Dwell’s 2019 Modern Home Décor Trends

If you love Modern décor, you probably love perusing the pages of the design site Dwell. It’s filled with homes that can inspire you and provide ideas to implement in your own home. Its editors recently shared four modern home décor trends they believe will be big in 2019. Here are some tips for using them in your modern rooms.


The Romeo Purple Leather Chair is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

Last year, the Dwell editors saw jewel tones replacing the “Scandinavian chic” neutrals. This year they predict more of the same. They’re pairing crisp white with strong colors for a sense of contrast. “We’re particularly loving the depth and warmth of colors like plum, mustard, and terra-cotta—bold tones that still play well with others,” they said.


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Texture and pattern are important in modern home décor for 2019, and the Dwell editors said graphic, geometrics textiles and textured tiles that resemble fabrics like linen and corduroy will be big. They also expect to see layering of different textures and patterns.


The Modern Accent Table is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

Look for the popularity of abstract design to impact the world of furniture with modern home décor trends. Bold, chunky statement pieces are focal points, while ’80s-inspired designs, such as a tulip table or whitewashed accents are important, too.


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Indoor/Outdoor Living

Finally, the Dwell editors said 2019 modern home décor trends include patio or deck design, as this will be the year where people celebrate a true indoor/outdoor way of living. Outdoor spaces will get more attention, and homeowners will use greenery indoors as much as possible.

How to Choose an Accent Chair

Just as its name implies, an accent chair is a piece of furniture that adds an accent to your room. Combining fashion and function, it complements your décor while providing a focal point and a bit of contrast to your seating group. It doesn’t match the other furnishings and it gives the space personality. From Modern to Traditional and everything in between, you’ll find an accent chair that can become a star player in your room no matter what style. Here are some of our favorite choices to provide some interest as well as a nice place to sit:

The Mist Accent Chair is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

The Mist Accent Chair offers a bold stripe that will wake up your casual living room grouping. While the colors are subdued, the contrasting pattern steals the show. You’ll love how the upholstery matches the toss pillows on the sofa and loveseat.

The Maya Accent Chair is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

In classic navy and cream, the Maya Accent Chair offers a farmhouse twist on classic buffalo plaid. This chair would provide a wonderful focal point to your room, mixing well with a cream or khaki sofa.

The Taylor Accent Chair is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

Every Mid-Century living room should have a pop of color, and the Taylor Accent Chair will do the trick in a rich persimmon red. This special seating will add personality and spice to your space.


The Baden Hanging Chair is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

Modern style is fun, and the Baden Red Hanging Chair is the epitome of playful design. Imagine how this piece would enhance your modern décor. You’ll be floating with design excitement as well as a pop of red!


The Kodiak Accent Chair is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

Curves and elegant details make a Traditional home stand out, and the Kodiak Accent Chair is regal enough to live up to the lifestyle. In rich brown with a timeless pattern, it will add refinement to your seating area.


The Romeo Tan Leather Chair is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

An Urban style home celebrates your sense of adventure, and the Romeo Leather Chair in tan will add to the storied look with its rich leather patina. The retro silhouette is sleek, not overpowering the space but adding to it.

Which chair is your favorite?

Define Your Style for the New Year

You know what you like and what you don’t like … but can you define your style? While most of us have a combination of décor preferences, we usually lean one way or another. Knowing your design type will make shopping for furnishings and accessories much easier.

Ring in 2019 by identifying your personal style; we’ve created this quiz to make it fun. Are you Casual? Modern? Traditional? Farmhouse? Urban? Or Mid-Century? Define your style and let us know in the comments below.

