Five Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Preparing meals for your family is much more enjoyable when you do it in a well-planned kitchen. Whether you have a small galley style or a large space that promotes gathering, kitchens always benefit from organization and thought.

Here are five things to keep in mind when you organize yours:


Start with a clean slate. Empty all of your cabinets and put everything on your countertop or table. You’ll probably be surprised at how much stuff is stored behind doors and drawers. When you remove items, look for things that are broken, don’t belong in the kitchen or that are duplicates. You can sort out these items right away to make room for what you need.

Group like items. When organizing your kitchen, make it easy to find things or complete a task by grouping like items. Put all of your bake ware in one cabinet, for example. Keep spices together. And group holiday or seasonal items that are used less often. During the grouping process, streamline your belongings even further by getting rid of things you no longer use or need.


Don’t forget about vertical space. If cabinet space is at a premium, think outside the “box” and consider hanging items. You can place hooks underneath cabinets to hold mugs. Use a bar that allows you to hang a stemware. Consider installing a pot rack over a kitchen island. And add portable storage if you have wall space, such as free-standing shelving or bins that attach to the wall.

Decide where everything goes. Now it’s time to put things away; decide which cabinets and drawers make the most sense. Pots and pans should be kept close to the stove. Utensils can be put in the drawer nearest to the prep area. Put mugs near your coffee station. Thinking through your organization helps you streamline your cooking process.


Consider hidden storage options. Finally, look for double duty furnishings that provide storage. You can find tables that include shelving in the base that can be used to store seasonal items. Some bench seating opens to offer storage that can hold linens or even pantry food item overflow if you like to stock up. Taking advantage of every nook and cranny will help you get the most out of your kitchen.

Five Steps To Create An Organized Bedroom


The bedroom is often one of the last areas in your home that gets organized, but it should be the first. It’s where you start your day, so setting the stage for a streamlined morning can make the rest of your day better. What’s more, if your bedroom is filled with clutter, it’s going to be harder to end your day on a restful note.

Here are five things you can do to your bedroom to make it the peaceful retreat you deserve:

1. Start With Clothes

Chances are most of your bedroom clutter is from your clothes. If you find yourself not hanging up items, it may be because you have too much. Go on a ruthless wardrobe cleanse. Go through your clothes piece by piece, getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that you haven’t worn in the past few months.

2. Create a Self-Organizing Closet

Use an assembly-line mentality in your closet and you’ll put things away faster and get dressed quicker in the morning. Keep the items you put on first on the left, storing things in sequence as you work to the right. The end of the closet should hold accessories for the finish touch to your outfit.


3. Grab All Available Space

Use the space under your bed for hidden storage. Use cubbies, baskets, or bags to stash bed linens and other non-essentials, and then hide them away with a bed skirt.


4. Choose a Bed With Built-In Storage

If your room is tight on space, choose a bed that also offers storage in addition to slumber. You’ll find beds that have drawers built into the frame or beds that have a headboard. The more places you have to put things away, the better your chances of having a tidy and organized room.


5. Pick the Right Nightstand

Don’t let clutter pile up next to your bed. Determine your needs, then choose a nightstand that helps you accommodate them. Opt for shelves, drawers, or combination of both.