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In the final stretch of summer, bedtimes are usually pushed back and relaxed, giving parents the opportunity to have some nighttime fun with the family. Here are three fun games to play outdoors when the sun goes down:

Glow Stick Ring Toss: Get a package of glow stick necklaces and dig out the ring toss game. Put one lit necklace around the base, and then have fun seeing how many rings you can toss on the post.

 Flashlight Tag: The person who is “it” has a flashlight. The other players hide. To tag someone, the person who is “it” must shine the light on the player and call their name. The tagged player becomes “it.”

 Ghost in the Graveyard: The “ghost” hides while the remaining players stay at the base slowly chanting, “one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock,” etc. until they reach “midnight!” when it’s time to search for the ghost. The first player to spot the ghost yells, “ghost in the graveyard,” and all of the players must run back to base before being tagged by the ghost. The player tagged is the next ghost.

Look Alike Sofa

Author: Art Van

Look Alike Modern Sofas

Mid-century Modern is a retro-chic style that’s timeless and sophisticated. This sofa features its perfect proportions, clean lines and wooden legs, plus it gets an extra boost from the vibrant turquoise color that will pop your décor. One of these sofas is from Joybird, and sells for $1,399 plus $99 for shipping. The other is from Art Van Furniture, selling for $1,199, with free shipping.

Can you tell which sofa is the better deal? We’ll give you a hint: you get something extra with our version. Click here to be mod and on budget.

Summer Fun Themes

Author: Art Van
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Photo credit: Pinterest /

What are you going to do with the last month of your child’s summer vacation? A mom’s secret weapon is a plan. We love this great idea from; create a theme for each day of the week!

·       “Make Something Monday” could include crafts or cooking.

·       “Try Something Tuesday” could be a fun science experiment or a new hobby.

·       “Wander Somewhere Wednesday” could be a fieldtrip to the zoo or a hike around the neighborhood.

·       “Thoughtful Thursday” can be a day for reading, chatting or volunteering.

·       And “Fabulous and Fun Friday” could be backyard activities like running through the sprinkler, play dates with friends or trips to the local pool.

Post the plan and get kids excited. It will be a summer to remember!

Few things are more fun when you’re a child than having friends come over and spend the night. Sleepovers usually involve little sleep, but lots of laughs and memories. Set the stage for fun by creating a bedroom that is sleepover-ready. Here are five things you’ll need to create the perfect space.

Slumber Party Bunk


1. Bunk Beds. Whether your child enjoys his or her own room or shares it with a sibling, you can never go wrong by choose bunk beds. This space-saver creates a cozy feeling on the bottom bunk, and a little adventure on the top. Make it slumber party worthy by hanging twinkling lights from beneath the bottom mattress.

Slumber Party Trundle

2. Trundle Bed. Kids often don’t mind sleeping on the floor, but a trundle bed makes your guest feel welcome. Purchase a bed with a built-in trundle and mattress, or add one to your existing furniture. Then simply roll it out when needed.

Slumber Plush Rug

3. Plush Rug. When there are more than one or two guests, the floor needs to be extra comfortable. It’s the place for sleeping, lounging, dancing and playing. Adding a plush rug will help cushion the room and warm up the space.

Slumber Party Futons


4. Futon. Teenagers love a bedroom that feels like a studio loft. Create that laidback feel with a futon. During the day it will look and act like a sofa, but at night, it can accommodate guests. Choose one in a fashionable fabric or chic black to give your child’s room a cool vibe.

Slumber Beanbag

5. Beanbag Chairs. When you’re a kid, there’s nothing as comfortable as a beanbag chair. Low and soft, they’re the perfect hangout furnishing. Choose a pair or more in bright colors that match your child’s décor, and you’ll create a space for late night chats.


Tent Sale

At Art Van Furniture, tents are our “thing.” Our founder owes his success to a legendary liquidation sale held 56 years ago at the Michigan State Fairgrounds. Since then we’ve been popping up the big top in our parking lot to offer great deals and rekindle fond memories.


Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned tent sale shopper, here are eight things you can do to make the most of this fun event:


  1. Have a plan. Whether you need a new sofa or kitchen table, know what you’re looking for so you can find it quickly.


  1. Take measurements. If you’re adding a piece to an existing grouping or building a room from scratch, measure your wall and floor space so you can be sure your new treasure fits.


