The Myth of Thread Counts and You

One thread does not fit all

Thread count. It’s a term that’s become synonymous with sheet quality. Contrary to popular belief, thread count is not a great indicator of sheet comfort and quality. The obsession with thread count has been turned into a marketing tactic where companies use it to seem better than their competitors.

The truth of the matter is that sheet quality comes from the quality of the fibers themselves, not how many there are. And different types of sheets, have varying sizes of threads which will changes the thread count range significantly. In this post, we’re going to shake the truth from the sheets. For a deeper dive into sheets and more, check out our bed accessories buying guide.

More threads, more problems

The highest thread count does not mean the highest comfort. For many sheet types, a practical range of 200-500 thread-count gives the best results. With thread counts beyond 600, you will encounter durability and breathability issues. It will feel like tarp instead of a sheet because there are so many threads packed together with no space between them for air flow.

Typically, polyester or microfiber sheets have larger, average-quality threads, so the thread count range is a lot lower. On the other hand, bamboo, lyocell, and sateen sheets contain smaller, high-quality threads, which means higher thread counts for the crème de la crème.

Splitting threads

Since the prevailing idea is that more threads mean a higher quality sheet, some sheet companies have gotten creative with this metric. One tactic is to double up on thread count by adding the individual fibers that make up the thread to inflate the number. So, a “500 thread-count” sheet set using this method is closer to 250 in reality.

And depending on the sheet type, that can be a rude awakening for your comfort if the feel is not as advertised. It also sets a false precedence because if a “500 thread-count” sheet set feels rough, it’s natural to try out the 700 or 800 thread-count sheets and so on. Ultimately, it’s important to stay vigilant and do a bit of research to know which companies are reporting thread counts honestly.

Threads to consider

The idea that more threads equal better-quality sheets can be hard to combat in the market, but with these nuggets of wisdom, you should fair just fine. Thread count varies with sheet type and the quality of the threads speaks volumes for feel. If you’re looking to learn more about sheets and other bed essentials, stop into an Art Van PureSleep Mattress Store. Our Sleep Specialists will be more than happy to get you started.

The Power of Your Pillow

It makes sense to treat your head like the rest of your body when it comes to sleep. Having the right pillow makes all the difference in the morning. Especially since 30% of your sleeping comfort comes from your pillow. Clinging onto that pillow you bought years ago is not doing your rest any favors. With Art Van’s quality selection of pillows, you can ensure you won’t be missing on much-needed comfort, night after night. And besides, it’s always a good idea to invest in your rest because the health benefits are priceless.

Your perfect pillow is out there.

While most pillows are functionally the same, some have features that you might find appealing. Cooling technology, moisture wicking, and rapid response materials are a few that can change your sleep for the better. Pillows also come in different heights based on your preference and sleeping style. When it comes to pillow types, you have:

  • Polyester (poly-fiber fill)
  • Feather (wing and back feather fill)
  • Down (undercoat feather fill)
  • Down-alternative (synthetic, feather-like fill)
  • Memory foam (high-density foam fill)
  • Latex foam (foam and/or latex foam fill)

The pillow type that works best for you depends on what you need. If you feel your head and neck aren’t being supported properly, go with memory foam and latex for contouring comfort. Feather and down pillows are great if you’re looking for light head support plus a softer feel without going into the foam territory. Polyester pillows are hypoallergenic and dust resistant, with microfiber versions adding softness to the touch. They are great for general use and are cost-effective as a short-term solution.

No pillow is permanent.

It would be great if pillows lasted as long as your mattress, but alas they do need to be replaced on a regular basis depending on type. Polyester pillows are good for about 6 months before the material begins to flatten out and lessen your overall comfort.

Feather and down pillows break the mold as they can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years depending on how well they are maintained. That’s all thanks to the durability of the animal feathers and the ability to fluff up these types of pillow to keep them fresh. Down-alternative pillows don’t have as long of a life span at 1 to 2 years, because they contain synthetic materials to resemble a traditional down or feather pillow. Eventually those materials flatten out and degrade.

