excess. You’ll find several options that look like furniture, which will help keep your room from looking like an office supply store.


7. Maintain a clean-up routine. Once you’ve organized your space, do the work to maintain it. Every evening before you quit work, take a few minutes to put away papers. On Fridays, take out the trash and to run the vacuum cleaner so that everything is fresh and ready when you come back on Monday. And reserve your office space for office activities. If kids bring toys in, remove them at the end of the day. Do a visual sweep each day, and you’ll stay organized.

9, Aug


If you caught Fixer Upper last night, you no doubt fell in love with what Chip and Joanna Gaines called the Hot Sauce house. (If you didn’t see it, check out the photos here.) The classic Texan home had a big overhang and a wrap-around porch that kept out the sun and provided space for relaxing in rocking chairs. Owners Jenny and Ramil had moved from Northern California to Waco, Texas to be closer to family, and Jenny wanted to create a dream home with rustic Italian flair.


Fixer Upper Rustic Italian Dining Room

“Our clients really wanted a rustic Italian feel, so I wanted to really be purposeful on all the design that we implement. All of these elements, I think, make it feel just warm and inviting,” Joanna said.


We agree! We fell in love with the dining room, where the Gaines duo removed a wall to create an arched opening between the dining room and kitchen. New French doors, in natural wood finish, replace the old windows, bringing in lots of light to the special space.


If you can picture yourself gathering here with family to enjoy a glass of Chianti and homemade bruschetta, we’ve got the look.


Italian Rustic Table

The heavy wood table is the star of this room, with its ornate trestle base. We have the identical table, Farmhouse Keyed Trestle Table from Magnolia Home. Big and roomy, it’s perfect for family dinner as well as gathering for coffee or craft projects. Pair it with matching ladder-back chairs for a cohesive, rustic look. Or match Joanna’s design by using X-back side chairs, like our Huron Chairs in russet.


Italian Rustic Arch


The arched mirror brings a sense of drama into the dining room. Joanna refurbished an antique window frame, adding mirror to create a sense of spaciousness and light in the room. The Eased Arched Window Casing by Magnolia Hone would bring the same look to your room. Use as is, or remove the panel doors and insert a mirror to duplicate the Fixer Upper home.


Italian Rustic Chandelier

Joanna chose a wood and metal chandelier to continue the rustic feel of the dining room, and the exposed candles add a old-fashioned character. Our Edmonton Chandelier would be a great choice, complementing the rest of the wood in the space and bringing a metal texture to the room.


Italian Rustic Rug

To balance all of the wood in the room, Joanna used a large light rug, which complements the wall color. Our Ella Rose Bone Rug is a great choice, and it was designed in coordination with Magnolia Home. The intentionally faded design creates a transitional look, and the Persian style is timeless.


Complete your Fixer Upper look with tabletop accessories from Art Van. From dinnerware to candlesticks, we can give you everything you need to bring the Italian Rustic Magnolia Makeover home. Bellissimo!

4, Aug

For a teenager, a bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s a place to study, dream, brood, laugh, retreat and grow. It’s where curious minds seek answers to burning questions. It’s where BFFs share LOLs and OMGs.

How you choose to design the space will set the stage for a lifetime of memories. For a teen’s room leave the rules behind and take creativity to its highest level. Most teens appreciate having a say in the matter. Here are three bedrooms that you and your teen can agree on – they’re totally cool and totally on trend:

Sophisticated Teen Room

Feminine chic. Kids grow up fast, but some teens like to hold onto their girly side. This bedroom offers that beautiful classic cottage look with its furniture, and then a sophisticated twist with black and pink bedding. You’ll be glad your daughter is still your little princess, and she’ll be happy to have a grown up twist with a cool color palette.

Teen Loft

Cool loft. You’re never too old for bunk beds, especially when the bunk is actually a loft. This room is a great spot for a teenage boy to call his own. The bed is full size, providing plenty of space to spread out at night, while the desk area is great for homework and Facetime sessions.

Teen Daybed

Fun hangout. A daybed gives a teen room the feeling of a fun hangout, turning the bed into a sofa-style gathering spot during the day. This collection is great for a boy or girl, with a fresh grey finish and an abundance of storage. Then set the tone with your choice of comforters and accessories.