  1. Bring paint and fabric swatches. The overall design of your room is important, so bring your colors to help you find the best match.


  1. Come early. The early bird gets the worm. Many items are one of a kind, so you don’t want to miss out on your chance to bring them home.


  1. Come back. New items are brought out to the tent during the day, and additional savings are added throughout the sale.


  1. Walk the tent. When you arrive, take a tour to spot what interests you. If it’s a one of a kind item, grab a sales associate and get it marked sold.


  1. Don’t wait. If you love it, buy it. If you decide to think about it, you risk that it will be gone when you return.


  1. Get credit. We say “yes” to credit in minutes, and we have a great payment plan for you even if you currently have no credit. Cardholders get invitations to exclusive sale events, and advance notice of new merchandise.


Rain or shine, the Art Van Tent Sale will be held this weekend. Lace up your comfortable shoes and we’ll see you under the big top!

If college is in the forecast this fall, you probably have a list of items to pack. Binders, books and bedding are probably on that list, but what about those things that can make a dorm room feel like home? If it’s your first year, here’s a list of five items you might overlook. The best part is that they all ship for free, right to your dorm. 

Dorm Futon A Futon

Many of today’s dorm rooms include an area for studying – except that most students create a hangout space, instead, moving their desks into their sleep space. A futon provides a great place to relax after class, and it can accommodate a friend who crashes for the night or a sibling who comes for a visit. Futons are also super portable, making move-in convenient. Art Van Furniture has several styles and colors – including a zebra print that would make your dorm room totally fab!

Dorm TV Stand

A TV Stand

After a serious study session, take time to relax and unwind. Video games and Netflix can provide some much needed mental relief. You’ll want a stable spot to store your television, as well as room to keep components together. A TV stand will make sure everything stays safe and organized.

Dorm Bookshelf

A Bookshelf

Dorm rooms offer little in the terms of storage. In most you get a desk with a few small drawers, a dresser to share with your roommate and a closet with a single rod. You’ll need storage for books, food, cleaning items, and clothing that won’t fit in your dresser or closet. A freestanding bookshelf can be a great option. Some versions even have doors you can close to keep the room looking clutter free.

Dorm Lamp

A Lamp

The overhead lighting in a dorm room will provide enough illumination to navigate the room, but when it comes to studying you’ll want to get task lights. A desk lamp will make studying or laptop work easier, reducing eyestrain. And if you read in bed, bring a floor lamp you can position next to your bed.

Dorm Rug

A Rug

Two words: tile floors. Waking up for that 8 a.m. class is difficult enough, but if your feet have to hit the cold floor, it will be even more uncomfortable. Be sure to bring a rug to make your dorm room warmer and feel more like home. It’s smart to choose a bright color or fun pattern, so you don’t have to worry about friends spilling.

Dorm Move-In Tips

Author: Art Van

Going off to college is a big milestone for your son or daughter, and it’s a milestone for parents, too. You were there for the first 18 years, and suddenly your child is leaving the nest to be on their own. With a bevy of emotions, it’s easy to overlook what you need to make move-in day as smooth as possible.

Here are three things to do before you pull out of the driveway:

  1. Double-check the move-in instructions. Some schools allow you to show up on the day and time of your choice, while others give you a specific check-in time as well as parking location. Make sure that when you arrive, you can actually unload and get your child settled.
  2. Don’t over pack. Dorms provide basics, like a bed, dresser, desk and chair. Make you’re your child coordinates the extras with his or her roommate. Depending on the size of the room, you might need just one rug or television. Find out if your school supplies things like shower curtains or linens. Bringing just the essentials will help you unload and unpack faster.
  3. Think portable. Dorms often have rolling cart that students can use to move their items from the car to their room and elevators that can allow you to avoid the stairs, but with hundreds of kids moving in at the same time finding any of these things free might be difficult. Pack your child’s things in storage bins that have handles, and fill them at a weight that is comfortable to carry. This will make the process less stressful.


Vince Vaughn

Actor Vince Vaughn has starred in dozens of comedies, but when it comes to his home, the design aesthetic is serious and sophisticated. He recently listed the 5,500-square-foot Southern California colonial he shares with his wife, Kyla Weber, and their two children for $5.299 million, and the home has soothing tone-on-tone décor throughout.

