How to Care for Your Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs are made to withstand the weather, but a build-up of dirt and pollen can make them look dull and dingy. Keep yours looking fresh and clean with a few easy maintenance steps. Here’s how to care for an outdoor rug:

How to care for an outdoor rug
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Use a Rug Pad

Be sure to use a rug pad to provide extra cushioning. A rug pad helps keep a rug in place instead of letting it slip or slide. Rug pads also allow air to circulate beneath the rug, preventing mold growth and rot.

Shake It Out

Shake out your outdoor rugs frequently to remove the dirt and debris that can be blown about outside and get trapped and cause damage. You can also vacuum or use a leaf blower on your outdoor rug when it’s dry. Vacuuming a wet rug can damage it.

Wash It Once a Month

Use your hose to rinse your rug at least once a month. Be sure to clean both sides as dirt can get trapped inside and beneath. If your rug needs something stronger than water, consult the manufacturer recommendations for suitable detergents. Let your rug completely dry in the sun before returning the furnishings. It helps if you can hang it so both sides dry evenly.

Store It During the Off Season

At the end of the season, wash it thoroughly and store it indoors, if possible. Leaving it exposed to the elements all winter will reduce its life and luster. Roll instead of folding it will help it last longer.

If you know how to care for an outdoor rug, you can help it last more than a single season.

Three Vacation Inspired Patios

Summer is winding down, and you can best enjoy its last days by hanging out on your patio. Why not make it special by recreating your favorite vacation spot right in your back yard? A vacation inspired patio will make summer last a little longer. Take a look at these three vacation inspired patios dreamy destinations:

Vacation inspired patios
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Malibu is the quintessential beach town, with its laidback style and glamorous touches. The Brookstone Collection will help you chill Malibu fashion with its crisp white cushions and sleek, curvy styling. Imagine inviting friends to this sophisticated setting complete with a lime green zebra rug.

Vacation inspired patios
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Cape Cod

Bring the feel of the Cape Cod to your patio with classic silhouettes and a touch of preppy plaid. A white and grey palette works well with any style décor. You’ll enjoy evening conversations relaxing on a glider while the firepit table removes the chill from the night air.

Vacation inspired patios
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Bring home the Southern charm of Savannah with a dining set that is rich with details. The elegant pattern on the chairs and table will blend into your lush landscape, giving your patio the feeling of a secret garden.

Which vacation inspired patios is your favorite?


Throwback Thursday: Retro Outdoor Furniture

Remember those iconic outdoor chairs and gliders from your childhood? They’re back! Take a trip down memory lane and turn your back yard into a retro retreat with one of these retro outdoor furniture pieces. We love the bright red color, but they come in other colors, too, such as white, green and teal. Pour yourself a glass of lemonade and share stories of the good old days while you enjoy your outdoor style.

Retro Outdoor Furniture
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Remember these retro outdoor chairs? Place a pair on a porch or deck to encourage a friend to stay and chat. Or use four or more with an outdoor dining table for a quaint place to dine al fresco. The style is timeless and trendy.


Retro Outdoor Furniture
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Cozy up with a loved one on this super cool vintage-inspired loveseat. The striking red finish will give your back yard a pop of color.


Retro Outdoor Furniture
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Enjoy a lazy afternoon spent rocking on this fun and festive glider. The cool pattern lets air flow around you, and the cherry red color enhances the retro vibe.

Five Tips for Designing a Small Patio

Small spaces can be cozy and quaint, but designing a small patio can also be a challenge. You don’t want to overwhelm you space and make it feel cramped. Instead, follow some design rules to keep it feeling charming—like a secret hideout away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Here are five tips:

designing a small patio

Go All In With Color

Small patios can feature bright colors that might overwhelm a large space if used in a similar proportion. Bold primary colors, like red, yellow and blue can also give your space a rich feeling. Mix bright blue and green for a seaside feel, or use pastel or ice cream colors for a whimsical sense of fun.

designing a small patio

Find the Right Scale Furniture

Choose furnishings that look more streamlined and won’t eat up your floor space. You can find chairs, sofas, dining tables and even sectionals in a smaller scale. Or consider a backless settee or ottoman that can be used as seating as well as a table. Furniture with sleek frames are visually lighter and create a more open feel in your patio.

Choose Bench Seating

For dining, select a table that has a bench, which will take up less floor space and will tuck under when not in use, providing more area to walk. You can also use a bench with a back against a wall, which has a similar feel and benefit to banquette seating that saves space in a small kitchen.

Include a “Ceiling”

Make the space feel cozy and intimate by creating a ceiling. You can use a large umbrella, especially one that is on a cantilever that frees up floor space. Another option is a pergola. Or simply string lights from one side to another.

Add an Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug help define a space and in a small patio it can give the impression of more square footage. Stripes lengthen a space, or choose a light neutral color.

How to Use Indoor Furniture Outside

The trend in backyard living is creating spaces that look like they belong indoors. Materials for outdoor furnishings have come a long way, and look like they belong inside. However, if you have a covered patio, it’s possible to use indoor furniture outside. Mixing indoor and outdoor pieces will create an eclectic look that expands your home’s square footage with the feel of an outdoor room.

Here are some ideas to get your started:

Use indoor furniture outside
Pinterest/House Beautiful
Use wingback chairs

Place them in your seating group or on the end of your outdoor rectangular table, mixing with your regular outdoor dining chairs. This will instantly update your patio or deck with a traditional twist, adding color and perhaps pattern to your space.

use indoor furniture outside
Bring your sofa outdoors

Create the ultimate space to unwind by using your indoor sofa or loveseat on your covered patio or deck. Deep cushions will add the ultimate in comfort, and it will make your space inviting and luxurious.

use indoor furniture outside
Pinterest/Dream Garden
Add a decorative chest

Create a storage spot by using a decorative chest or nightstand as an outdoor end table. You can keep things like sunscreen, bug spray, towels and candles inside drawers. If you choose a colorful piece, you’ll add a pop of color, as well.

use indoor furniture outside

Decorate with ceramic accents

Make sure to accessorize your space just as you would your indoor rooms. Ceramic accents can weather the elements, so choose decorative pieces as well as bowls or trays that can also be used for serving.

Protect your pieces

It’s important to know that indoor fabrics are at risk of fading as well as harboring mildew in damp conditions. Make sure your pieces are protected, or replace cushions with upholstery that is meant to be outdoors. In addition, wood pieces that are left outside should be treated with a weatherproofing sealant to prevent fading, splinters and rot. You can find a sealant at your local hardware or home improvement store. You can also choose a weatherproof paint that will protect wood or metal furniture from the elements.