We’ve Got the Look: Selena Gomez’s Master Suite

Selena Gomez Bedroom


Pop singer and actress Selena Gomez came into fame when she was cast in the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, and her 2013 song Come & Get It cemented her stardom, putting her on the Billboard charts. Justin Bieber’s ex and Taylor Swift’s BFF, Gomez is a trendsetter on her own. She appeared as a mentor on The Voice, the musical guest on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, and she’s the face of hair care company Pantene.


Harper’s Bazaar calls her look “polished street style,” but at home her look is definitely soft and feminine. Her Tarzana, California house, which she sold to pop star Iggy Azalea, combined drama with glamour for a look that’s pure Hollywood.


We love the master suite, with its plush upholstered frame, dark hardwood flooring and pendant chandeliers. If you like it, too, we’ve got the look.


Selena Gomez Bed


The bed in Gomez’s master suite is a showstopper, with its tufted headboard and footboard, and plush upholstery. Our Bombay Upholstered Bed is a great match. In charcoal grey, it’s dramatic but not overwhelming. Use white linens to complete the indulgent look, and wake up in style.


Selena Gomez Chest


Instead of a traditional nightstand, Gomez has a decorative chest that provides a convenient surface for a book or glass of water as well as storage. Our Naomi Accent Chest is a great option. The metallic finish adds a bit of glitz to the glamorous room, and its three drawers provide ample room for storing odds and ends.


Selena Gomez Curio


Tucked in the corner of Gomez’s room is a glass cabinet that holds trinkets and treasures. Our Tuscan Library Cabinet is a good match, and can be used to display prized mementos as well as shoes, accessories, and clothing. An unexpected addition to a bedroom, the glass cabinet will elevate your sense of style.


Selena Gomez Chaise


Every master suite should include a chaise for lounging, and Gomez seems to agree. The fireplace in her bedroom provides the perfect location, but any bedroom would warm up with the addition. Our Devin Chaise is a great match, with its beautiful scripted pattern and tapered legs.


Selena Gomez Lamp

Finally, Gomez added a traditional-style floor lamp near her chaise, turning it from a lounging area into a reading nook. Our Roma Floor Lamp is a great choice, with its marble base and faux silk shade.


Do you like Gomez’s look? Come and get it at Art Van Furniture.

Create An Inviting Guest Bedroom With Tips From Fine Hotels


Opening your home to friends and family is part of the holiday season, and you want your guests to feel welcome. If you will be hosting anyone overnight, take some time now to plan ahead and make the occasion festive and bright.


Here are 10 things fine hotels do to make their guests feel special so they look forward to coming back:


Guest Bedroom Linens


Use soft, warm linens. Launder linens the day before your guests arrive, so they smell fresh and feel crisp. Invest in a high-thread count set of sheets, which will be soft and comfortable. If your guests are visiting during winter, make sure to provide extra blankets, and consider flannel or microfiber sheets, which will be warmer.


Provide a clock radio. If your guests want to wake up early, make it easy by providing a clock radio with an alarm. This will also allow your guests to listen to music while they fall asleep.


Prepare the bathroom. Make sure your guests have extra towels in the bathroom, so they can easily freshen up during they stay. Put out a basket of toiletries, including soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and consider offering a robe they can use if the bathroom is down the hall or shared with others.


Guest Bedroom 2


Pay attention to the details. Fresh flowers on the nightstand are a nice touch, as is including candies, bottled water and a book or magazine for reading. Be sure the room has adequate light for reading.


Ask about food preferences. Before your guests arrive, find out if they have any food allergies or diet restrictions. You’ll want them to feel at home; set up a coffee and tea station in the kitchen so they can help themselves if they wake before you in the morning.


Provide easy access to electronics. Help your guests connect online by writing your WiFi password on a notecard on the nightstand. You can also give a quick tutorial on cable remotes, and provide a cable guide so your friends can find their favorite channels.


Guest Bedroom 3


Plan activities. If sightseeing is on the agenda, provide information on all your area has to offer. You can plan this ahead of time, and pre-purchase tickets to ensure you get your first choice.


Provide a place luggage. Think about where guest can set their luggage, such as a luggage rack, bench or chair. Suitcases can be dirty, and your guests will be glad they don’t have to place them on the bed.


Clear closet. Make space in the closet for guests to hang clothes. Be sure you provide enough hangers, as well as floor space for shoes.


Think about the kids. If there will be children, consider their special needs, such as renting a crib, using socket protectors on outlets, and providing age-appropriate games and activities.

Five Ways to Decorate With Books

Kindles and iPads may be quick and convenient for reading on the go, but there’s nothing like holding a book in your hand and turning the pages one by one. Books take you on a journey, they teach you things you didn’t know and they make it possible to visit with favorite characters again and again, and even share them with friends.


Books also are beautiful. They raise the design aesthetic of your home, and that’s something technology cannot do. From reference materials to design journals to pulp fiction, cookbooks and more, share your love of fine words by taking books off of the shelf and into your home décor.


Here are five ways to decorate with books:


Source: Swatchpop
Source: Swatchpop


In a curated stack. No cocktail table is complete without an eye-catching pile of books. Books placed here are meant to give visitors insight into what you find important or beautiful, inviting guests to pick one up and flip through its pages. This is a great place for oversized coffee-table books that have an abundance of photos or illustrations.


Source: Popsugar
Source: Popsugar


As an end table. A stack of sturdy, oversized books create a unique side table in a living room or nightstand in your bedroom. Protect the top cover by placing a piece of glass or tray on the top so it can hold a beverage without worries.


Source: Viralnova
Source: Viralnova


Turned into a shelf. Create a bookshelf with a book. Purchase L brackets or a floating shelf kit designed to be hidden, and you’ll create a unique display – especially for more books!


Source: Pinterest/House Beautiful
Source: Pinterest/House Beautiful


As a pedestal. If a favorite accessory or framed photo is small and getting lost in the shuffle, build up its importance by placing it on a stack of books. Books create a great pedestal, especially when you match the subject material with the piece it holds. You can also use books to elevate lamps to a better level for reading.


Source: Pinterest/Eclectic Red Barn
Source: Pinterest/Eclectic Red Barn


As an accent. Choose books based on their jacket covers, allowing them contrast or complement the other colors in the room. You can also cover them with craft paper, wrapping paper or wallpaper. Fabric is also a great choice for covering and adds a textural quality. Burlap, for example, adds a rustic touch.