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2, Aug

Look Alike Sofa

Author: Art Van

Look Alike Modern Sofas

Mid-century Modern is a retro-chic style that’s timeless and sophisticated. This sofa features its perfect proportions, clean lines and wooden legs, plus it gets an extra boost from the vibrant turquoise color that will pop your décor. One of these sofas is from Joybird, and sells for $1,399 plus $99 for shipping. The other is from Art Van Furniture, selling for $1,199, with free shipping.

Can you tell which sofa is the better deal? We’ll give you a hint: you get something extra with our version. Click here to be mod and on budget.

28, Jul

If college is in the forecast this fall, you probably have a list of items to pack. Binders, books and bedding are probably on that list, but what about those things that can make a dorm room feel like home? If it’s your first year, here’s a list of five items you might overlook. The best part is that they all ship for free, right to your dorm. 

Dorm Futon A Futon

Many of today’s dorm rooms include an area for studying – except that most students create a hangout space, instead, moving their desks into their sleep space. A futon provides a great place to relax after class, and it can accommodate a friend who crashes for the night or a sibling who comes for a visit. Futons are also super portable, making move-in convenient. Art Van Furniture has several styles and colors – including a zebra print that would make your dorm room totally fab!

Dorm TV Stand

A TV Stand

After a serious study session, take time to relax and unwind. Video games and Netflix can provide some much needed mental relief. You’ll want a stable spot to store your television, as well as room to keep components together. A TV stand will make sure everything stays safe and organized.

Dorm Bookshelf

A Bookshelf

Dorm rooms offer little in the terms of storage. In most you get a desk with a few small drawers, a dresser to share with your roommate and a closet with a single rod. You’ll need storage for books, food, cleaning items, and clothing that won’t fit in your dresser or closet. A freestanding bookshelf can be a great option. Some versions even have doors you can close to keep the room looking clutter free.

Dorm Lamp

A Lamp

The overhead lighting in a dorm room will provide enough illumination to navigate the room, but when it comes to studying you’ll want to get task lights. A desk lamp will make studying or laptop work easier, reducing eyestrain. And if you read in bed, bring a floor lamp you can position next to your bed.

Dorm Rug

A Rug

Two words: tile floors. Waking up for that 8 a.m. class is difficult enough, but if your feet have to hit the cold floor, it will be even more uncomfortable. Be sure to bring a rug to make your dorm room warmer and feel more like home. It’s smart to choose a bright color or fun pattern, so you don’t have to worry about friends spilling.

19, Jul

Look-Alike Mirrors

Author: Art Van

PB Mirror  AV Mirror

A floor mirror is not only a fashionable accent piece for a room; it’s functional, too. Prop one up against a wall in your bedroom, living room or foyer and watch the space seem to double and brighten.

These two floor mirrors look identical. Both have a rich brown frame and a stand that secures it on the floor. One is from Pottery Barn, measuring 65” x 24” with a price tag of $349. The other is from Art Van Furniture, measuring 74” x 26”. It costs just $78—a savings of 77%!

The savings is easy to see. Click here to grab the better deal. We’ve got the look (for a lot less!)

14, Jul

Clearance Center Bedroom

You spend a third of your life in bed, and that means your bedroom deserves a lot of attention and style. Why not design a calming retreat? This room is not only serene; it offers a sense of urban flair, as well. The storage bed – all the rage right now – lets you take advantage of the space beneath your bed, stylishly hiding away items like out-of-season clothing or bed linens. The large mirror adds a reflective quality to the room, opening up the space, while the dresser, chest and nightstand have sleek, straight lines that are timeless and modern.

Sure, it’s gorgeous, but the best part? The price tag. This set is from the Art Van Clearance Center. It’s just $699 for the dresser, headboard, rails and drawers, and mirror. Or include the nightstand and chest for just $1199.

Style on a budget. Have you taken the Clearance Center Challenge?

7, Jul

Clearance Center

This living room is gorgeous. The sleek lines of the pewter grey Albany Sofa and Loveseat deliver a contemporary feel, while the rich upholstery is a bit decadent. The rustic cocktail and end tables give the room an urban twist, creating a look that’s fresh and fashionable.

Want to know the best part? The whole grouping is less than $1,200, including a coordinating rug.

The Art Van Clearance Center is your best source for beautiful furniture at the lowest price point. Is your home ready for a makeover?


5, Jul

Look Alike Striped Umbrella

Either of these nine-foot striped market umbrellas will liven up your patio and protect you from the elements, but only one will save you some money in the process. Both have an easy crank handle and tilt mechanism, and both feature a double wind vent for stability.

One of these market umbrellas is from Ethan Allen and costs $719, and the other is a market umbrella from Art’s Backyard … and it costs just $219. Can you tell which one costs $500 less?

Don’t get burned. Click here to grab the better deal. We’ve got the look (for a lot less!)

4, Jul

Who doesn’t love a good sale? You feel smart when you find a just the right item and save money at the same time. Sales are often cyclical, and here are the deals to look for during July!

Outdoor Furniture. Summer is in full swing and you probably noticed that your deck or patio isn’t beautiful as it can be. Remedy the situation by shopping great sales on outdoor furniture. Art’s Backyard is now 50% off! That means you can afford to have the best back yard on the block. Click here to shop now and score the deal of the season!

Tools. If you’re handy, July is the month to stock up on tools or upgrade your collection. From pipe wrench to power saw, you’ll find markdowns on what you need.

Video Games. Level up with some new video games during July. Games often go on sale a few months after their release. When the weather is too hot or summer storms roll in, you’ll have a fun new challenge waiting for you inside your video console.

Home Décor. Summer wedding season is still going strong, and so are sales on home décor. Grab dinnerware, art, accessories and more. Be sure to check out Art Van Furniture for great home décor. We’re expanding our offerings, and you’ll find items you won’t see everywhere else.

Of course, Art Van Furniture is known for having great prices every day. Check out today’s best sale by clicking here.

21, Jun

Look Alike Outdoor Chair

Sitting outside in a comfortable chair is one of the best ways to soak up summer, but there’s no need to spend too much. These two wicker chairs are nearly identical. Both are made of resin wicker and both feature wide arms for resting.

One is the Lakehouse Lounge Chair for Ethan Allen, which sells for $1,029, and the other is the San Jose III Lounge Chair from Art Van Furniture, retailing for $579 – nearly half the cost of the other. PLUS, right now our outdoor furniture is on sale for 40% off.

You’ll relax even more this summer when you know you didn’t pay too much. 

9, Jun

Look Alike Walnut Tables

Spanish furniture designer Jesus Gasca is known for his striking Scandinavian-style furniture that features a Mediterranean touch. The Zero Table, a beautiful chrome and walnut piece, is a great example of his work. Available from Design Within Reach, sells for $1,495.


At Art Van Furniture, we thing great design should be even closer to reach. Our Rostrum Table features a 44” walnut top and chrome base. The two tables look nearly identical, but our version sells for just $299 – one fifth the price of the designer table.


Which one will you reach for?

1, Jun

One of the best ways to get or stay healthy is to eat right, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables should be on your shopping list. Whether you visit your local farmer’s market or the produce section of your local grocery chain, here’s a list of what is in season for June:


  • Green beans
  • Corn
  • Cucumbers
  • Eggplant
  • Vidalia onions
  • Squash
  • Tomatoes



  • Apricots
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Cantaloupe
  • Honeydew Melon
  • Nectarines
  • Peaches
  • Watermelon