How To Use a Settee in the Bedroom

Your bedroom is the ultimate place in your home to unwind. Instead of sitting on the bed, why not include seating—namely a settee. Similar to a loveseat, a settee is streamlined and petite. The perfect bedroom accent, it offers more room than an accent chair and takes up less space than a sofa. A settee in the bedroom is the perfect spot to sit and slip on your shoes as you dress in the morning or to chat with your partner at the end of the day. The scale feels quite intimate, and it would look lovely at the foot of your bed, on a wall or even in a large master bath. Here are three settees that would bring something unique to your master suite.

settee in the bedroom
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Use a settee in the bedroom to add glamour, such as this velvet piece that features gold legs. Its curves offer elegance and style, while the white upholstery feels sophisticated and chic.

Settee in the bedroom
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A settee can add a pop of color. This sleek option has a Mid-Century Modern vibe that will pair well with your modern or casual style room.

settee in the bedroom
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A settee offers a sense of tradition in your master suite, as well. This option has an updated wingback style that dresses up your room.

Which is your favorite?

How to Create a Hotel Style Bedroom

If you’ve been fortunate enough to stay in a four- or five-star hotel, you know that the luxury that surrounds you can feel like a rare treat. Fortunately, it’s possible to recreate the look at home – and it’s affordable. Take a peek at how you can bring a hotel style bedroom home:

hotel style bedroom
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A Dramatic Bed

The centerpiece of a master suite is the bed, and in a hotel style bedroom that includes a bit of drama. Choose an upholstered headboard or one made of a rich wood grain. The taller the better, or select something tufted or with a striking shape.

hotel style bedroom nightstand
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Unique Nightstands

Next you’ll need nightstands. Many of the traditional offerings you’ll find in the bedroom department have two or three drawers, but hotel style bedroom nightstands often look more like end tables from a chic living room. Simple and sleek, they give the room a modern feel.

hotel style bedroom lamp
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Striking Lamps 

Top the nightstands/end tables with a lamp. Hotel style bedrooms often choose pieces with dramatic shades for impact, or a base that underscores the design of the room.

hotel style bedroom bench
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 A Bench

At the foot of the bed, an upholstered bench provides a comfortable place to sit while you dress or rest when you come home at night. Hotel style bedrooms often use a bench that is tufted or upholstered in a rich fabric, such as velvet.

hotel style bedroom chair
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Chair and Ottoman

Finally, a hotel style bedroom gets the feeling of a suite with the addition of a plush chair and ottoman. It beckons you to relax and soak up the scenery with a beverage and good book. Choose one that complements your décor or provides a sense of contrast.

While you won’t have a concierge or room service, a hotel style bedroom definitely delivers a dreamy place in which to lay your head. The good news is that check in and check out whenever you wish.

How to Design a Home Office for the Whole Family

Millions Americans work from home and as technology makes it easier and easier to communicate with employees and customers at far flung locations, that trend is expected to continue. If you’re among this group, you can get more done by taking the time to design a proper work space. Whether you log in full-time hours or simply manage household affairs, here are seven ways to design a home office to work efficiently—and in style—from your home sweet home (office):

design a home office
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1. Claim a space

If you haven’t done so already, choose a spot in your home that can be used exclusively for work. A formal home office or spare bedroom is ideal – a spot on the sofa with a laptop is not. Look for an area where you can place a desk and storage system –you can even if you convert a closet if need be.

2. Choose a work surface

Every home office needs a desk or work surface. From a sleek writing desk to a larger executive set, the amount of space you have will dictate which style is best for you. If you have the room, consider an L-shaped desk that will offer room for your screens as well as a surface for writing.

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3. Clear out distractions

When you design a home office, sometimes it needs to double duty as a guest room or den, but you’ll want to get rid of anything that might steal your attention. This includes everything from clutter to media components, such as a television – you want your space to be focused on work. If your job requires you to watch videos, however, the TV can stay; if you’re tempted to watch Judge Judy, it should go.

4. Personalize your room

Just as you would place a picture of your loved ones on your desk at an outside office, personalize the area so it is welcoming to you. Choose a paint color that makes you happy, hang art on the wall, and consider furniture beyond a desk and chair. For example, a loveseat or accent chair might make sense if you do a lot of reading at work and want a comfortable place to sit.

Design a home office.
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5. Incorporate good lighting

No matter what kind of work you do, you’ll want to do it in a room that is well lit. This means including an assortment of lighting. Overhead lights are a good place to start. Then add task lights at your desk or workstations, as well as accent lights that will help create an inviting atmosphere.

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6. Find a place for paperwork

No matter how much of your work is digital, you’ll most likely have papers you need to keep and reference. If your desk doesn’t have adequate drawer space, include filing cabinets or bookcases that can handle the excess. You’ll find several options that look like furniture, which will help keep your room from looking like an office supply store.

