Broc’s Pick: Shane Outdoor Seating Collection

One of the best parts of Creative Director Broc Clark’s job is having a chance to see an outdoor seating collection before it’s shared on our website, catalogs and showroom floor. He also styles the furnishings to help our guests envision what their homes can become.

Shane Seating Collection

While it’s hard to pick just one, this summer Broc chose the Shane Seating Collection as his favorite outdoor collection. Made of a unique aged teak weave, the furnishings are strong and gorgeous. Extra wide arms and deep plush cushions ensure you will be comfortable for hours of entertaining or just lounging with your favorite book, and swivel chairs make conversation easy. You can dress the space up or down to enjoy summer in style.

Broc Says:

“While many outdoor collections scale down, the Shane Collection furniture is traditional sized and so comfortable. The frame looks like real wood, and the deep orange cushions are on trend for summer.”

Outdoor Storage Solutions That Are Also Stylish

It’s the season for backyard accessories, tools and toys, and that means you need storage. Give your garage a break this summer; today’s outdoor storage solutions become a part of your furniture arrangement.

From hidden drawers to organizers on wheels, you’ll find what you need to beautifully tuck away blankets, binoculars and bug spray. Take a look:


outdoor storage solutions

Hidden Drawers

An ottoman with a secret drawer. Need we say more? This is the perfect spot for storing sunscreen, sunglasses and magazines. And it doubles as a comfortable chair.


outdoor storage solutions

Storage Ottoman

Need more space? The lid of this storage ottoman lifts to hold pool floats, pillows and citronella candles. It’s also sturdy enough to double as a table, providing a great place to set your snacks while you chat.


outdoor storage solutions

Wicker Chest

This beautiful wicker chest adds seating to your space, while the lid lifts to tuck away cushions, blankets and more. No one will guess it’s hiding a mess.

outdoor storage solutions

Storage Caddy

Roll the party over here! This handy float caddy keeps everything for your pool tidy and contained. And it blends in with your outdoor décor.

Area Rugs For Summer Perk Up Your Flooring

With the warm weather finally here, it’s time to update your home for the season. Adding new area rugs for summer is an easy way to change the look of your room. Choose a fresh color, natural material or vibrant pattern, and you’ll be ready for the season. Here are five area rugs for summer that will make you feel like you’re on vacation:

area rugs for summer


Ferns and whispy leaves are a big trend for Summer 2018, and the Spencer Area Rug will turn your room into a lush botanical garden. This is a great style for casual or traditional rooms, as it is effortless and elegant.

area rugs for summer

Flower Power

Floral prints are a big force for Summer 2018, but why not be bold, too? This oversized yellow bloom will serve as a focal point—and no watering is required!

area rugs for summer


Add a touch of summer whimsy with a ladybug rug. The curled vines are contemporary and graphic, and the cute little bugs add a pop of red.

area rugs for summer


Bring the coast to your room with a nautical-inspired lighthouse rug. The water and sailboats feel relaxing, while the border of shells will remind you of the beach.

area rugs for summer


Choose a sisal rug to keep your room cool. The eco-friendly fibers complement your hardwood floors, while the light palette feels natural.

How to Design A Bedroom For Better Sleep

design a bedroom for sleeping

The importance of sleep is well researched. It touches every aspect of your life, from your physical health to your mental wellbeing to your success and overall happiness. Creating the right atmosphere is key for better sleep. Your bedroom is the most important room in the house, and making sure it’s properly designed will enhance the quality of your life.


To get better sleep, consider taking these seven steps:

1. Reclaim its true purpose

TV viewing. Catching up on work. Studying. Exercising. If your bedroom is a major multi-tasking space, it’s having a negative impact on your quality of sleep. Your bedroom should serve a single purpose: R&R. That means you need to remove the television, desk and treadmill.

design a bedroom for sleeping

2. Get rid of clutter

Clutter overloads your senses and causes you to be stressed out and anxious. Clutter also makes it harder to clean your environment, creating a germ haven that aggravates allergies and asthma. All of this will have a negative impact on your quality of sleep. For better sleep, get rid of anything that doesn’t belong, or store items away in your closet or in under-bed storage.

3. Pay attention to light

The presence of light can alter your natural sleep patterns. Dim the lights one hour before bedtime. If daylight or streetlights shine in your bedroom window when you need to be sleeping, invest in blackout drapes that effectively block the light. This is especially important if you work a non-traditional shift. Remove electronics from your bedroom, which emit blue light that can interrupt sleep. And if you have a digital clock, turn it away from your bed so the light won’t shine in your face while you sleep.

4. Make sure you have the right mattress

Your mattress should be replaced every five to ten years, and sleeping on an old one causes unnecessary back pain and improper support, which will interrupt your sleep. The right mattress provides proper alignment to help eliminate morning aches and pains; provides pressure relief to foster deeper, healthier sleep; and creates a neutral position for your body so you wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

Choosing the right mattress is a science as well as an art. In just five minutes, the PureSleep system performs over 1,000 calculations to identify the perfect mattress for your body type, body density and preferred sleep position. Using this information, PureSleep Specialists will help you select the mattress that is right for your body and your budget.

design a bed for sleeping

5. Use the right pillow

If your pillow is older than a year, it needs to be replaced. Hair and body oils soak into its fabric and stuffing, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. While a pillow may seem like a small part of your sleep system, it actually plays a big role in giving you the best sleep possible. The right pillow provides 30% of your sleep benefits by maintaining correct spinal alignment, relieving pressure on your back and spine and promoting good circulation.

PureSleep Specialists will determine the perfect pillow for you by matching it to your body type and mattress. If you’ve never been fitted for a pillow, you’ll be amazed at the results; you’ll toss and turn less, and experience a deeper, more restorative sleep.

6. Choose calming colors

Color psychologists say the paint you choose can impact your emotions. You want to create a restful mood with your bedroom design and that can mean choosing soothing shades. Blue is known to be very calming. Or consider mellow, neutral hues inspired by nature. But be sure to avoid bright colors that can be energizing or busy patterns in wall paint or wallpaper, bed linens and floor coverings.

7. Adjust the thermostat

Keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature at night with 60 to 67 degrees being optimal, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Also, swap out linens for the right season. In winter, select heavier bedding and swap that out for a light coverlet during the summer.

Finding the Perfect Outdoor Sectional

Making summer memories is easy when you cozy up in an outdoor sectional. Perfect for the patio or deck, a sectional offers plenty of room to stretch out and relax or entertain a group of friends. A sectional offers a sleek, streamlined look to your seating group, giving your space an effortless, casual feel. And sectionals are an important trend for summer decor.

Before you shop, measure your space to see what size you can accommodate. Here are three types of outdoor sectionals and the kinds of spaces they best accommodate:


A Classic L-Shaped Sectional

Much like a sofa and loveseat, the classic L-shaped sectional seats three, four or five comfortably, depending on its size. Simple and sleek, it works well on any size patio or deck and provides a great spot for having conversations. The Lennox L-Shaped Sectional can also be used with a table to double as a dining space.


A Curved Sectional

A modern and hip option is the curved sectional, which is a great choice for a large patio. With no corners, this sectional can seat more people. And it gives everyone a great view of the focal point, such as your back yard or a fire pit. The Soho III Curved Sectional also makes a statement with its vibrant blue cushions.


A U-Shaped Sectional

Finally, a U-shaped sectional, like the Stannis Sectional, creates a cozy, intimate space that draws everyone into the conversation. It requires the most amount of room and is best for large patios. Use an ottoman as a cocktail table, which can double as more seating if your party grows.