The Grace of Downton Abbey

drawingroom_Downton abbey

Get out the silver and steep the tea. Let’s chat about the Grantham and Crawley families over scones. Have you caught Downton Abbey, the PBS drama set in a gorgeous Edwardian country house during the 1920s? Whether it’s to enjoy the delicious drama of their lives or to soak in television’s most elegant setting, Downton Abbey is a guilt-free pleasure … it’s PBS after all!

While you might not have the official title of Lord or Lady, you can still bring a little Downton into each of your rooms with some of the fine pieces from Art Van Furniture.


Accent Chair

Start with an accent chair. Furniture was certainly functional during the Edwardian time, but decorative value definitely took precedence. Our Eloise Chair instantly adds class to your room. The carved wood has braiding detail for interest, and the two-patterned fabric application is very sophisticated. A pair near the fireplace will be divine.

eloise chair


Dining Room

Dinner at Downton is a formal affair. One doesn’t simply show up, one arrives. Create an aura of elegance at your next gathering with our Grandover Collection. In rich dark cherry finish, the heirloom quality suite will set the stage for thoughtful conversation.


Writing Desk

Before there was text messaging, Facebook or Twitter, there was the writing desk. It’s where you composed a note to your true love or penned a scathing letter to your foe, sealing it with your wax stamp. The Heritage Hill Writing Desk would do the trick, with its hand-painted leaf and scroll design. Poison pen not included.

heritage hill desk

Canopy Bed

Dreams in Downton are best enjoyed beneath the shelter of a canopy bed. No need for a compelling script, a warm and inviting canopy bed creates drama in a room all on its own. Our Olivia Canopy is regal as well as romantic, with fluted columns and gold and marble accents. It includes the silk-look canopy fabric, and is available in queen and king sizes.

canopy bed


In the parlor or in the study, an Old World rug set a stately tone underfoot. The rich palette of our Kharma Rug appears to be delicately aged to create an authentic period look. The classic style will bring warmth to your room for many years to come.

kharma rug


Finally, even in a beautiful setting like Downton, residents dream of travel. What better way to make plans than by spinning the globe. Perfect for a study or den, our tabletop version will transport you around the world and back … if you choose.

downton globe

From the Runway to Your Home

In September, the world’s top fashion designers unveiled their looks for Spring 2013 to a packed house of reporters, buyers and celebrity friends in New York’s Lincoln Center. Called Fashion Week, it’s the world’s first look at what the stylishly chic will be wearing when the leaves on the trees start to bud the following year.

The shapes, colors and patterns seen on the runway often make their way to home decor. Whether the inspiration is subtle or obvious, combining fashion with furnishings creates gorgeous pieces that dress up your home.

Take a look at some of the fashion-forward furniture available at Art Van Furniture, and the runway looks they resemble.


Calvin Klein

Known for minimalist, urban design, Calvin Klein showed this gorgeous layered black moiré over a white shift. With a wave pattern, it delicately frames what’s beneath. Our Metal Denmark Bed has a similar curved, fine-lined silhouette. In black finish, it will allow your linens to take center stage.


calvin klein runway look Metal Denmark Bed

Proenza Schouler

The wearable luxury of the Proenza Schouler label has an edgy flair, which is evident in their red and black eel skin and leather jacket. While not made of those same hip materials, our Shuffle Sofa creates similar drama with its striking red and black combination. The fun “Relax” pillow adds a pop of rock-inspired playfulness to the piece.

proenza Proenza sofa


Marc Jacobs

Known for classic and current, Marc Jacobs used stunning horizontal lines to create this beautiful and bold dress. Its linear look can be found in our Howick Collection Master Bedroom Suite. Available in high gloss black or high gloss white, the sleek panel design is simple yet sophisticated.

marc jacobs  marc jacobs bed


More Marc Jacobs

Mixing graphic patterns was another theme Marc Jacobs used in his Spring line, especially in black and white. The graphic look of his gowns can be felt in our Lucky Accent Chair, with its striking black and white scheme.

marc jacobs 2 marc jacobs 3 lucky accent chair



Donna Karan is known for creating garments that have heart and soul, and she showcased this beautiful yet casual color-blocked leather dress and white trim during Fashion Week. Our Prize Sofa offers a similar feel, with flared lines and contrasting welt. The styled accent pillows add a lighter touch of caramel for a look that says effortless glamour.

dkny dkny sofa

Pure Couture

The chairs in our Couture Collection don’t just make a statement; they tell an entire story. In fact, we can’t help but wonder if each of these chairs had a past life. Forget walls, if chairs could talk we’d sit down and soak up every word these gorgeous pieces would say.

We can only imagine that …


Daisy Nottinghill

Daisy was a can-can dancer at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Quite the flirt, she earned the attention of many a gentleman as well as the hearts of countless admirers. High spirited and always laughing, Daisy was the life of the party. Channel your inner Parisian by putting our Daisy Accent Chair in your powder room, boudoir or living room. Her whimsical ruffled skirt and rosette toss pillow are ultra feminine. And her red-corded welt trim coordinates with the splash of red found on her fabric-covered buttons. Très fantastique!