Memory foam and latex foam pillows have a lifespan of about 2 to 3 years. These pillows typically have additional features that further enhance the level of comfort you’ll find when using them. Cooling technology, moisture wicking features, hypoallergenic covers, zones with special comfort material and more can be found with memory and latex foam pillows.

No pillow fights here.

Your pillow should be helping your sleep, not hurting it. With dozens of combinations at your disposal such as pillow height, fill, and specialty features, your perfect pillow is a lot closer than you think. It’s a good idea to take 30% of your sleeping comfort seriously, so you can get some seriously great sleep.

Art Van’s excellent selection of pillows is a perfect place to start. If you have questions about what pillows work best for your sleeping environment, visit an Art Van Furniture & Mattress and PureSleep Store near you and our Sleep Specialists will guide you to the best bed for your head™.


Getting To Know Your Sheets

Your sheets matter
Good beds become great with the right set of sheets. And we’re not
talking about thread count. Your mattress is one piece of your sleeping
puzzle and having sheets that work with you is the best way to make sure
your sleep stays complete.
Cotton, microfiber, and lyocell (Tencel) fibers have very real impacts on your
bed’s microclimate, which includes temperature and humidity levels.
Knowing what you need for you slumber is the first step in getting better
sleep from your sheets.
Fibers that feel good
There are three main types of sheets: cotton, microfiber, and lyocell or
Tencel as it’s branded. Cotton is the most common type of sheet and it’s
created using an interlaced weaving of cotton fibers. Cotton sheets are
generally okay, but if you sleep hot or with a partner, you might run into
problems as they absorb heat and moisture. For typical use, cotton sheets do
the trick with minor drawbacks.
Microfiber sheets are great for kids’ beds or as a set for a guest room
because they’re wrinkle resistant, durable and soft-to-touch. With microfiber
sheets, you’ll have an easier time washing them and they will last a good
while. They are better than cotton at promoting air flow, but they can still be
an issue for hot sleepers and will absorb moisture. Overall, microfiber sheets
are a step up from cotton and can improve sleep in a real way.
Lyocell sheets, typically branded as Tencel, are the crème de la crème of the
sheet world. These sheets are created using cellulose fiber from dissolved
plant pulp. Due to this construction, they are extremely soft, hypoallergenic,
breathable and durable. The cool thing about lyocell sheets is that they
automatically wick moisture and draw excess heat away from the body.
These sheets are highly recommended if you’re looking to take your sheet
game to the next level.
Don’t let your sheets get mixed up
If you wash and dry your sheets with your towels, stop. The coarse
fibers from your towels get mixed up with the softer fibers of your sheets
when tossed in the washing machine and dryer together. Over time, your
once soft sheets will feel scratchy because of those rough towel fibers that

are now intertwined. Make sure to wash and dry your sheets with similar
quality fibers to preserve their feel for longer.
Wrap yourself in quality comfort
Sheets are an integral piece to your sleeping environment and having
the type that fits you best goes a long way to keeping you in dreamland.
Whether you splurge on lyocell sheets (Tencel) or keep it simple with cotton,
Art Van’s selection of sheets has you covered. It’s also important to take care
of your sheets properly by washing them with similar fabrics to preserve the
fiber quality. When you’ve got great sheets, you’ll get even greater sleep.

are now intertwined. Make sure to wash and dry your sheets with similar
quality fibers to preserve their feel for longer.
: Wrap yourself in quality comfort
: Sheets are an integral piece to your sleeping environment and having
the type that fits you best goes a long way to keeping you in dreamland.
Whether you splurge on lyocell sheets (Tencel) or keep it simple with cotton,
Art Van’s selection of sheets has you covered. It’s also important to take care
of your sheets properly by washing them with similar fabrics to preserve the
fiber quality. When you’ve got great sheets, you’ll get even greater sleep.

Your Next Night of Sleep…From a Box

What’s in the box?

When thinking about mattresses, they are usually out in the open for you to experience. From shopping to sleeping, you typically have a full idea of what you’re getting into. With the popularity of the “bed in a box,” the landscape of how mattresses appear on our doorsteps or even in-store is rapidly changing.

