One Bed + 4 Pieces of Art = 4 Distinct Looks

An upholstered headboard is a versatile choice for your bedroom as it blends well with several design styles. Adding artwork above a bed can change the look of a room in a snap. From casual to urban, art allows you to show off your personality and sense of design. Here are four distinct looks that come from using the same headboard with four different pieces of art.


Artwork above a bed
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Strike a casual vibe by using a canvas that depicts a cityscape. In this case, a foggy London scene creates a serene setting, complementing the curves and tufted design of the bed.

Artwork above a bed

Artwork above a bed
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One of the hallmarks of urban style is the use of vintage maps and geographic art. This cool world map by Parvez Taj is printed on white wood, adding a contrasting texture as well as a focal point above the soft bed.

Artwork above a bed

Artwork above a bed
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Floral artwork offers an elegant touch to your bedroom, especially when it’s bold like this graphic painting of roses. The rich colors command attention and blend beautifully with the luxurious shape and dark upholstery of the bed.

Artwork above a bed

Artwork above a bed
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Mirrors are a wonderful option to artwork, and adding a geometrically shaped piece above the bed brings modern flair. The sleek finish provides textural contrast to the tufted bed.

Adding artwork above a bed is an easy way to change your look. Which of these four do you prefer?

How to Buy a Bedroom Set

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s where you spend about a third of your time, and it’s where you begin and end each day. Creating a relaxing setting is important, and that means choosing the right furniture is key. Here are five things you need to know about how to buy a bedroom set.

How to buy a bedroom set
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1. The size of your room

To create a calming setting, don’t overwhelm your room with furniture. Choose the right size and style of pieces by considering your square footage and layout. Measure the wall space, including door and window frames. This will help you determine how many pieces will comfortably fit.

2. The size of your bed

From twin to king, beds come in a variety of sizes and it’s one of the most important considerations for how to buy a bedroom set. Before you go out and buy the biggest bed you can find, determine how it will fit in your room. Select the wall where you’ll place the bed, and measure how much room you have. Here are the mattress measurements:

  • Twin: 39” x 75”
  • Twin XL: 39” x 80”
  • Full: 54” x 75”
  • Full XL: 54” x 80”
  • Queen: 60” x 80”
  • King: 76” x 80
  • California King: 72” x 84”
3. The amount of storage you need

How much clothing you have and how you prefer to store it will help you determine how many storage pieces will fit in your bedroom. Do you need a dresser and a chest of drawers? Would two chests of drawers be better? Can you combine a nightstand with a small chest to maximize space and storage? The options are limitless, so make sure you maximize your room.

4. Your décor

Consider the atmosphere you want like to create in your bedroom and choose a style to match. You’ll find everything from traditional to contemporary, modern, rustic, urban, casual and mission. You may also decide to pair an upholstered headboard with wood furniture. Or create an eclectic grouping by mixing styles and finishes. It’s your room – let your personality shine!

5. Your palette

The color or finish of your bedroom furniture can have a big impact on the overall design of the room. Dark-toned woods work well with traditional décor. Black, white and espresso are great for contemporary rooms. If you love cottage style, choose furniture with a distressed or painted finish. Mission style bedrooms look great in oak and cherry finishes.

How would you describe the style of your bedroom décor? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Design a Traditional Style Bedroom

The classic designs of traditional style are timeless for a reason—they’re an institution of grace and elegance. This holds true in your bedroom, where an upscale, rich feel comes from an abundance of tailored lines. With warm finishes and ornate details, traditional style is a natural in a master suite. Here are four characteristics of a traditional style bedroom:

traditional style bedroom
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Rich colors and finishes

From walls to upholstery, the colors in a traditional style bedroom rich and striking, including saturated shades and jewel tones. In addition, look for dark wood finishes, such as cherry, mahogany and walnut.

Conservative prints

Upholstered pieces in a traditional style home have fabrics with timeless patterns, such as floral, damask, plaid and stripes. The understated look is often embellished with trims including tassels and fringe.

Classic lines

While they’re formal in feel, traditional style bedrooms are not overly ostentatious. Furniture will have a mix of straight and curved lines, and the attention to detail is carried over into the architecture with crown and chair rail molding.

Elegant accessories

Accessories in a traditional style bedroom further the rich atmosphere. Oil paintings of landscapes or still life as well as portraits have heavy frames, many of which are gilt in gold. Flowers fill oversized vases. Other accessories include lamps, urns, books, plants and mirrors.

How to Design a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

One of the hottest trends in home design is modern farmhouse. While the look is a natural in kitchens and dining rooms, it’s also perfect for the bedroom. Farmhouse style combines modern cabin appeal with French provincial elegance for a feel-good look. Here are four characteristics of a modern farmhouse bedroom:

modern farmhouse bedroom
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Iron Beds

Iron beds are a classic element of modern farmhouse style. Cover yours with an antique patchwork quilt or ruffled bedspread for an old-fashioned feel. Add pillows to soften the look.

Rustic finishes

Look for weathered wood and industrial elements in furniture and accents. Distressed finishes bring a sense of energy to a space. Consider using shiplap on the walls, or a rustic bench at the foot of the bed draped with a throw blanket.

Functional items and antiques

Something old adds history to your room, but something new with old lines does the trick, too! Look for an antique rug or vase that will add unique character to the room. In addition, modern farmhouse accessories turn functional items into objects of beauty, such as a water pitcher that becomes a vase.

Vintage fabrics

Vintage-inspired fabrics inspire a sense of nostalgia. Look for small prints in faded pastels. Ruffles trim pillows for an old-fashioned sensibility.

How to Design a Midcentury Modern Bedroom

Midcentury modern style brings a retro vibe to your home, combining form with function. In the bedroom, its sleek lines and crisp silhouettes create a sophisticated setting for getting ready for work … or sleeping in. The classic look will never grow old. Here are four of characteristics of a midcentury modern bedroom.

midcentury modern bedroom
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Clean lines and spaces

Midcentury modern furniture features sleek lines and minimal details. Legs are straight and hardware is simple. A midcentury modern bedroom often includes a platform bed and a single nightstand and dresser. The idea is to have lots of open spaces so the eye can take everything in with one glance, for a feeling of calm.

Light Wood

Wood furnishings in midcentury modern bedrooms have light finishes that showcase their natural beauty. The bed, nightstand and dresser match for a clean look.

Statement light fixtures

In a streamlined midcentury modern home, every piece counts. Add a style statement with an unusual light fixture or lamp that features clean, geometric lines. You can even use a floor lamp next to a bed.

A pop of color

Midcentury modern rooms use neutral tones as their base, but the look is completed with pops of strong color in wall art or accent furniture. Add a bold painting above the bed or use an accent chair in a bright color like turquoise.