Gift Ideas For Moms Who Love the Outdoors

Looking for the perfect gift for Mom? Art’s Marketplace inside each Art Van Furniture store is filled with unique items you won’t find at any of the big box or boutique stores. If Mom loves to spend time gardening or simply enjoying the scenery from your deck or patio, here are a few things she’s sure to love.


Garden Stool collection Garden Stool Owl


Garden Stools

Bring home a colorful garden stool, in one of our four vibrant shades. This piece will be the perfect place for Mom to rest her favorite beverage while she unwinds on the weekend. Or bring home the whimsical ceramic owl garden stool. Who’s her favorite child? You!


Pouf Ottoman


Pouf Ottoman

Pamper Mom by giving her a place to put up her feet. Our funky and functional outdoor pouf ottomans are overstuffed to offer firm support, and they’re made from an upholstery grade textured polyester blend fabric, with mesh on the bottom for drainage.


Fire Urns


Fire Urn

Help Mom enjoy the patio at night with a beautiful fire urn. At 16-inches high, it can be used as a unique tabletop centerpiece or in the middle of a seating area. The warmth will take the chill out of the night, and the dramatic lines add to its beauty.


Five Ways to Reuse Your Easter Baskets

When the jellybeans, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps are delicious memories, don’t put away the Easter basket quite yet. Baskets are great tools for organizing and tidying your home for Spring. In fact, you can use one in every room of your home.

Here are five ideas to get you started:

basket kitchen

1.  The Kitchen. Organize the spices and cooking utensils you use every day by putting them in a basket. Display it on your counter near your stove for easy access. You can also include a small potted rosemary plant to add color and life.

baskets Twin bank bed white

2.  Your Kids’ Bedroom. Sleepovers are a cinch when you store extra pillows and blankets in an oversized basket. Use a smaller basket for toys, books and games, and another in a drawer or closet to organize socks, belts and accessories.

easter basket plant

3.  The Front Porch. Extend your landscape onto your front porch by placing a potted plant in a basket. Whether you choose cheerful flowers, a sophisticated fern or cascading ivy, you’ll add energy and life to your front door.

Emery Bookcase

4.  The Family Room. Organize DVDs and remotes by placing them inside baskets. The storage solution will dress up your media center or bookshelves, while keeping things neat, tidy and easy to find.

Home Office Basket

5.  Home Office. Corral your printer cartridges, sticky notes and extra pens in a basket in your home office. You can also use a basket to hold decorative file folders. Then place the baskets on your desk top or to dress up a bookshelf.



Easter Crafts With the Kids

Decorating your home for Easter doesn’t require a lot of brainpower. Just use your fingers and toes! Here are three cute ways to get babies and toddlers involved in your holiday décor. Imagine how cute these would be as place cards on your Easter dinner table!

fingerprint bunnies   carrot feet

rabbit hands


Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter Decorating Ideas A tisket, a tasket … it’s time to think about your Easter basket. If you celebrate the holiday, chances are bunnies, chicks and eggs are invading your home. There’s no need to look like a pastel explosion; here are three elegant options we found on Pinterest to give you inspiration.

Wood basket     Iron basket

Bunny on Chair