Mabel Couture


Mabel was a naive troublemaker. While the name Mabel is derived from the Latin “amabilis,” which means lovable and dear, our Mabel was also … shall we say, precocious? The younger sister of an English Lady, she was too pretty for her own good and flirted with the husbands of her sister’s friends. Of course, when her sister chastised her, she batted her eyelashes and claimed to not know what she was talking about. Our Mabel Accent Chair would be a wonderful addition to a living room or study. Upholstered in a vibrant collage combining pinstripe, jacquard, and crewelwork fabrics, she has detailed ruching, contrast welt, and just a bit of a skirt. But watch your back; Mabel will steal the show!

Couture Chaise Dinah


Dinah was the quintessential Southern Belle. Growing up on a large plantation, she was never without her lace fan. She used it to cool herself on a hot day, flirt with the boys on a walk through town and swat her brother when he laughed at her games. Most days you could find Dinah on her chaise, with a tall glass of iced tea and an earful of gossip. Our modern Dinah Chaise features hand-carved wood trim, nail-head accents and silk pillows adorned with tassel fringe. She’s the perfect addition to a bedroom or sitting room. We do declare, you’ll find her quite relaxing.

Pantone Color of the Year

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

According to Pantone, the global authority on color, Emerald is the 2013 Color of the Year. Replacing 2012’s  Tangerine Tango, Emerald is being described as “a vivid, verdant green that enhances our sense of well-being by inspiring insight, as well as promoting balance and harmony.”


emerald pantone

Associated with brilliant gemstones, the hue is considered the color of new life in many cultures and religions. It also represents healing and prosperity.

“Green is the most abundant hue in nature – the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “As it has throughout history, multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate. Symbolically, Emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation, which is so important in today’s complex world. This powerful and universally appealing tone translates easily to both fashion and home interiors.”

Here are three easy ways to make room for this gem of a color in your home:

1. Accessorize

A splash of Emerald quickly and effortlessly wakes up a sleepy décor. In fact, it’s a universal accessorizing color. Emerald looks great with tan or khaki. It makes black look regal. And it breathes life into often cold gray.

Choose an Emerald pillow or throw. Dress up your dining room with Emerald stemware. Or add Art Van Furniture’s Emerald Green Lamp or Decorative Accent to your living room or bedside table. The punch of color is just enough to catch the eye without being too bold.



2. Make a Statement

If dipping your toe into the Emerald pool just isn’t enough, you can always go bolder. Pantone offers a paint collection in their signature colors, and Emerald is the perfect choice for an accent wall in your home. Or a front door.

You could also create drapes out of the color to rev up a special space. Check out this interior from Veranda Magazine.


This dramatic look would be perfect in a living room paired with Art Van Furniture’s Kate Collection.

Kate Collection3. Go All In

Make the Wizard of Oz proud by creating an Emerald City in your home. Paint an entire room in this hue. It’s a great backdrop for furnishings that are black and white, or gray. Check out this Emerald room from CCSR Interiors.

Emerald Room

And this one, featured in Good Housekeeping magazine.

Emerald Room

The color would go great in a living room with Art Van Furniture’s Elle or Gibson Collections. Or let it jazz up a dining area that features our Summerton Collection.

Elle Collection

Summerton CollectionHowever you choose to incorporate Emerald, one thing is for sure. Your friend will be green with envy!

Get Your Game On

The big game is Sunday. That means your TV is about to become the star of your home. If you’ve been considering a new TV/Media Center, now’s the time to update your look. When choosing the right unit, there are three things to consider:


An old English proverb cautions you to measure twice and cut once. The same advice can apply to buying furniture; measure twice before you fall in love with a specific piece. Before you head to the store, measure the width and height of your wall as well as your television … twice. Nothing is more disheartening than getting something home only to find out it’s too big or too small. You’ll want to maximize your available space and select a piece that fills the area without overwhelming the room.


Next, determine how much shelf space you’ll need for your components – and these days it can be a lot. They can include a DVR, DVD player, Internet TV service box, video game consoles and stereo equipment. Also consider how much room you need to store DVDs, video games or CDs. Will you want to display decorative accents? Be sure you choose a unit that will function for all of your needs.


Finally, know that today’s TV/media centers are designed to do more than just hold your TV; they’re well-built pieces of furniture that coordinate with your home decor. And Art Van Furniture has a piece to fit every style. Take a look at these four options, but be forewarned: they may garner more cheers than the game.

TV CenterCasual

The Galloway Home Entertainment collection in its warm tobacco brown finish has a fresh yet casual look. Its pullout drawers offer loads of media storage, with DVD and CD organizers, and its lighted shelves create a dramatic area for display. Go large with our Galloway Wall Unit, which includes a 52” console, 72” right and left pier tower, lighted bridge and expandable shelf. Or keep it contained with the Galloway 52” TV media console.




TV Center ContemporaryOur Delmar Collection consoles are perfect modern solution for plasma, DLP or LCD televisions. Choose from 42”, 52” or 60”. Or you can purchase more than one and create a sleek display along a large wall. In rich cherry, each includes open storage areas for components and glass door-enclosed storage for media items and accents.





TV Center TraditionalTraditional

A traditional style home will be the perfect setting for our Heritage Hill Console, which features three top drawers for media components and double glass doors with decorative wooden fretwork. Inside, two adjustable shelves provide ample storage. An ample 72”, it will accommodate a large flat screen TV with ease.





TV Center RusticFinally, our Avelino Black Premier Wall Center is one of the most versatile options. It includes a console, two pier cabinets and bridge with country details. The console, which can be used alone, expands to fit any size between 43” and 60”. In vintage black, it’s also available in oak and dark brown finishes.