Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Are you the fairest of them all? Perhaps. Mirrors add beauty to a room, both in what they reflect and what they bring in. Light, depth and a bounce of color can be added to a room simply by adding a mirror.

Here are five things mirrors can do:

Create a focal point. If your room lacks an architectural highlight, a large mirror propped against a wall becomes an instant focal point. Whether it’s a living room or bedroom, an oversized mirror graciously takes center stage. To add more drama, position it to reflect a beautiful view. It serves double duty by providing a quick wardrobe check before you leave home.

“Install” a window. An interior room without windows can suddenly feel like a room with a view by using a mirror that is designed to look like a window. Used alone or in pairs, windowpane mirrors add depth to a room that a painting cannot. Or if your room has a single window, position a mirror on a nearby adjacent wall to reflect it and you’ll create the illusion of a second window.

Give the illusion of space. Small rooms suddenly take on the feeling of spaciousness when you add a large wall mirror. By creating the visual trick of extending a room, a mirror can virtually double a room’s square footage. Use one large mirror, or hang rectangular mirrors on their side in groups of two or three. You can also line both sides of a narrow hall or stairway with mirrors to make it feel wider.


Add more lighting. Mirrors reflect any light you have in a room, making the room seem brighter. Place mirrors across from your light source to get the greatest effect. Or set a small mirror on a buffet table behind a lamp or lit candles. Using a mirrored end table or nightstand will also bring more light into a room by reflecting the light from a lamp that is set on top of it.


Make the most of a gorgeous view. Whether it’s a backyard garden, fountain or beautiful tree, position a mirror to reflect your gorgeous view. If your outdoor view is less than lovely, draw attention away from windows by placing the mirror across from a piece of artwork or plants and flowers that are inside your home. The reflection will double the impact.


A mirror is easily added to any room of your home. Functional and a work of art, what it does best is reflect your good taste.

Sweet Dreams

When buying a mattress for a child, it’s tempting to let price influence your choice. But finding the right fit is actually an important part of your child’s health and future.

At Art Van Furniture’s PureSleep Center, we can help you find the perfect fit. Just as with an adult, the right mattress for a child needs to provide two things: proper support and proper pressure relief. And never were these two things more important than during childhood.

While they’re sleeping, kids aren’t just recharging their batteries (and giving parents a break); they’re growing. And their mattress is an important part of healthy development. During childhood, the spine is developing, which affects posture. Kids need mattresses that can provide the proper support while sleeping. Not all beds are created equal. Our PureSleep diagnostic machine will find a mattress that fits your child – one that can grow with him or her.

Kids’ bodies also release a large amount of growth hormones during deep sleep. When kids sleep on an improper mattress, they toss and turn. This not only disturbs deep sleep cycles, it can result in stunted growth. Hormones also regulate things like hunger and appetite. When kids don’t get enough deep sleep, it can lead to overeating during the day. In fact, lack of sleep is linked to type-two diabetes. The right mattress will help eliminate tossing and turning, so kids have a more fitful and productive sleep.

A child’s brain is also working during sleep. Remember how teachers tell their students to get a good night’s sleep before a big test? There’s a good reason for that: At night, we all go through different stages of sleep. During that time, your mind is working, filing and organizing all of the information you learned during the day. If your mattress doesn’t support you properly, you will toss and turn and that can lead to fragmented memory. A good night’s sleep will help you retain what you learn.

Sleep is one of your child’s most productive times of day. Be sure their bed is like Baby Bear’s: Not too soft, not too hard … just right.

Add a Quirky Chair

Every room needs a focal point. A statement piece. A bit of eye candy. This is most often accomplished with a fireplace, a rug or a piece of art. But a statement can also be made sitting down … with a quirky chair.

Quirky chairs add a touch of the unexpected to any room. They’re part function and part flair. And they’re totally fun. What makes a chair quirky is open for interpretation. Here are a few characteristics to look for when adding a chair that stands out:

It’s Colorful

In a room filled with neutrals, a brightly colored chair will command attention. Whether you choose solid or patterned, always choose vibrant. For example, the bold colors in the Caressa Rose Omega Striped Accent Chair liven up a living room or bedroom. You can tie it in to the décor by tossing coordinating pillows on your other pieces. Or let it sing a cappella.


It’s Patterned

Neutrals can be quirky when the pattern is full of attitude. For instance, the Conner Accent Chair steals the show with its modern take on an argyle-like design. Fun and bold, its basic color palette works well in a living or family room, adding a masculine flair.


It’s Unusually Shaped

Most chairs look like chairs. When you add a chair with an unusual shape, you add interest. Consider the two-toned Atlantic Swivel Chair: It looks like a lounge-y perch for cocktails or daydreams … or both. This chair swivels, so you can watch a ping-pong match or take in the 360-degree view.

It’s Surprising

High-back armchairs are very traditional. Cover them in a contemporary fabric and suddenly you’ve put a quirky twist on tradition. The Giselle Accent Chair fits the bill. Offering great seating comfort, it takes center stage with its bold, modern pattern in tones of taupe, ivory and grey.


It’s Dramatic

Sometimes designers like to raise eyebrows. They take an everyday piece of furniture and add drama, creating something that not only attracts attention but elicits remarks, as well. Certainly this was the intention behind the lines of the Darma Chair. Upholstered in two-toned leather, the contrast of colors only add to its powerful look.