 Convenience is key

It’s always an ordeal to get a mattress delivered. Scheduling time off work or blocking off part of your weekend for delivery can turn into a hassle. With a bed in the box like the Snooze Cube at Art Van, there is nothing to worry about. This mattress can be delivered to your home or picked up in-store at your earliest convenience. Similar bed-in-a-box mattresses

Unfurl some fun

Once you’ve opened your bed in a box, it’s time to see the real magic happen. The cool thing about these types of mattresses is that they are compressed and shrink-wrapped for easy transport.

Once you position the mattress on your bed frame, just cut the plastic and watch the mattress come to life. Make sure it’s where you want it because it expands quickly. After it’s fully expanded, it’s ready for sleeping, but the full benefits of most bed-in-a-box brands are unlocked after a few days once the material completely settles in.

Think outside of the box

The bed-in-a-box trend is much more than that. It’s reshaping the way we all think about how mattresses are supposed to be dealt with. Cutting out the logistical headache of traditional delivery is a huge win for those of us that seem to always be short on time. The simple set up of the Snoozecube and similar mattresses makes it easy to get great sleep right away.

3 Tips for Sleeping Cool this Summer

Beat the heat while you sleep

With summer around the corner and the temperature heating up, sleeping cool might turn into a challenge. Don’t sweat it though. There are a few quick and easy things you can do to stop your bedroom from turning into a sauna. Investing in mattresses with cooling technology, lowering your thermostat before bed, and getting breathable bedding goes a long way to getting you comfortably cool sleep.

1. Cooler Mattress, cooler sleep

Mattress brands are very plugged into the conversation about staying cool during sleep and the issues with overheating. If you find yourself sweating at night, think about getting a mattress that has a gel foam layer. Gel foams draw excess heat away from your body to keep you temperature neutral at the very least.

Latex foam mattresses are especially adept at regulating heat as the rubber it’s made from is heat resistant. This means that heat from your body and external heat does not get trapped in the mattress.

Other mattresses come with cooling covers that are cool to the touch, absorbing body heat at the first point of contact. These are really convenient as they can be taken off if it gets too chilly.

Hybrid and gel foam mattresses are your best bet to stay cool at night. Latex is also great at keeping your body from being too hot. Take a look at our selection of mattresses with cooling technology.

2. Chilling the atmosphere

Before heading off to bed, it’s a good practice to lower your thermostat a few degrees. Even though your core temperature drops while in deep sleep, body heat still radiates while under the covers.

If your thermostat stays the same temperature from when you were awake, that imbalance creates discomfort and overheating. Try to lower your thermostat a few degrees before bed to get the best quality sleeping environment.

3. Great sheets beat the heat

It’s easy to forget that sheets and pillows are a big factor when it comes to sleeping temperature. Breathable sheets can mean the difference between staying asleep and constantly waking up drenched in sweat.

Sheets are directly on your skin where heat can easily get trapped in very high thread count sheets. Contrary to popular belief, more threads are not better. Ideally, it’s good to be within the 250 to 350 thread count range so your body heat escapes. Anything within the 500 plus range will leave you feeling smothered, sweating and probably miserable.

Sheets made with lyocell fibers, like Tencel, or bamboo-based fibers, like Layla, are excellent at wicking away moisture, dissipating heat and helping to create breathable sleep environments. Using these types of sheets will keep you sleeping cool and dry all night, every night.

Take sleeping temperature seriously

The best bed in the world can only feel that way if your sleeping temperature is correct. Keep your sleep cool by investing in mattresses that have cooling technology, lowering the thermostat a few degrees prior to sleeping, and ensuring your sheets are breathable with reasonable threat counts. Doing this is the perfect way to go to sleep and stay asleep.

Looking for more tips? How about a hands-on experience with the Rest Test at our Art Van Furniture & Mattress and PureSleep Stores?

Our Sleep Specialists will guide you through your personalized report on the best mattress for you and recommendations for the best bedding. Find your store today.