We love the living room, which is a study in white with dark wood trim. If you like Vince’s style, we’ve got the look:

Vince Vaughn Sofa

Start with our Stripes Sofa, with a simple square design that provides a grounded look. The basic piece can be updated with toss pillows, such as the striped pattern that comes with the piece. Or change it up by adding an accent color, such as the gray and gold pillows in the Vaughn home.

Modern Basics Cocktail Table

Next add the Modern Basics Cocktail Table. The clean lines add a contemporary feel to the room, and the metal and stone top add texture and interest.

Vince Vaughn Chair

Across from the sofa add a pair of Como Chairs. The dark wood trim introduces a striking element of contrast to the taupe leather upholstery. The glamorous design of the chairs complements the contemporary furnishings, bringing a fresh feel to the room.

Wall Art

Above their fireplace, the Vaughns have a work of art that introduces some color. We love the beautiful countryside setting of this piece, which would bring shades of purple and green to the room.

Hadley Ivory Rug

Finally, anchor your seating arrangement with the Hadley Ivory Rug. The eco-friendly rug is made of 100% wool, and its cut-pile construction adds a distinctive texture to this beautiful tone-on-tone room.

Dorm Guys

Guys tend to have a different approach when it comes to “tricking out” their dorm rooms. For them it’s all about comfort, convenience, and hi-tech “toys.”

Convenience: For most guys their bed is mainly just a place to crash, so when choosing their dreamtime décor, the simpler, the better. We noticed a lot of low-key looks in bedding that heavily favored blue, grey, and brown tones. You might also want to invest in a good mattress protector . When it comes to covering the walls, posters, sports memorabilia, or a cool wall mural depicting a serene outdoor scene are the go-to necessities.

Guy Dorm Futon

Comfort: After a marathon day of classes, your scholar is going to need a relaxing place to crash before hitting the books again. Futons are a great option because of their versatility. We’re sure your guy will appreciate one covered in a soft microsuede fabric with beefy cushions he can sink into. If he’s super tight on space, but still needs a place for his best bud to sleep when he comes to visit, try a twin sleeper, which is a chair that converts to a twin-size bed.

Guy Dorm Toys

Hi-tech “toys”: Of course the reason you sent your son to college is so he can study and get a stellar education, but everyone needs some downtime. So, expect him and his friends to bust out “Call of Duty” on PS4 or have a jam session to the latest edition of Guitar Hero®. Just remind him to keep it to a dull roar so that the R.A. doesn’t show up at his door and pull the plug.

We know sending your “baby” off to school isn’t easy, but at least he’ll have a sweet room.

Girl Dorm

Going off to college is full of decisions. You’ve got to choose the right school, the right major and (most importantly) the best dorm décor! For girls, it’s all about the style. Here are four things to pack, making yours the best room on the floor.

  1. A Beautiful Bed: Dorm rooms are small, and that means your comforter will set the tone for the room. Keep things feeling light by going with pastels, or be bold and choose a shade like turquoise or hot pink. Make sure you coordinate with your roommate, so the bedroom doesn’t look like Clash of the Titans. Then make your bed extra comfortable by bringing your own mattress. Art Van Furniture can deliver that Twin XL on the day you move in (so you don’t have to chance it with the mattress provided by your school.)

Girl Dorm Art

  1. Artwork: You’re probably not allowed to paint the room, so bring lots of posters, pictures and textiles to cover ugly dorm walls. Pictures will help you put your personality on display. And Command Hooks or 3M picture hanging tape will let you hang things safely without getting fined for nails.

Girl Dorm Rug


  1. Rug: Dorm floors are cold, so make your room warmer by packing a large rug. Choose something colorful to hide the stains that are bound to happen! You can also select a pattern to bring a little drama to the floor, or a neutral that works with you and your roommate’s style.

Storage Ottoman

  1. Storage: A beautiful dorm room doesn’t look so beautiful if it’s cluttered and messy. Storage at school can be a challenge, with small closets and one dresser that you’re expected to share. You’ll need to bring under-the-bed storage solutions so you can put things away. Get bins that match your bedding, or bring a storage ottoman that allows you to put up your feet or host a group of friends, all while you hide your shoe collection. Remember, your storage options will probably be visible, so choose something cute.

The most important thing to remember when designing a dorm room is to have fun. College is full of amazing memories; create a spot that will make them even better.