2, Aug

Look Alike Sofa

Author: Art Van

Look Alike Modern Sofas

Mid-century Modern is a retro-chic style that’s timeless and sophisticated. This sofa features its perfect proportions, clean lines and wooden legs, plus it gets an extra boost from the vibrant turquoise color that will pop your décor. One of these sofas is from Joybird, and sells for $1,399 plus $99 for shipping. The other is from Art Van Furniture, selling for $1,199, with free shipping.

Can you tell which sofa is the better deal? We’ll give you a hint: you get something extra with our version. Click here to be mod and on budget.

31, Jul

Few things are more fun when you’re a child than having friends come over and spend the night. Sleepovers usually involve little sleep, but lots of laughs and memories. Set the stage for fun by creating a bedroom that is sleepover-ready. Here are five things you’ll need to create the perfect space.

Slumber Party Bunk


1. Bunk Beds. Whether your child enjoys his or her own room or shares it with a sibling, you can never go wrong by choose bunk beds. This space-saver creates a cozy feeling on the bottom bunk, and a little adventure on the top. Make it slumber party worthy by hanging twinkling lights from beneath the bottom mattress.

Slumber Party Trundle

2. Trundle Bed. Kids often don’t mind sleeping on the floor, but a trundle bed makes your guest feel welcome. Purchase a bed with a built-in trundle and mattress, or add one to your existing furniture. Then simply roll it out when needed.

Slumber Plush Rug

3. Plush Rug. When there are more than one or two guests, the floor needs to be extra comfortable. It’s the place for sleeping, lounging, dancing and playing. Adding a plush rug will help cushion the room and warm up the space.

Slumber Party Futons


4. Futon. Teenagers love a bedroom that feels like a studio loft. Create that laidback feel with a futon. During the day it will look and act like a sofa, but at night, it can accommodate guests. Choose one in a fashionable fabric or chic black to give your child’s room a cool vibe.

Slumber Beanbag

5. Beanbag Chairs. When you’re a kid, there’s nothing as comfortable as a beanbag chair. Low and soft, they’re the perfect hangout furnishing. Choose a pair or more in bright colors that match your child’s décor, and you’ll create a space for late night chats.

26, Jul


Vince Vaughn

Actor Vince Vaughn has starred in dozens of comedies, but when it comes to his home, the design aesthetic is serious and sophisticated. He recently listed the 5,500-square-foot Southern California colonial he shares with his wife, Kyla Weber, and their two children for $5.299 million, and the home has soothing tone-on-tone décor throughout.

We love the living room, which is a study in white with dark wood trim. If you like Vince’s style, we’ve got the look:

Vince Vaughn Sofa

Start with our Stripes Sofa, with a simple square design that provides a grounded look. The basic piece can be updated with toss pillows, such as the striped pattern that comes with the piece. Or change it up by adding an accent color, such as the gray and gold pillows in the Vaughn home.

Modern Basics Cocktail Table

Next add the Modern Basics Cocktail Table. The clean lines add a contemporary feel to the room, and the metal and stone top add texture and interest.

Vince Vaughn Chair

Across from the sofa add a pair of Como Chairs. The dark wood trim introduces a striking element of contrast to the taupe leather upholstery. The glamorous design of the chairs complements the contemporary furnishings, bringing a fresh feel to the room.

Wall Art

Above their fireplace, the Vaughns have a work of art that introduces some color. We love the beautiful countryside setting of this piece, which would bring shades of purple and green to the room.

Hadley Ivory Rug

Finally, anchor your seating arrangement with the Hadley Ivory Rug. The eco-friendly rug is made of 100% wool, and its cut-pile construction adds a distinctive texture to this beautiful tone-on-tone room.

21, Jul

Want to add square footage to your home without obtaining a building permit? You’ll feel like you’ve created an addition when you design a comfortable outdoor living space on your deck, patio or porch. New materials – such as woven wicker and cast aluminum – have lead to pieces that mimic your indoor style with the added benefit of allowing you to enjoy the nature just outside your door.

From sofas to sectionals, chaise lounges and cocktail tables, it’s easy to create an outside area that feels like a natural extension of your home – perfect for entertaining or just relaxing after a long day. Take a look at what we recommend:Brookstone Cushions

1. Go for the cushions. Furnishing with cushions is the foundation of building a room that feels like an indoor space. From chairs to sofas and sectionals, cushioned furniture is designed to be fade-, stain- and mildew-resistant, and you can leave these pieces outside. Group seating pieces together just like you would in your indoor living space.

