Chintz Is Back


Remember chintz? The floral fabrics that gave your home an English country look. It had its heyday in the ‘80s, and it’s back in vogue. In fact, designer Tory Burch opened her Paris flagship store last summer, covering the walls and windows of the VIP room in iris-print chintz.

Chintz is a glazed fabric that’s easily wiped down and dusted, which makes it practical. Patterns are often bright and colorful, and often floral. Add a chintz-covered chair to a living room or bedroom sitting area for a soft touch. Cover your dining chairs in chintz for that English country feel. Or simply pick up a few toss pillows. You’ll not only be on trend; you’ll be ready for spring.


Spring 2018 Trends for Your Home

Spring is the time of year when we celebrate what’s new. From buds on the trees to flowers that emerge from the ground, it’s time to refresh and rejuvenate our lives and our homes.

Our Creative Director Broc Clark has identified lifestyle trends that are impacting furniture. Which one is right for you?

Old-School Library

This trend brings the look and feel of an old, traditional library to your home. It’s all about paper and books. Bookshelves make their way to the kitchen, and cozy English Chesterfield sofas warm up living rooms and reading nooks. Create a wall of books, and upcycle old books and mag­azines into folded works of art.


Beyond the Sea

This trend celebrates the water with layers of blue, including cool aqua and azure tones. Tiles and textiles use fish-scale patterns, and glass bubbles in lighting. The sea inspires accessories, with starfish and coral and especially the octopus.



As small spaces become more popular, a trend in furniture is to choose pieces that serve several functions. Less is more for a decluttered look. The smarter solution is higher quality furnishings and more functionality.


Pinterest’s Five Top Home Trends for 2018

Pinterest is a popular place to go for design inspiration. From options for kitchen countertops to ways to dress your bed, you’ve probably gone to the site searching for ideas. The people at Pinterest keep track of popular search words, and release their list of trends based on what people want to see. Here are five of the top home searches that might be on your list of things to do:

Wall Art

Pins for “wall art” were up 637%, which means that bare walls are out. From canvases to metal sculptures, wall art gives you a chance to put your personality on display.

Mixed Metallics

Pins for “mixed metals” were up 423%. We’re combining stainless steel, brass, bronze and rose gold – and looking for inspiration.


Source: Pinterest / Terrazzco

Terrazzo Flooring

Pins for “terrazzo” were up 316%, which means the popular speckled flooring of the 1970s is back in fashion.

Source: Pinterest / Apartment Therapy

Statement Ceilings

Look up. Statement ceilings are a trend for 2018, with a 310% increase in pins. Use paint or wallpaper, or create patterns with wood or other textured materials.

Source: Pinterest / HGTV

Spa-Inspired Bathroom

Getting pampered is easy when you design your bathroom to feel like a spa, complete with candles, fluffy white towels and rattan baskets. Pins for “spa bathrooms” were up 269%.