One Dining Table + Four Chairs = Four Dining Room Looks

The holidays are upon us, and that puts everyone’s attention on the dining room. If yours needs an update, one of the quickest ways to get a new look is to add new dining chairs. A basic table can go from modern to farmhouse to casual to urban in an instant when you change the seating. We’ve paired our Claremont Grey Trestle Table with four different styles of chairs to create four distinct looks. Which is your favorite?

new dining chairs
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A casual table gets a modern twist when you choose new dining chairs that are sleek. The NB2 Modern Side Chairs look simple and chic, giving the dining room a sophisticated feeling.

new dining chairs
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The colorful Indigo Parsons Chairs give the dining table a look of casual elegance. The combination of weathered wood and indigo upholstery feel laidback and effortless.

new dining chairs
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Give your dining room an urban twist by choosing Nelson Upholstered Chairs with the look of aged leather. The mix of materials has an energy that is exciting and raw.

new dining chairs
The Claremont Grey Trestle Table and the Spindle Back Chair are available now. Shop the look at

Give your dining room a modern farmhouse look by using new dining chairs with a classic spindle back style in black. The Windsor style will quickly become a family favorite.

How To Choose Art Over a Sideboard

A sideboard is a versatile piece of furniture. A natural item for the dining room, it also works effortlessly in a family room as a media center, in a foyer as an accent piece or in kitchen as added storage. Adding art over a sideboard can change the look of your space in a snap. From casual to urban to modern and traditional, art allows you to show off your personality and sense of design. Here are four distinct looks that come from using the same sideboard paired with four different pieces of art.

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Set a casual tone by combining this grey sideboard with a foggy cityscape. The muted colors are a nice complement to the distressed finish of the sideboard, creating a relaxed atmosphere in your space.

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The grey sideboard works beautifully in a modern farmhouse style home. This charming sign is the perfect accent and sentiment where family is the centerpiece.

Art Over a Sideboard

The Claremont Grey Dining Buffet and Moss Circles are available now. Shop the look at

The grey sideboard gets a modern twist when it’s paired with moss and chrome art. The mix of textures and materials add an unexpected twist to your décor.


Art Over a Sideboard

Art Over a Sideboard
The Claremont Grey Dining Buffet and Textured Floral Framed Print are available now. Shop the look at

Give the dining room a traditional touch when you pair the grey sideboard with an elegant floral print. The art over a sideboard has soft colors that create a calm serene look in your dining room.

How to Furnish a Small Dining Room

A small dining room can feel cozy or it can feel cramped … it all depends on how you furnish it. Interior design professionals have a lot of methods for making a small space seem more spacious. Give your diminutive dining room the atmosphere of quaint café or bistro by incorporating these four tricks:

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Choose Small-Scale Furniture

Small rooms require small-scale furnishings, as anything oversized will overpower the surroundings and make it look crowded. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 32 inches from the edge of the table to the wall to allow you and your guests enough space to navigate around it. Once you measure your room, you’ll know your table choices. A round table is a great option because it leaves extra space around the corners of the room. Round doesn’t have to limit your guest list; if you like to host large parties from time to time, simply choose one that has a leaf.

A narrow rectangular table can also be a good choice if your room is small but longer on one side. Look for a table with a pedestal base; this can be helpful for fitting guests around the table because table legs won’t block corners and limit your room. And consider armless chairs, which take up less room. Allow 24 inches of space per person, to provide enough elbowroom. Sleek styles seem to take up less room, sliding in and out without a problem.

Limit Your Colors

Light wall and upholstery colors will make your room seem open and airy. Limit your palette to three colors or less. A more monochromatic scheme will provide an uninterrupted field of vision, making the room feel larger. Contrasting colors should only be used as accents, such as trim on furniture, rugs or art.


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Choose Light Or Clear Materials

While dark colored furniture can work in a small space, lighter woods will make the room feel lighter. Another great choice is a glass-top table, which virtually disappears, giving you the impression of having more floor space. Chrome and mirrored furniture are two more good choices, as they reflect light and open up the space. A mirrored buffet table, for example, will give the room some depth and make it feel spacious.

Forget the Smoke and Just Use Mirrors

Finally, make the room look twice its size by placing a large mirror on one wall. It opens up the space and maximizes the light. Placed opposite a window, it will provide a reflection that gives the illusion of another view.

How to Design a Modern Style Dining Room

The holidays are around the corner, and that means all eyes will soon be on your dining room. Set the table for a sophisticated gathering by designing your space with modern style. This look is simple and sleek, and requires just a few essentials to wow and impress. Whether you need all new furniture or a few touches to give your space a modern makeover, here’s how to create a modern style dining room.

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Choose Sleek Furniture

Look for modern style dining room furniture with straight, sleek lines. Choose a table made from lacquer, polished wood or glass, and pair it with matching chairs for a streamlined, unified feel. If you have space, add the matching sideboard. Modern style has few details or fuss; look for pieces that are simple and clean.

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 Hang a Statement Chandelier

Give your modern style dining room wow factor by choosing a statement chandelier. Look for lots of sparkle, with polished metal and glass. A statement chandelier will serve as a centerpiece, minimizing the need for a lot of accent and décor.

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Select Artwork

Use one bold piece of art in the room that coordinates with the furniture. Less is more with Modern Style, so you want to spend time choosing the right piece. An abstract painting is a good choice, especially one that adds a pop of color.

Designing a Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Farmhouse style is a natural for the kitchen. The casual feel is inviting, and the materials offer lots of visual interest as well as durability—perfect for a busy family lifestyle. In one of her blog posts, Joanna Gaines—the queen of farmhouse style—offered thoughts on designing a kitchen. Here are three tips you can incorporate in your Farmhouse style kitchen:

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Create Architectural Details

“Houses don’t always come with original charm, like arched doorways and original tile patterns, so sometimes you have to get creative when trying to make a remodel look unique and timeless,” writes Joanna. She uses antique partitions that create a dramatic entrance into the kitchen. You could also use a kitchen island that looks like an antique or choose furniture that was inspired by architectural details.

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Mix Finishes

The farmhouse style kitchen has taught us that things don’t have to match. Joanna often uses one style for upper cabinets and another for lower, allowing architectural elements to stand out. We love this tip because it encourages us to think outside of styles and colors when designing your kitchen. You could use two different finishes or add furnishings in a different style for a unique or eclectic feel.

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Put Essentials On Display

Joanna can make the most basic household item look loved simply by showing it off. She often utilizes a pot rack to display and organize everyday pots and pans in a farmhouse style kitchen. “This saves the homeowner from having to look through a cramped cabinet or drawer, while also bringing the character and patina of their collection to this wall,” Joanna writes. When choosing accent pieces for your kitchen, survey what you have in your cabinets. Or select new pieces that not only serve a function but are beautiful as well.