Celebrity Style: Joanna Gaines’ Farmhouse Style Décor

Joanna Gaines is the face of farmhouse style décor. She puts the focus of home design on telling the family’s story. Her own home reflects those same values, with an eclectic mix of personal items, old and new, that creates an inviting space for family and friends. If you love Joanna Gaines’ style, here are three of her signature items:


Admit it. None of us knew what shiplap was before Fixer Upper. Now we all want the beautiful reclaimed wood in our homes. From walls to furniture, every room can use a little shiplap.


Vintage Maps

There’s something nostalgic and beautiful about framing and hanging vintage maps in farmhouse style décor. Whether it’s from your city, your travels or your dreams, framed vintage maps add a sense of adventure to your room.


Pendant Lights

Most of Joanna’s designs include large kitchen islands, and the way to create a sense of coziness is to anchor them with statement pendant lights. Not only do pendants provide task lighting; they underscore the design of the home.

What do you think of Joanna Gaines’ farmhouse style décor?

Magnolia Home Rugs

A rug sets the tone for a room, whether it’s through pattern, material or style, and the Magnolia Home Rugs collection offers the exquisite taste of Joanna Gaines to the mix with a rug for every décor. Here are three of her designs we think you’ll love.

Magnolia Home Rugs
The Lotus Black Silver Rug is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Striking Black and White Rug

The Lotus Black Silver Rug is a perfect complement to modern design, with its striking use of contrast and its symmetrical use of pattern. Imagine it with a sleek white leather sofa, glass table and pair of ghost chairs.

Find the Kivi Sand Sky Rug at artvan.com.
A New Traditional Rug

Give a traditional room an updated twist with the Kivi Sand Sky Rug. The distressed finish gives the classic heirloom style an urban feel as well as a sense of dimension. It’s the perfect pairing to an industrial-inspired dining room table.

Magnolia Home Rugs
The Brushstroke Rug is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Southwest Flair

Finally, add some color and pattern to your family room with the Brushstroke Rug. The casual design offers a Southwest-inspired touch, and it would beautifully pair with an oversized leather sectional.

Which Magnolia Home Rug is your favorite?

Father’s Day Style: Chip Gaines

Magnolia Home Homestead Sectional
The Homestead Sectional is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

When it comes to celebrity dads, Chip Gaines is definitely a favorite. We loved watching him play catch, go fishing and simply hang out with his kids on Fixer Upper. And we still get to admire him via Instagram and Joanna Gaines’s blog. She writes, “It didn’t take long after we became parents that I realized Chip was always going to be ‘The Fun Dad.’ … Chip has a childlike way about him! He always has. At work, things are 100% about work, but as soon as he gets home, it’s phones up and playtime is on.”

Chip Gaines Style

Chip shared a great photo on Instagram of him napping with one of his boys on the family’s sofa. His style is definitely relaxed and kid-friendly, like the Magnolia Home Homestead Sectional. There’s plenty of room for the whole family to hang out, laugh, play games or read.

Design a Chip-inspired room by paying attention to comfort. Casual lines and relaxed shapes make it clear that the furniture is to be enjoyed. We bet there’s lots of forts built with the kids on weekend afternoons. Add a touch of your family’s story with lots of pictures, heirlooms and mementos from your travels. Have plenty of pillows and blankets on hand and within reach so your space is nap-ready. And include favorite activities, like a checkers board or basket of books for story time. The most important ingredient in Chip’s space is family.

Magnolia Home: A Sectional That Pleases Everyone

Joanna Gaines may be known for reviving farmhouse style, putting her modern twist on the classic style, but one of her strengths is her ability to design for a variety of families. From Midcentury to traditional, she offers something for everyone.

That’s probably why her Magnolia Home Homestead Collection is among our most popular groupings. The small-scaled sectional, chairs and ottoman will look at home in any décor. And the beautiful cream linen-like upholstery feels casual as well as elegant. Define the style of the space by choosing your favorite accent pieces.

A Collection for Years To Come

Your taste may change, but the Homestead Collection provides the foundation for a beautiful room for years to come.

Magnolia Home: Framework Collection

Be honest: Did you know what shiplap was before you started watching Fixer Upper? (We didn’t either!) Today it’s the must-have material for your farmhouse-style room. If you can’t add it to your walls, bring it home in your furniture. Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Home Collection gives you Fixer Upper style without moving to Waco.

Framework Collection

One of our most popular pieces is the Framework Bed, which features a shiplap headboard, footboard and side rails. If you love modern style, you’ll love its simple, square shape and industrial details. Joanna says the horizontal lines were inspired by yesterday’s workspaces.

“It’s a clean comfortable look that you will always love coming home to,” she says.

See it and the rest of the Magnolia Home Collection at your nearest Art Van location.