1. When it comes to accessorizing a room, I …

A.) Use three or five accents, as long as they’re child friendly

B.) Prefer one statement piece

C.) Think the more the merrier

D.) Choose pieces that also serve a purpose

E.) Like to add something I found during my last adventure

F.) Love items inspired by the ‘60s

2. On a typical day, you’ll find me wearing …

A.) Khakis, a comfy tee and flip flops

B.) Slim black slacks and a fitted turtleneck

C.) A classic shift dress and smart flats

D.) Jeans and boots

E.) A leather jacket and distressed jeans

F.) A vintage dress I picked up at a thrift store

3. My ultimate ride is a …

A.) Classic SUV, laid back and roomy

B.) A two-seater coupe, fast and stylish

C.) An elegant luxury sedan, sophisticated and safe

D.) Pick-up truck, rugged and woodsy

E.) A motorcycle

F.) A classic car that reminds me of my childhood

4. My ideal Saturday afternoon would include a marathon of …

A.) The Good Place

B.) Jane the Virgin

C.) The Crown

D.) Fixer Upper

E.) Better Call Saul

F.) Mad Men

5. The magazine I carry on the plane is …

A.) Martha Stewart Living

B.) Vanity Fair

C.) The Smithsonian

D.) Country Living


F.) Dwell

6. My favorite dining room centerpiece is …

A.) Brightly colored Gerbera daisies

B.) The drama of an orchid

C.) Red roses

D.) Wild flowers and leaves gathered from my yard

E.) A bucket of dried hydrangeas

F.) A striking vase left empty

7. If I’m choosing the restaurant, we’re going to a …

A.) Family-friendly pizzeria

B.) A trendy downtown sushi spot

C.) An elegant steak house

D.) A barbeque pit off the beaten path

E.) The new vegan café

F.) A retro diner

8. My favorite music artist is …

A.) Ed Sheeran

B.) Dave Koz

C.) Michael Buble

D.) Chris Stapleton

E.) The Weeknd

F.) Frank Sinatra

9. When my friends come over, we like to …

A.) Share a potluck dinner and play board games

B.) Enjoy cocktails and hor d’oeuvres and discuss current events

C.) Sit down to a formal multi-course dinner and swap stock tips

D.) Have a backyard barbecue and play horseshoes

E.) Try craft beers and talk about our travels

F.) Mix martinis and listen to the Rat Pack

10. When I have an afternoon to myself, I like to …

A.) Curl up on the sofa with a good book

B.) Visit a local art gallery

C.) Watch a documentary or the History channel

D.) Take a long hike in the woods

E.) Research my next trip

F.) Comb thrift shops and antique stores


If most of your answers were “A” your style is most likely Casual. This look is inspired by an active, easy lifestyle. Your home is simple and warm, and your accessories are lighthearted and family-friendly. See Art Van’s Casual furniture by clicking here.


If most of your answers were “B” your style is most likely Modern. This look has sleek designs and simple silhouettes. Your home has a feeling of Zen, creating the ultimate escape. Take a look at the great Modern furnishings available at Art Van by clicking here.


If most of your answers were “C” your style is most likely Traditional. This look is inspired by history. Your home is formal and elegant, and your furniture has feminine shapes and rich detail. Browse Art Van’s Traditional pieces by clicking here.


If most of your answers were “D” your style is most likely Farmhouse. This look is inspired by a laidback country lifestyle. Your home is filled with furnishings and fabrics inspire a sense of nostalgia, creating rooms where memories are made. Check out Art Van’s Farmhouse options by clicking here.


If most of your answers were “E” your style is most likely Urban. This look embodies your sense of adventure. Your home is filled with personal mementos collected throughout your travels. Find a great selection of Urban furnishings by clicking here.


If most of your answers were “F” your style is most likely Mid-Century. This look features clean lines and crisp silhouettes. Your home is an ideal setting for everything from a swanky soirée to the Sunday crossword. Find a great selection of Mid-Century furnishings by clicking here.


Four Affordable Recliners That Help Your Relax

One of the best gifts you can give a loved one—or that you can give yourself—is a recliner. Not only will it help you relax after a long day; it will be something you use every day. A recliner changes up game day, movie night and binge watching. And when you select an option from The Outlet at Art Van, you can stick to your budget, as well. Here are four of our most popular affordable recliners, each under $300.

Affordable recliner
The Mitchell Rocker Recliner is available in stores now.
Mitchell Rocker Recliner

The Mitchell Rocker Recliner, in classic brown, brings a casual look that is perfect for your living room or family room. The pillow-top cushions and arms feature topstitch detail that looks rugged but refined. The reclining mechanism cradles you in comfort, so you can kick back and relax.

The Huxford Glider Recliner is available in stores now.
Huxford Glider Recliner

Add a new “best seat in the house” to your living room with the Huxford Steel Glider Recliner. You’ll rest easy in its plush pillow-top arms and heavily cushioned back. Cradled in comfort, it’s the perfect place for an afternoon nap.

The Jordan Mocha Power Recliner is available in stores now.
Jordan Mocha Power Recliner

Enjoy the relaxed look and feel of the Jordan Mocha Power Recliner. Its transitional style makes it a good choice for casual, traditional and urban rooms. The chair features pillow-top arms, a pub-style back and a large seating area. Reclining is as easy as pressing a button.


The Alston Push Back Recliner is available in stores now.
Alston Push Back Recliner

Finally, the Alston Push Back Recliner proves that recliners can be sophisticated. This one has a streamlined design highlighted with nail head trim. The regal style would look great in traditional and contemporary room designs. Use it in your living room, family room, bedroom or office.

Which one of these four affordable recliners is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Decorating a Living Room on a Budget at the Outlet

Have you visited the Outlet at Art Van lately? It’s a bargain hunter’s paradise with brand new furniture at super low prices. Furniture manufacturers come to us with their closeouts, discontinued items, special purchases and manufacturer’s showroom buy-outs. We stock up and pass the savings on to you. The Outlet is also the place to find floor samples and scratch and dent selection for amazing deals on one-of-a-kind treasures. Decorating a living room on a budget is easy at the Outlet at Art Van. Take a look at how $1,000 can transform your space!!

The Harlow Sofa is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

Start with the Harlow Sofa in classic linen. Its casual style will blend well with any décor, setting the stage for relaxing in style. At just $399, decorating a living room on a budget is off to an amazing start.

The Emma Accent Chair is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

Next add a Emma Accent Chair in beautiful grey upholstery. The classic lines work well with the casual sofa, and the color complements the toss pillows. At $149, you could afford one or maybe even a pair.

The Bench is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

Instead of a cocktail table, use a stylish bench that can serve as a table, footrest or extra seating. In grey, it works well in the room. And at just $59 it works in the budget, too!

The Harbor View Credenza is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
TV Console

Store your television and media components in the beautiful Harbor View Credenza. Its soft color fits our palette, and it provides plenty of storage to keep your room looking neat and tidy. At $219, it fits the budget.


The Brooklyn Heights Rug is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

Bring all of the colors in the room together with the Brooklyn Heights Ivory rug. The classic design brings a sense of elegance to your living room, and the soft shades of grey and ivory complement the toss pillows of the sofa. At just $149, it’s an inexpensive investment in warmth and style.

The grand total for our room is $973. That leaves $27 for a can of paint – or pizza and a bottle of wine. See how easy decorating a living room on a budget can be! Come in and try it for yourself.