Five Must Haves For Your Home For Spring

You’ve probably thought about updating your wardrobe for Spring with a new blouse or pair of strappy sandals, but don’t overlook the fashion sense of your home. Whether you add a new accessory or piece of decorative furnishing or revamp an entire room, a new look will give you a fresh attitude that helps you swing into the season.


Here are five “must haves” for Spring 2016 according to Realty Times:


Spring Must Have RugSpring Must Have Rug 2


A Great Rug

Your floor is the foundation for your room, and a new rug can make a statement, add a bold pattern or bring in a pop of color. The best part is that you get to define “great.” Pick the rug that speaks to you and freshen up your room.


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Spring Must Have FloralSpring Must Haves Floral 2


Something Floral

Flowers are blooming outside; bring the happiness inside by choosing a floral patterned home furnishing. Centerpieces wilt and fade; instead, choose a great accent chair or colorful piece of art that put flowers center stage.


Spring Must Have GeometricSpring Must Have Geometric 2


Something Geometric

While floral can be feminine, geometrics offer a masculine touch. From circles to squares to octagons and trapezoids, find your favorite shape, and use it on rugs, furniture or lamps. Or choose an architectural-shaped chandelier.


Spring Must Have StripeSpring Must Have Stripe 2


Something Striped

Stripes were hot on the New York fashion runway, and an important interior design trend, too. A striped chair looks fresh and fun, and a striped rug makes a space look larger. You can even paint stripes on the wall to make your room look spacious.


Spring Must Have Wood   Spring Must Have Wood 2


Light Wood

Dark wood has dominated interior design for several years, but lighter tones are making a comeback, used on flooring, kitchen cabinets and furnishings. Fresh and modern, bring home a light-finished dining set or media center to make a big statement with this must have.

We’ve Got the Look: Rihanna’s Cozy Den

Rihanna Den


Pop star Rihanna has a strong artistic style, and is known for pushing the boundaries both in her music and in her personal style. It should be no surprise then that her Beverly Hills mansion reflects her strong point of view. It’s filled with clean lines and show-stopping furnishing.


While some of the rooms are monochromatic, her den is filled with rich colors and textures, creating a sumptuous retreat where she can relax and unwind. Modern seating and a cowhide rug combine for an unexpected and urban look that’s fresh yet timeless.


If you like Rihanna’s room, we’ve got the look.


Rihanna Sofa


Start with a tailored grey sofa with contrasting throw pillows. While Rihanna’s is extra long, you can get the same look with a more traditionally sized version. Our Maxwell Sofa has the same straight lines, and it gets a pop of color with yellow and grey pillows.


Rihanna Chair


Rihanna’s room gets more seating with a modern sling chair, and our Justin Sling Chair is the perfect choice. Upholstered in genuine leather, the square metal frame adds interest and contrast.


Rihanna Table


Rihanna’s room has a glass cocktail table with a black base, and our Newman Cocktail Table would be a great option for your room. The glass top is grounded with a black cherry base and silver trim, for a fresh contemporary look.


Rihanna Console


Along the wall opposite the table, Rihanna has a long console table that showcases favorite works of art. Our Preston Console would look great, too, and can easily hold your entertainment components. It’s 56 inches long. If you have room, use more than one to create a dramatic display wall.


Rihanna Rug 1 Rihanna Rug 2


Finally, Rihanna’s room gets texture and warmth with cowhide rug placed under her contemporary cocktail table. We have two options: rich brown or spotted black and white. Either choice is striking and offers a touch of urban charm.


Does Rihanna’s room make you want to stay? Let us know what you think of her look in the comments!

How to Make the Most of a Gorgeous Rug


When you think about artwork, you probably imagine a beautiful painting hanging in a prominent spot – something eye-catching that sets the tone for a room. Right? Maybe it’s time to look down. Whether it’s bold in color or features a gorgeous design, an area rug can easily become your room’s statement piece.


Here are five rules of thumb for using a bold rug in your room.


Start with a great rug

If you have a blank slate, design your room around the rug by choosing neutral colors for the walls and furnishings. If your room has a beautiful pattern, let it shine by choosing a glass cocktail table. Then build your décor by choosing accessories or accent furnishings that match colors in the rug.



Pick a pattern that sets the style

From contemporary to traditional, your rug will set the tone for your design style. Geometric patterns, for example, are best in modern rooms, while floral patterns work best in traditional spaces. Creating a cohesive décor will make your rug look like it was carefully curated, instead of an afterthought.


Match dominant colors in your room

If you’re working with your existing wall or furniture colors, choose a rug that uses that one or two of those colors in its design. Or find a design that has a complementary colors, which are the colors that are adjacent or opposite to your existing colors on the color wheel.


Go bold (in neutral colors)

Bold patterns in bright colors can easily overtake a room. If you prefer something a little more understated, choose a bold graphic in neutral colors. The pattern will shine, but it won’t overpower the eyes.


