Five Ways to Reuse Your Easter Baskets

When the jellybeans, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps are delicious memories, don’t put away the Easter basket quite yet. Baskets are great tools for organizing and tidying your home for Spring. In fact, you can use one in every room of your home.

Here are five ideas to get you started:

basket kitchen

1.  The Kitchen. Organize the spices and cooking utensils you use every day by putting them in a basket. Display it on your counter near your stove for easy access. You can also include a small potted rosemary plant to add color and life.

baskets Twin bank bed white

2.  Your Kids’ Bedroom. Sleepovers are a cinch when you store extra pillows and blankets in an oversized basket. Use a smaller basket for toys, books and games, and another in a drawer or closet to organize socks, belts and accessories.

easter basket plant

3.  The Front Porch. Extend your landscape onto your front porch by placing a potted plant in a basket. Whether you choose cheerful flowers, a sophisticated fern or cascading ivy, you’ll add energy and life to your front door.

Emery Bookcase

4.  The Family Room. Organize DVDs and remotes by placing them inside baskets. The storage solution will dress up your media center or bookshelves, while keeping things neat, tidy and easy to find.

Home Office Basket

5.  Home Office. Corral your printer cartridges, sticky notes and extra pens in a basket in your home office. You can also use a basket to hold decorative file folders. Then place the baskets on your desk top or to dress up a bookshelf.



Easter Crafts With the Kids

Decorating your home for Easter doesn’t require a lot of brainpower. Just use your fingers and toes! Here are three cute ways to get babies and toddlers involved in your holiday décor. Imagine how cute these would be as place cards on your Easter dinner table!

fingerprint bunnies   carrot feet

rabbit hands


Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter Decorating Ideas A tisket, a tasket … it’s time to think about your Easter basket. If you celebrate the holiday, chances are bunnies, chicks and eggs are invading your home. There’s no need to look like a pastel explosion; here are three elegant options we found on Pinterest to give you inspiration.

Wood basket     Iron basket

Bunny on Chair


Give Your Child’s Room a Back-to-School Makeover

Going back to school for your child means going back to the morning rush, going back to homework, and going back to bedtime routines. All of these activities will be headquartered inside your child’s room – does he or she need a school-year room makeover?


When you create an organized bedroom, you help your child do his or her best. Here are three things you need to consider before the school bell rings and studies begin:


computer desk
1. Your child needs a desk. Studying, homework and projects are best completed at a desk. When you put a desk in your child’s bedroom, you provide a quiet work environment away from the hustle and bustle of the household in which your child can get things done.


Student desks are appropriately sized for children and will be a more comfortable furnishing for your elementary and middle-school child to use. Whether your style is casual, traditional or contemporary, Art Van Furniture has designs that will look at home, and many kids’ desks have an optional hutch that adds storage.


bunkbed with desk
If space is limited, consider a bunk bed with an attached desk. Lofted beds are a great choice for the teen who craves extra space for a computer and books.


child dresser
2. Your child needs adequate storage. Getting ready in the morning will be a breeze when clothing options are readily accessible. A dresser will provide ample drawer space for storing socks, shirts and everything else. Also, consider closet organizers that allow you to hang items at your child’s height.


child chest
Set aside bookcases, baskets and benches for storing additional items that are kept in your child’s room, such as art supplies and toys. An organized room is easier to keep clean because there’s a place for everything. And a tidy room won’t distract your child while he or she is studying.


child bed
3. Your child needs a comfortable bed. A good night’s sleep is the foundation for a good school year and a new mattress could be your most important back-to-school purchase. The right mattress will give kids have a more fitful and productive sleep. Sleep helps us all retain what we learn during the day. At night, we go through different stages of sleep where our minds are working, filing and organizing all of the information we collect during the day. If the mattress doesn’t support your child properly, he or she will toss and turn and that can lead to fragmented memory.


At Art Van PureSleep, we can find the perfect fit for your child. Just as with an adult, the right mattress will provide two things: proper support and proper pressure relief. Our PureSleep diagnostic machine will find a mattress that fits your child – one that can grow with him or her.