Update Your Casual Living Room with a Casual Sofa

When you’re designing a living room for your family, casual style is a great choice. Furnishings have a laidback look with kid-friendly fabrics that help you relax. Oversized seating makes rooms feel welcoming with plenty of space to hang out. The centerpiece of a casual-style living room is the sofa, and here are five casual sofa options that will help you update your home for the New Year.

The Albany Truffle Sofa is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Albany Sofa

The Albany Truffle Sofa makes classic statement in you room with its flared arms and rich truffle color. The casual sofa offers plenty of style and comfort, with loose back cushions and four striking toss pillows.

The Osborne Sofa is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Osborne Sofa

Small rooms don’t have to sacrifice style when you choose a sofa with a sleek silhouette such as the Osborne Sofa. Inspired by menswear, this grey sofa features button-less tufting on the back cushions. Two colorful toss pillows give the casual sofa a punch of pattern, much like a bold necktie.

The Harlow Linen Sofa is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Harlow Sofa

Lighten up your space with the Harlow Linen Sofa. Generous lines feature welted roll arms and a plush chenille fabric is soft and sophisticated. Four toss pillows with a silver hue add lots of style.

The Colors Sofa in Salsa is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Colors Sofa

Show off your personality by going bold with a red sofa. The COLORS Sofa in Salsa will wake up your décor with a big pop of color. The striking flared frame has comfort at the forefront with pillow-top armrests and ultra-soft upholstery.

The Capri Sofa is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Capri Sofa

The gorgeous shade of this Capri Sofa provides a neutral tone for your living room while putting you on trend. Plenty of toss pillows provide interest with accent patterns that feature grey and ivory. This casual sofa will be a nice addition to casual style living room.

How to Organize Toys and Design an Awesome Play Space

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got toys and you’ve seen your share of joyful messes. Whether playthings are confined to an area of their bedroom, your basement rec space or a dedicated playroom, you can avoid the feeling of chaos if you employ a few methods to organize toys.

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1. Start by clearing out all of the toys

It’s hard to create a sense of organization when your starting point is a room full of stuff. As you remove everything, decide if you are going to keep, donate or dispose of it. You can also store away toys for later, if they’re not age appropriate or aren’t played with.


2. Next, think like a preschool and add task centers

A table and chairs will help kids keep puzzles, games and art projects contained. A beanbag chair and lamp creates the perfect spot for cuddling up with a book or watching a movie.


The Libra Gray Storage Nightstand is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
3. Now it’s time to find storage solutions that fit the room

Forego the old-fashioned toy chest – items get lost in the bottom and won’t get used. Instead, use a mix of open and closed storage bins that allow you to hide away visual clutter while displaying colorful items that can add personality to organize toys. Be sure to attach furniture to the walls to avoid tipping and possible injury.


4. Choose storage bins that are item specific

It’s a good idea to choose smaller bins that hold a certain item, and choosing a neutral color palette will allow you to transition them into an updated décor or another room in your home. You can have one box for blocks, another for dolls, another for art supplies … you get the idea. Make sure your storage bins are accessible and simple to use so your kids can quickly and easily organize toys and put them away when they’re done.


The Grab n Go Chair is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
5. Add an area rug

Not only does it put a soft surface under your child; it can help define the play space, especially if it’s in a section of a room that serves other purposes.

6. Finally, think comfort, durability and wash-ability when designing your room

Easy-to-move furniture helps when it’s time to change up the room. And consider investing in pieces that little ones can grow into and use when they’re teenagers. It can be hard to imagine when you’re knee-deep in dress-up clothes and Play-Dough that you’ll miss the mess, but you just might!

Give Your Home a Dining Room Makeover

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and your dining area is where those hearts can connect over a great meal, cup of coffee or family project. Your dining room set should reflect your personal style as well as make family and friends feel welcome. From casual to traditional and farmhouse, here are three dining sets that are perfect for a New Year dining room makeover.

The Claremont Dining Collection is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Relaxed and Casual

The five-piece Claremont Dining Collection is one of our most popular sets. Not only is it beautiful; its simple lines set the tone for a casual meal. The X-base trestle table is classic and includes a unique V-shaped storage shelf in the base. The set includes the table and four chairs, but you can add a bench to create an inviting atmosphere. The sideboard adds storage to your room as well as the perfect spot for a bar or buffet.

The Canaan Dining Collection is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Traditional with a Modern Twist 

The faux grey marble top of the Canaan Collection adds a traditional update to modern style for a fresh and trendy dining room makeover. The dark grey base and chairs are grounding, while the cushions keep things comfortable. We love how this set offers nice contrast to a light area rug and flooring. Your choice of chandelier will decide whether this set reads traditional or modern.

The Carriage House Dining Collection is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.

Finally, put the emphasis on family memories with the farmhouse style of the Carriage House Dining Table. The dining table has a self-storing leaf so you can easily make room for everyone. The dark planked tabletop contrasts beautifully with the weathered cream fronts and frame as well as the turned legs with their intricate carvings.

Are you ready for your dining room makeover? Which set will you choose?

Furniture with Storage: Four Stunning Solutions

Clutter can turn a beautiful room into a mess, but where do you stash the DVDs, magazines, games and extra blankets that seem to collect in every home? We’ve got just the solution! Here are four pieces of furniture with storage that will effortlessly hide essentials while keeping them easily within reach.

The Venetian Sleeper Sectional is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Sectional with Storage Chaise

Whether it’s for movie night, fort building or simply curling up with a good book, sectionals and blankets go hand in hand. While one or two look nice draped across the arm, too many can look like a linen closet explosion. Our Venetian Sectional has storage in its chaise, putting whatever you need to relax right where you need it. What’s more, the sectional also includes a sleeper that pulls out into a full-size bed when you need space for guests. You could store the linens in the chaise, too, so you can welcome friends in a snap.