Use the rug to define and enhance your space

If your room is narrow, choose a rug with stripes to create a feeling of more space. Arrange your furniture just off the edge, so the shape of the rug is featured. And consider texture; a shag rug, for example, can serve as a eye-catching backdrop for your sleek furnishings.


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We’ve Got the Look: Justin Bieber’s California Contemporary


Whether you love his boyish charm or are tired of his immature antics, pop star Justin Bieber has collected a lot of fans and a lot of success. He recently purchased a $10.8 million, 9,400-square-foot home in the Hollywood Hills that has incredible lake views. The centerpiece of the five-bedroom modern home is its large living room that features glass walls that fully retract to let the outdoors in. With soaring ceilings, an oversized fireplace and full-sized palm trees, it’s spectacular and stunning.

While we can’t help you recreate the home, if you like Bieber’s style, we’ve got the rest of the look.

Justin Bieber Sectional

Bieber’s oversized living room is filled with an expansive sectional that features a chaise and lots of seating. If your room is smaller, you’ll love our Niles Two-Piece Sectional, which offers the same contemporary look. In ivory-colored 100% genuine leather, this sleek and modern piece has straight lines, box welted cushions and classic tufting. The exposed wooden base provides a little bit of contrast.

Bieber Bench

Bieber’s sectional has a backless side that provides versatile seating for either of the room’s conversation groupings. Our Storage Bench would be a great addition, plus it offers a place to stash items, such as an extra blanket or pillow.

Bieber Cocktail Table

Instead of a traditional cocktail table, Bieber’s room has an organic surface that looks like it’s made from a tree trunk. Our Rootball End Tables would provide a similar rustic look. Imagine a pair placed side by side for a functional and fashionable cocktail solution.

Bieber Side Table

Bieber’s room has a collection of unique tables, and one placed to the side of the sectional provides guests with a place to set down a beverage. Our Texas Horn Table would make a great addition, providing an unexpected pairing to the modern sectional. The horn-shaped legs look remarkably like the real, holding up a contemporary stainless steel top.

Bieber Chair

Bieber’s room has a pair of contemporary white chairs to add more seating for a party. Our Tonio Swivel Chair from ROMA isn’t a perfect match, but it has the same modern vibe. Upholstered in ice-white-colored 100% genuine leather and supported by a chrome base, the chairs feature slim lines and sleek styling.

Bieber Side Table 2

Bieber’s room also has a chrome-based glass end table near the chairs. Our Mercer Collection End Table mirrors that bold statement, and even improves upon it with its arched base. The innovative style is definitely a showpiece.

Bieber Rug

Anchoring Bieber’s living room is a plush rug with an abstract print in ivory, taupe and tan. The design gives the room a rich feeling of texture. Our hand-knotted Avant Garde Area Rug would be a great choice. Its cutting-edge design is ultra modern and the quality craftsmanship makes this piece a great investment.

Bieber Elephant

Finally, Bieber’s room has a pair of wooden rhinos as a fun accent to his nature-inspired setting. A pair of our Elephant Stools would be a great addition, too, finishing the room’s feeling of being one with the great outdoors.

So, when it comes to Bieber’s style, are you a belieber?

Five Ways to Use a Drop-Leaf Table

Drop everything you’ve thought about dining room tables, and meet one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own: the drop-leaf table. This space saver serves more than dinner; it offers a myriad of uses and can be placed in a variety of rooms. In fact, you can ditch that flimsy card table that you keep in the basement for times when you need more room, and host your guests on a real piece of furniture that you store in plain sight.

Drop-leaf tables have been around for a long time. They date back to 16th Century England, and were used during the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras. Drop-leaf tables in various designs have been used in America since the late 1600s. Early versions featured gate legs that swung out to support the leaves. Then around 1710, the butterfly table was created, using wing-shaped leaf supports that pivot out from the stretchers.

While drop-leaf tables were originally used for breakfast, today they can do that and more. Here are five places to use a drop-leaf table in your home:

drop leaf 1

The Foyer

Instead of the traditional console table, use a drop-leaf table. It can hold a lamp as well as other decorative accents, and be pulled into another room when needed.

The Family Room

Instead of a sofa table, use a drop-leaf table. It’s the perfect solution when you need an extra work surface or if you want to play a board game or assemble a puzzle with your family.

drop leaf 3 family

The Dining Room

While you can use a drop-leaf table as your permanent dining room table, it also works well as a buffet. During larger gatherings, simply raise the leaf and add chairs.

The Living Room

Use a drop-leaf table as a side table in a traditional living room. The shape will add a sense of history to your room, and you can pull it out whenever you need it.

drop leaf 2 choices

The Kitchen

Drop-leaf tables are the perfect solution for small eating areas because they don’t take up much space. You can keep one leaf up while the other is flush with the wall. If you have a larger crowd, simply pull it out when needed.