Three Modern Style Trends for Fall

The clean designs and simple silhouettes of modern style bring a feeling of Zen to your home for the ultimate escape from the busy world. Calm and collected, the “less is more” attitude allows every item in the room to shine. This season a few modern style trends give your home a fresh twist.

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Pops of Pink and Navy

The neutral palette of modern style gets a pop of color with pink and navy serving as ideal accent colors. Add this modern style trend with toss pillows, a sleek chair or bench, or striking wall art.

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Silver and gold accents

Add a touch of glam by choosing furnishings and accents with touches of silver and gold. The metallic details bring sparkle and shine to a room where sleek is the name of the game.

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Luxurious textures

While modern style is sleek, textures are still important. Choose luxurious textures such as leather or mirror. A bit of contrast in finishes will provide lots of interest.

Three Traditional Trends for Fall

The classic designs of Traditional Style are timeless for a reason—they’re an institution of grace and elegance. Your well-dressed home features furnishings with soft curves and an attention to detail, celebrating the finer things in life. This season Traditional style continues its focus on classic silhouettes. But it get an update with an infusion of modern elements. Here are three Traditional trends for Fall:


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A classic characteristic of traditional style is its rich neutral color palette, with taupe, brown and gray. This fall, one of the Traditional trends is pops of deep wine balanced with shades of blue, updating the collection of sophisticated colors. Add an accent chair, side table or a collection of toss pillows to be on trend.

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Traditional furniture stays true to its heritage with rolled arms, carved legs and ornate tabletops. Update your living room seating by adding a new cocktail table or an accent chair with curved lines.

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Traditional style centers around classic patterns, such as houndstooth, stripes or floral. This fall, rooms get a twist with the addition of modern prints, like geometric and animal patterns. Update your space with upholstery, toss pillows or a rug. The combination of traditional and modern will give your room a fresh feeling.

3 Modern Farmhouse Color Trends to Adopt for Fall

Farmhouse style combines modern cabin appeal with French provincial elegance for the feel-good look of the times. Wood furnishings and vintage-inspired fabrics inspire a sense of nostalgia, creating rooms where memories are made and family comes first. This season three farmhouse color trends have emerged to refresh this timeless and popular look. Here’s what you need to know to be a farmhouse trendsetter.

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A Neutral Base

Neutral colors are standard for any style home, and for Farmhouse look for taupe, anthracite and deep charcoal. These rich shades serve as a wonderful foundation for the colors you choose to show off your personality. Use them as for your larger furniture, wall colors or flooring. They’ll never go out of style.

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Soft Pastels

A soft pastel palette provides a romantic twist to the industrial inspiration of farmhouse style. Look for shades of pink, blue and yellow to soften rooms. Use these colors in accent furniture, bedding, toss pillows and throws.

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Pops of Color

Farmhouse color trends include pops of color, and this season chartreuse and ultra violet keep things current. Add these vibrant shades with artwork, rugs or accent furniture. Just a touch is enough to keep things fresh and fun.

3 Urban Trends for Fall

Urban style celebrates everything you love about the city with furnishings that feature textured fabrics, reclaimed wood and industrial details. Rooms also have a sense of energy and adventure, and eclectic collections from your travels and life are on display. This season’s urban style is inspired by the explorer, as a result global and casual touches provide a worldly point of view. Here are three new urban trends to incorporate in your urban home.

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First of all, look for colors pulled from a fall sunset and sky. Key shades are blue and copper that add a rich element to the style that’s known for its raw energy.

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Next, go for rustic and mature home furnishings with exposed steel and distressed wood. The result is an industrial twist to your style.

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Finally, while urban rooms have attitude, they’re also inviting and comfortable. Look for deep seating that also features box and rolled arms.

Three Fall 2018 Home Trends

Pinterest is a great place to go for design inspiration. From living room seating arrangements to ways to dress your bed, you’ve probably gone to the site searching for ideas for your home. Did you know that the people at Pinterest keep track of popular search words to identify trends? Here are three top fall 2018 home trends:

Fall 2018 home trend blush
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Blush was a popular shade for spring, and it’s transitioning into fall by being paired with chalky pastels, such as lavender, grey and blue. It’s also a wonderful complement to warm metals, like copper and gold. Romance your living spaces with seating upholstered in blush fabrics, or add blush toss pillows to your master bedroom.

Fall 2018 home trend velvet
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Velvet is a natural fabric for autumn, and it’s growing in popularity as one of the top fall 2018 home trends. Add some luxury to your space with a velvet bench, chair or sofa. Deep jewel tones are natural colors for velvet, as are lighter tones like ivory and grey.

fall 2018 home trend candle
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Fireplaces and candles warm spaces, especially when nights turn chilly. Add a design twist by using unique holders or lanterns to dress up your average pillar candle. Place one or more on a dining room or kitchen table to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Which one of these fall 2018 home trends is your favorite?