7. Maintain a clean-up routine

Once you’ve organized your space, do the work to maintain it. Every evening before you quit work, take a few minutes to put away papers. On Fridays, take out the trash and to run the vacuum cleaner so that everything is fresh and ready when you come back on Monday. And reserve your office space for office activities. If kids bring toys in, remove them at the end of the day. Do a visual sweep each day, and you’ll stay organized.

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How to Transition Your Home into Fall

The air is getting crisp at night, and the cider mills are fragrant with spice and doughnuts. While the calendar says summer, the weather feels more like fall, and that means it’s time to generate warmth inside your home. One of the best ways to transition your home to fall is by adding layers to each room in your home. Here are some tips for feathering your nest:

Transition your home to fall
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Kitchen and Dining Room

Add warmth to your table by using placemats and table runners. Use centerpieces in the deep colors of nature, by bringing in flowers and leaves from your back yard. Add accents to the room, such as baskets, pottery and bowls of fruit. Dress up your table with a new statement chandelier, such as this Candle Chandelier. Give the area a more intimate and cozy feel by hanging lighting lower; a good rule of thumb is that the bottom of the fixture should hang 30” to 36” from the tabletop.

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Wood furniture visually warms up a room with the energy of its grain. If you’re in the market for a new kitchen set or dining room suit, consider cherry, pine or oak. Our Brownstone Dining Collection would be the perfect setting for Thanksgiving Dinner. The bench is inviting and the wood tone feels welcoming.

transition your home to fall
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Living Room and Family Room

Add throw pillows covered in textured fabrics such as tweed or faux fur to sofas and chairs to transition your home to fall. Drape blankets and throws over chair backs or on sofa arms. Functional, they make the room appear visually warmer, as well. Layer the room with plush rugs underfoot, choosing rich colors to both ground and insulate. Our Carter Shag Rug is a great choice.

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When adding new furnishings, choose those covered in soft fabrics. Warm and welcoming in trendy neutrals, our Sidney Road Truffle Collection is a great choice for fall entertaining. Or choose leather, which adds visual warmth to a room and variety to the texture mix. Wooden coffee and end tables also add warmth. Layer them with lamps, pottery accents and trays to hold candles or mugs.

Transition your home to fall
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Dress your room for the season by adding drapes over existing shades or blinds. Cover the floor or carpet with an area rug to provide a warm entrance into your day. And always add a blanket to the bed; consider faux fur that will add visual and physical warmth, taking the chill out of the air.

Throw a tablecloth on the nightstand and use a dimmer on bedside lamps to create an intimate and cozy setting. Add more texture to the room with an upholstered headboard, such as the Emma Upholstered Headboard. Choose a plush fabric like velvet, microsuede or leather, coordinated with throw pillows.

The goal when you transition your home to fall is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere … for guests, but especially for you and your family.

Five Creative Ways to Use a Bookcase

Sure, a bookcase is meant to hold books, but it can also be one of the most multi-functional pieces of furniture you own. If you think outside the box – or the shelf, in this case – you’ll discover that a bookcase can be utilized in every room of your house. Take a look at these five creative ways to use a bookcase.

ways to use a bookcase
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1. Mudroom Organizer

The entry way to your home tends to collect clutter. You’re removing your boots or shoes. You’re bringing in shopping bags. And your kids are unloading backpacks. Use a bookshelf, like our Natal III White Bookcase, to organize all of these items in style. With or without baskets, you can store footwear, hats, gloves, reusable shopping bags, the dog’s leash and keys in an easy-to-find location. Your kids can also use the cubbies to hold their schoolwork and supplies.

ways to use a bookcase
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2. Media Console

With flat-screen televisions, the depth of your media console is no longer an issue. Why not use a shorter bookcase, such as our Austin Barnwood Bookcase, to store DVDs and media equipment on the open shelves? Place two or three together to create a sleek entertainment center. The streamlined look is easy to customize.


ways to use a bookcase
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3. Faux Wall

If you want to separate zones or divide an oversized, open space, a bookcase quickly creates the illusion of a wall. Use an open shelf, like our Park View Room Divider, to define areas while keeping things airy. Or place two bookcases back to back with the sides placed against a wall, creating a cozy library or reading nook.

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4. Nightstand

Bedside tables often hold your alarm clock, lamp, book and beverage. If you think about it, the best way to store these items would be one of the ways to use a bookcase. Our 35” Valenca Bookcase, will be just the right height to hold things at an easy-to-grab level. It also offers a bit more storage for magazines, tissues and other items that come in handy when you’re ready for bed.


ways to use a bookcase
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5. Headboard

Instead of using a bookcase as a nightstand, use a taller version, such as our 72-inch Bookcase, and create a headboard. King- and queen-sized beds might require two placed next to each other. Use the eye-level shelves to hold your clock and reading materials. Then style the higher shelves to create an attractive display with favorite photos and accessories. You can even use wallpaper or paint on the backs of the shelves for extra interest. And if your mattress is on wheels, store extra linens on the lower shelves behind the bed.

Now that you have five ways to use a bookcase, which one will you add to your home next?