The Sutton Leather Storage Ottoman is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Storage Ottoman

An ottoman helps you relax, and an ottoman with hidden storage helps you stay relaxed instead of stressing over clutter in the room. Our Sutton Leather Storage Ottoman is upholstered in 100 percent genuine brown leather for a classic look you’ll love for years to come. It effortlessly blends with your décor, from casual to urban. The added storage space gives it an extra touch of practicality to go with its attractive appearance, and you can add a storage ottoman to virtually any room in your home.

The Berkley Queen Storage Bed is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Storage Bed

Any bedroom could use a little extra storage, but sometimes it’s hard to fit another piece of furniture inside a room. Our Berkley Queen Storage Bed is the perfect answer, with storage drawers hidden in the side rail. Use the space to store out-of-season clothing, linens, books and more. A tidy room is a calm room—one that helps you sleep better at night.

The Carson Lift-top Coffee Table is available now. Shop the look at artvan.com.
Lift-Top Coffee Table

From magazines and newspapers to games and remote controls, family rooms can collect a lot of stuff. Tuck it all out of sight with our Carson Lift-Top Coffee Table. This stylish piece adds functionality to your home with a top that lifts to create a work surface and reveal hidden storage for those magazines, newspapers, remote controls and more.

Furniture with storage is an investment in a beautiful home—one that feels clean and welcoming at all times.

Define Your Style for the New Year

You know what you like and what you don’t like … but can you define your style? While most of us have a combination of décor preferences, we usually lean one way or another. Knowing your design type will make shopping for furnishings and accessories much easier.

Ring in 2019 by identifying your personal style; we’ve created this quiz to make it fun. Are you Casual? Modern? Traditional? Farmhouse? Urban? Or Mid-Century? Define your style and let us know in the comments below.

1. When it comes to accessorizing a room, I …

A.) Use three or five accents, as long as they’re child friendly

B.) Prefer one statement piece

C.) Think the more the merrier

D.) Choose pieces that also serve a purpose

E.) Like to add something I found during my last adventure

F.) Love items inspired by the ‘60s

2. On a typical day, you’ll find me wearing …

A.) Khakis, a comfy tee and flip flops

B.) Slim black slacks and a fitted turtleneck

C.) A classic shift dress and smart flats

D.) Jeans and boots

E.) A leather jacket and distressed jeans

F.) A vintage dress I picked up at a thrift store

3. My ultimate ride is a …

A.) Classic SUV, laid back and roomy

B.) A two-seater coupe, fast and stylish

C.) An elegant luxury sedan, sophisticated and safe

D.) Pick-up truck, rugged and woodsy

E.) A motorcycle

F.) A classic car that reminds me of my childhood

4. My ideal Saturday afternoon would include a marathon of …

A.) The Good Place

B.) Jane the Virgin

C.) The Crown

D.) Fixer Upper

E.) Better Call Saul

F.) Mad Men

5. The magazine I carry on the plane is …

A.) Martha Stewart Living

B.) Vanity Fair

C.) The Smithsonian

D.) Country Living


F.) Dwell

6. My favorite dining room centerpiece is …

A.) Brightly colored Gerbera daisies

B.) The drama of an orchid

C.) Red roses

D.) Wild flowers and leaves gathered from my yard

E.) A bucket of dried hydrangeas

F.) A striking vase left empty

7. If I’m choosing the restaurant, we’re going to a …

A.) Family-friendly pizzeria

B.) A trendy downtown sushi spot

C.) An elegant steak house

D.) A barbeque pit off the beaten path

E.) The new vegan café

F.) A retro diner

8. My favorite music artist is …

A.) Ed Sheeran

B.) Dave Koz

C.) Michael Buble

D.) Chris Stapleton

E.) The Weeknd

F.) Frank Sinatra

9. When my friends come over, we like to …

A.) Share a potluck dinner and play board games

B.) Enjoy cocktails and hor d’oeuvres and discuss current events

C.) Sit down to a formal multi-course dinner and swap stock tips

D.) Have a backyard barbecue and play horseshoes

E.) Try craft beers and talk about our travels

F.) Mix martinis and listen to the Rat Pack

10. When I have an afternoon to myself, I like to …

A.) Curl up on the sofa with a good book

B.) Visit a local art gallery

C.) Watch a documentary or the History channel

D.) Take a long hike in the woods

E.) Research my next trip

F.) Comb thrift shops and antique stores


If most of your answers were “A” your style is most likely Casual. This look is inspired by an active, easy lifestyle. Your home is simple and warm, and your accessories are lighthearted and family-friendly. See Art Van’s Casual furniture by clicking here.


If most of your answers were “B” your style is most likely Modern. This look has sleek designs and simple silhouettes. Your home has a feeling of Zen, creating the ultimate escape. Take a look at the great Modern furnishings available at Art Van by clicking here.


If most of your answers were “C” your style is most likely Traditional. This look is inspired by history. Your home is formal and elegant, and your furniture has feminine shapes and rich detail. Browse Art Van’s Traditional pieces by clicking here.


If most of your answers were “D” your style is most likely Farmhouse. This look is inspired by a laidback country lifestyle. Your home is filled with furnishings and fabrics inspire a sense of nostalgia, creating rooms where memories are made. Check out Art Van’s Farmhouse options by clicking here.


If most of your answers were “E” your style is most likely Urban. This look embodies your sense of adventure. Your home is filled with personal mementos collected throughout your travels. Find a great selection of Urban furnishings by clicking here.


If most of your answers were “F” your style is most likely Mid-Century. This look features clean lines and crisp silhouettes. Your home is an ideal setting for everything from a swanky soirée to the Sunday crossword. Find a great selection of Mid-Century furnishings by clicking here.