Four Places to Use a Ghost Chair

One of the most fashion-forward trends of the year is acrylic furniture. Perfect for small spaces, “ghost” furniture takes up no visual space and lets the eye float around the room uninterrupted. One of the easiest pieces of acrylic furniture to use is a ghost chair. From modern to traditional, they work well with any style décor, and they mix well with a variety of materials, like wood or metal.


Ready to get on trend? Here are four ways to use a ghost chair in your home.


Dining Room or Kitchen

Swap out traditional dining chairs with ghost chairs for a quick and easy update. Ghost chairs look great with a pedestal table in an eating area, or use them with a sleek wooden table in the dining room.


Living Room

Instead of a traditional upholstered accent chair, consider a ghost wingback chair. This style brings a fresh, modern twist, especially if you have a small room where floor space is limited. Soften it with a faux fur toss pillow or throw.



Having a chair in the bedroom provides a great place to relax or read. Since this is a room where you want a feeling of calm, a ghost chair is a natural choice. It takes on the colors of the room, and doesn’t disturb the décor.


Home Office

A modern home office looks chic when you swap out your desk chair for a ghost chair. If your space is tight the ghost chair will seem to float next to the desk, allowing the eye to move throughout the room.

Four Design Tricks for your Hallway

Hallways connect rooms and people in your home, but they can be a design challenge because they’re often narrow and dim. A few design tricks can turn yours into a welcoming, elegant space. Here are four ways to turn your hallway into one of your favorite parts of a home:


Photo source: Pinterest/Minimalisti

Hang Artwork

Placed at the end of a hallway, an interesting piece of art turns into a focal point, making narrow walls seem to melt away. Choose something oversized, filling the space with color. You can also create a gallery wall with photos of your family or your travels. Use frames in the same finish to create a sense of unity.

Update Light Fixtures

Lighting in your hallway is often flush or close to the ceiling. Create interest by swapping one or all of them out with a chandelier. If you have high ceilings, you can use short pendant lights. Or use a funky track light that provides a sense of movement.


Photo source: Pinterest / Meggie Interiors

Use Pattern

Give energy to a hallway by covering walls with geometric and floral wallpaper. Another option is to add pattern to the ceiling, which encourages guests to look up. Or you can roll out a long, narrow rug. Bold pattern in a small space provides tons of interest.


Add Furniture

If your hallway is long, visually break up the space by adding a small console table to a wall. If you don’t have enough floor space for a table, hang a floating shelf or deep picture ledge in the center of the hallway to create the same effect.


Decorating with Crystal

Crystal lamps and lighting add sparkle and opulence to any room, making the space feel decadent and rich. Not only does the design look provide an eye-catching touch; the crystal reflects the light into a rainbow of color, cascading onto walls and nearby surfaces.


From modern to traditional, any room can be enhanced with a crystal light. Here are five crystal fixtures that will dress up the décor in your home.


A crystal ball chandelier adds a sophisticated touch to a living space when used in place of a lamp. The shape and design complement modern furniture, making everything feel more special.


Add a bit of Hollywood to your bedroom by placing a crystal lamp on your nightstand. This modern piece has a multi-faceted diamond shaped crystal body topped with a crystal ball finial.


The drop crystal pendants on this table lamp add just the right touch of opulence to a living room end table. You could also use a pair on a dining room buffet to make mealtime extra special.


The traditional look of a crystal chandelier never goes out of style. This stunning piece will dress up your dining room in an elegant display of light.


Crystal can even look at home in a rustic room. This antique-inspired birdcage chandelier is adorned with crystal accents, which add a feminine twist to a farmhouse favorite.

Plan Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

The turkey is definitely the star of the Thanksgiving table, but Tom deserves the proper backdrop. In addition to breaking out your best dinnerware and crystal, create a holiday memory by carefully choosing the rest of the table setting.

Start with a tablecloth. Protect your table by using a tablecloth over a table pad. From crisp white to a rich autumn tone, you will add some color to the meal with the right cloth.

Photo credit:

Here’s a great craft project you can do to create a personalized tablecloth. Simply purchase a drop cloth and decorate it with words that represent the things you’re thankful for.

Or don’t. Rules are made to be broken, so feel free to skip the tablecloth and let your table go au natural. Use beautiful placemats or table runners to protect the wood.

Photo credit: The Stir

Mix and match plates, silverware and glassware. Don’t worry about not having enough table settings; purposefully mix and match what you have and no one will ever know. You can even go ultra casual chic by using Mason jars as water glasses.

Let Mother Nature provide decorations. Fall is the time of year when everything outside is in its most colorful glory. Bring in gorgeous leaves and scatter them down the center of the table. You can also use a metallic marker and write names or reasons you’re thankful on the leaves to make them even more special. Place small gourds down the center of the table, and put cut flowers in small pots or thin vases. Add candles and you’ve created a gorgeous fall scene.

Photo credit: Bloom Designs Online

Make it personal. Finally, make guests feel welcome by creating personalized place cards. If you’re hosting friends who aren’t well acquainted, place a little bit of information about each guest on the place card as a way for everyone to get to know each other. You could also include a reason why you’re thankful they are your friend or family member.

Introducing NB2, Nigel Barker’s Modern Collection

Last year, we introduced NB1, a collection of furniture designed exclusively for Art Van by esteemed fashion photographer Nigel Barker, inspired from Nigel’s travels around the globe. This year we are excited to introduce NB2, a curated collection of modern pieces that were inspired by Nigel’s love of creating a serene retreat at home.

Like a life well lived, design should be multifaceted and meaningful, says Nigel. The modern, clean lines and sophisticated silhouettes are the hallmark of the collection. Rich, neutral colors offer a classic, timeless palette, and signature pieces turn into focal points around which you build your room.

“I’ve always aspired to be timeless and chic, and the sleek silhouettes and classic shapes of my new collection will help you make the most of your space without giving up comfort and elegance,” says Nigel. “Pulling inspiration from my life, NB2 is a calm oasis – a place of peace with minimalism at its heart. My hope is that you will unwind and recharge in style, enjoying time well spent with friends and family.”