Adding a chair that can stand up to its surroundings is an easy way to infuse personality to a room. Which quirky trait fits your design style best?

Transitioning Your Home into Fall

The kids are back to school. The cider mills are fragrant with spice and doughnuts. And there’s a crispness in the air.

It’s fall, and that means it’s time to generate warmth from inside your home. One of the best ways to prepare for cooler temps is by adding layers to each room in your home. Here are our tips for feathering your nest:

In the kitchen and dining room, add warmth to your table by using placemats and table runners. Use centerpieces in the deep colors of nature, by bringing in flowers and leaves from your back yard. Add accents to the room, such as baskets, pottery and bowls of fruit. And dress your table with candles, such as this rustic Candle Stand from Art’s Marketplace.

Small touches can have a big impact. Give the area a more intimate and cozy feel by hanging your chandelier lower; a good rule of thumb is that the bottom of the fixture should hang 30” to 36” from the tabletop.

Know that wood furniture warms up a room. If you’re in the market for a new kitchen set or dining room suit, consider rich cherry, pine or oak. Our Crossroads or Dakota Ridge Dining Collections are two great options and would provide the perfect setting for Thanksgiving Dinner.

In the living and family rooms, toss sofas and chairs with pillows covered in textured fabrics such as wool tweed or faux fur. Drape blankets and throws over chair backs or on sofa arms. Functional, they also make the room appear visually warmer, as well. Layer the room with plush rugs underfoot, choosing deep colors to both ground and insulate. Our Cosmo Copper Shag Rug is a great choice.

When adding new furnishings, choose those covered in soft fabrics, such as chenille or microsuede. Warm and welcoming, our Oak Park and Confetti Collection are great choices for fall entertaining. Or choose leather, such as our Carter or Gianna Collections, which adds visual warmth to a room and variety to the texture mix. Wooden coffee and end tables also add warmth. Layer them with lamps, pottery accents and trays to hold candles or mugs.

In the bedroom, dress your room for the season by adding drapes over existing shades or blinds. Cover the floor or carpet with an area rug to provide a warm entrance into your day. And always add a blanket to the bed. Down comforters covered in richly colored duvets add visual and physical warmth and take the chill out of the night.

Throw a tablecloth on the nightstand and use a dimmer on bedside lamps to create an intimate and cozy setting. And add more texture to the room with an upholstered headboard. Choose a plush fabric like velvet, microsuede or leather, coordinated with throw pillows.

The goal in getting ready for fall is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere … for guests, but especially for you and your family.

Do You Clamor for Glamour?

Beige can be beautiful. But a sea of beige … well, that can be boring!

We know that choosing a color palette for your home can be a little overwhelming, but we also know that Pantone’s nine home color palettes for 2013 were designed to make the process simple and fun. And so we continue our series on this topic with Glamour, Pantone’s collection of colors that convey “the polished sexiness of the Art Deco era.”

The tones in this palette could be called moody. But they can also be called sophisticated. Reminiscent of the bygone days when elegance was a way of life, the Glamour palette is also current enough to provide a contemporary touch to today’s modern home.  Colors have luxurious names like Rio Red, Monaco Blue, Tap Shoe, Chinchilla, Moon Mist, and Jasper, and glimmer is added with Silver and Champagne Beige.


You can easily add Glamour to the bedroom by selecting these items from Art Van Furniture.

First, start with a bed from the Meridian Black Collection. Simple and sleek in styling, the black lacquer finish sets the stage, and its silver metal legs give just the right touch of sparkle.

Top off the Meridian Black Collection bed with our City Balance comforter. The bold geometric pattern is very Art Deco, and the silver and black colors add drama. In cotton, it has a sheen that will reflect the light. Add color with accent pillows, choosing tones like Rio Red, Monaco Blue or Jasper, and add depth by selecting rich textures, such as velvet or felt.


Next, you’ll need a nightstand. Choose the selection from the Meridian Black Collection, or think outside the bedroom and select an interesting accent table. Here are three options that will look fabulous with the bed: the faux black crocodile, with silver legs that coordinate with the legs of the bed; the Orbit collection end table, with an oval base that will balance the geometric pattern of the comforter; or this round lamp table with Art Deco-inspired details.



Now it’s time to top off your nightstand with some color. Our jade table lamp has a gourd-style base with a unique green finish modeled after the patina of copper. Or choose our red glazed ceramic gourd-style lamp.


Above the bed, hang this round mirror surrounded by mirrored circles. The lightness of the mirror will provide balance to the sophisticated colors and will reflect any light in the room.

If you have space, add a chair to the room to create a cozy reading spot. Our ROMA Allegra Club Chair in leather is a good choice and comes in red or blue. Its smaller scale is perfect for a bedroom. Accessorize it with a pillow or throw in silver or champagne faux fur.

Finally, underfoot add a warm rug.  Here are two options for this color palette: The Regency Red Rug in 100% wool is dramatic in its deep tones, or our Bliss Beige Rug in soothing champagne will balance the dark colors of the room.


If the Glamour palette doesn’t sing to you, stay tuned. Next up, we’ll reveal the New Old School palette, which is more subdued and has a slightly military flair.