Orange Sofa2. Play with the color palette. Use the tones you have inside to create a natural flow onto your deck or patio. Or go for a bold color that gives the feel of a tropical oasis. Keep in mind that earth tones might blend in a little too well with the outdoors, shrinking the look of your furnishings, and dark colors will hold the heat of the sunlight. Consider using bold, brightly colored accessories for a feeling of fun and whimsy.

Patio Floor3. Think about the “floor.” Consider using an outdoor rug. Made from a polypropylene material, it is made to stand up to the elements. And just like a rug serves in your indoor rooms, it will give the area a pulled-together feel.

Greenery4. Take advantage of greenery. Bring your landscaping onto your patio or deck by using hanging baskets, pots and planters. Choose flowers and plants that mimic those in your lawn; the cohesive materials will make your yard feel like an extension of the space.

Outdoor Walls 5. Give the illusion of walls. Create the feeling of a room by installing a pergola, lattice wall or awning. In addition to providing shade and privacy, you can use it to support climbing vines. An umbrella over a dining set will also give the feeling of enclosure.


6. Consider the lighting. Strings of white or colored lights aren’t just for the holidays; they can create a starry effect when used outdoors during a summer night. Also consider landscape and deck lighting or torches that will softly light up the area and enhance the atmosphere. Lighting that points upward accents the architecture of the structure, while a light pointed downward creates a cozy glow.

Firepit7. Include the ambiance of a fire. Consider using a firepit. A popular outdoor accessory, you can find freestanding firepits or firepits that are incorporated in table groupings. An evening fire will instantly transform the space into an inviting gathering area as well as warm up the cool nights of Michigan summer.

Accessories8. Accessorize. Decorative items bring an indoor room to life and the serve the same purpose outside, as well. Play with decorative throw pillows, bowls and candles.


Speaker9. Crank up the music. Outdoor speakers bring the party outside. Relax in style with your favorite tunes. You can install outdoor speakers or use a portable speakers like our fun Cube Speakers.


10. Add water. Complement the design and feel of your outdoor space with the calming trickle of a fountain. Its sound is soothing and will add another sense to your outdoor space. You could also choose a birdbath that will attract feathered friends.

18, Jul

One of the best ways to turn your patio or deck into an inviting and cozy outdoor room is to add a rug. Whether it’s used inside or out, a rug brings color, texture and a sense of cohesion to a group of furnishings. When used outdoors, it also helps to protect the deck wood or patio pavers.

If you haven’t shopped for an outdoor rug recently, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by new designs and materials. In fact, today’s options are as colorful and stylish as the rugs you use inside. So how do you choose the right one? Outdoor Rug 1

Size and Shape

Outdoor rugs come in a variety of dimensions. To find the right size, consider the area you want to cover to determine the right size. Measure your patio, deck or porch and pay attention to any architectural details, like pillars or stairs. If you are adding a rug to a dining group, make sure it’s large enough to accommodate the chairs. The rule of thumb is that a rug should be at least two feet wider than all sides of the table. When using a rug with a seating group, make sure it’s large enough to allow at least the front legs of the furniture pieces to be placed on the rug.

Choose the shape by looking at how your furniture is grouped. A round patio table, for example, looks best over a round rug, while seating groups are best defined by a square or rectangular rug that mimics the layout.

Outdoor Rug 2


Outdoor rugs need to hold up to a variety of weather conditions, and natural and synthetic materials are available that withstand the elements. Natural fibers, such as sisal, jute and seagrass, provide a bit of texture. They can mildew when exposed to too much moisture, so they do require extra care. Natural might be a good choice if your outdoor area is covered or if you are willing to bring the rug inside during the off-season or periodically hang it to dry. Synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene or acrylic, come in a wider range of colors than natural rugs and are extremely durable. They have the added benefit of drying quickly and are often less expensive.

Outdoor Rug 3

Color and Pattern

Outdoor rugs come in practically every color under the sun, and patterns are available that will enhance your style. When choosing a color, look to the surrounding area for inspiration. Choose a palette from your landscape, or pick shades that evoke the feeling you want to create. For example, bright yellow or orange will create a vibrant setting, while natural colors are more subdued and allow your furnishings to take center stage.

Create a unified feeling by choosing patterns that are similar to your indoor décor. For example, if your indoor style is traditional, you might go with floral patterns. Contemporary homes will look great with geometric or abstract patterns.

When you’re ready to add a rug to your patio or deck, check out all of the options available from Art Van Furniture by clicking here.