Fall in Love With Traditional Style: Art Van Fall 2017 Catalog

For Fall 2017, traditional style gets a soft, feminine spin, with pleasing neutrals, lots of tufting and luxurious curves. It also gets a twist with modern materials that include metal, leather and acrylic. You’ll love the look, and you’ll love showing it off when you entertain friends.

Fall In Love with Modern Style: Art Van Fall 2017 Catalog

Modern style is sophisticated, upping the style quotient in your home and making you feel sophisticated and refined. For Fall 2017, Nigel Barker introduces his much anticipated NB2 Collection, which is based on his love of creating a calm, minimalist-driven oasis at home. Clean lines and sleek silhouettes are the hallmark of the collection, with rich, neutral colors and luxurious finishes. From your living room to the bedroom, you’ll love the latest version of modern style.

Fall In Love With Farmhouse Style: Art Van Fall 2017 Catalog

A major trend for Fall 2017 is farmhouse style, due in part to the popularity of HGTV’s Fixer Upper and designer extraordinaire Joanna Gaines. The great news is that you don’t have to move to Waco to get her personal style. The Magnolia Home Collection makes it easy to get this relaxed and elegant look delivered right to your home. From the bedroom to the dining room to your home office, bring home farmhouse style.

How to Accessorize Your Kitchen Table

If we were giving an award to the hardest working furnishing in your home, the kitchen table would be a top contender. It’s the spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s where homework is done, craft projects are assembled and groceries are set when you unload the car. It hosts a variety of functions, but that doesn’t mean it has to be void of fashion. A kitchen table left empty of accessories can look as unfinished as a salad without dressing.

Take advantage of this design opportunity and add accessories that give your space interest and personality. Here are a few ideas for creating an everyday table scape you’ll love:


Add Color

Because the kitchen is filled with cabinets, there isn’t always a lot of room for artwork. Your centerpiece becomes a focal point when you add a pop of color that coordinates or contrasts with the décor. A bowl of lemons or apples is an easy and quick fix, but you can also add a colorful cookie jar.

Embrace Odd

When creating a grouping, use odd numbers which are almost always more visually appealing. Depending on the size of your table, use one, three or five items, either in a row or in a circle. Show off unique salt-and-pepper shakers, make an arrangement out of stainless steel utensils or display an antique tea set.


Use Plants

A natural centerpiece will (literally) breathe life into your room. Choose fresh flowers, potted herbs or a dried arrangement. Since it’s the kitchen, skip the vase or pot and use a pitcher, Mason jar or mixing bowl.

Think About Height

In addition to odd numbers, vary the height of your items. Use items from the kitchen to provide a boost, such as a cake stand.


Think Moveable

Because your table will get frequent use, make sure your accessories are easy to move around. Choose a decorative tray, bowl or box. You can even use it to corral and dress up supplies, such as salt and pepper, napkins, candles and utensils.

Go with the Season

Kitchen tables are the heart of the home, so switch out your accessories often to reflect the season, holiday or special event.


How to Decorate with Books

School is in session and that means it’s back to the books. But don’t leave those information-filled beauties sitting in a backpack or stashed inside a drawer. Books provide a wealth of opportunities for artistic expression and they even allow you to bare a little of your soul by sharing the subjects that interest you.


From a single edition to a stacks and stacks, here are five creative ways to decorate with books:


Source: Pinterest/Carley Meyers
Source: Pinterest/Carley Meyers

1. Sort them by color. If you have a beautiful bookcase or built-in shelving, transform your books into modern art by displaying them in an ombré, dark-to-light pattern. If you have a tall bookcase, you could also sort them by color family, creating a shelf of red, another of green, another of blue, etc. If your books aren’t as colorful as you’d like, cover them with craft or wrapping paper in rich solid colors or select a mix of graphic designs.


Source: Pinterest/Ashlee Hoppes
Source: Pinterest/Ashlee Hoppes

2. Stack them to make a display stand. Highlight a favorite accent piece by placing it atop a few books that are stacked on a cocktail or end table. Use books of varying sizes to create a pyramid-style stand, or choose books that relate to the item they’re holding. For example, place a globe atop books about travel or display a sculpture of a golfer on a stack of books about such greats as Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones and Tiger Woods.


Source: Pinterest/Francee Kaplan
Source: Pinterest/Francee Kaplan

3. Pile them on the floor to create end tables. If you have a lot of oversized books, stack them on the floor and use them as a bedside or end table. This works well if they’re of similar size, as they will provide a sturdy place to rest items. Top with a piece of beveled glass to protect the books, add a lamp, and you’ve created a very special reading spot.


Source: Pinterest/Janey Parker
Source: Pinterest/Janey Parker

4. Use the cover as a work of art. While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, sometimes it’s so beautiful, it should be displayed. Take a tip from bookstores and arrange some of your books facing forward. The effect is similar to hanging a print or painting, and can easily be changed out for the season or whenever the mood strikes you.


Source: Pinterest/Denisse McCaskill
Source: Pinterest/Denisse McCaskill

5. Create a tray on a chair or ottoman. If you use a plush ottoman in your family room, quickly transform it into a place to set your drink by resting a large book on top. You can also create a unique nightstand by choosing a few books to set on a beautiful chair. Select books that coordinate with the colors of the room or that are about a subject that is meaningful to you.