How To: Protect Your Table

Your dining room table is an investment. You want to protect it but you still want to enjoy it. It’s possible to use your dining room year-round – even daily! – with these simple care tips:

1. The best and easiest way to protect your table is to purchase a table pad. Art Van Furniture carries table protectors by the Ohio Table Pad Company. Made with a vinyl top and velour bottom, these ½” thick protectors maintain the beautiful table surface by protecting against nicks, scratches, spills and even up to 550 degrees of heat. We offer 11 sizes and you can also order a custom shape. The pads are available in 18 colors including vinyl, wood grain and leatherette. You’ll welcome the hot glue gun during arts and crafts night as well as the family for a rousing game of Euchre.

2. Care for your table by keeping it out of direct sunlight, which can fade and dry wood. Draw the curtains or close the blinds during the time of day when the sun shines on your wood furniture. Also, don’t place a wood dining table over a vent or next to a heat register that can warp or split the wood. If you must place furniture over a vent, use a deflector to direct air away from your furniture.

3. Be careful about what you place on your table. If you use a centerpiece or candlesticks, use felt backing to protect the table. If you aren’t using a table protector, use place mats, hot pads and coasters when dining. Tablecloths are good, but they won’t protect the table from moisture and can even trap and hold it. If a spill occurs, remove the tablecloth immediately.

4. Finally, prolong the life of your furniture with proper cleaning. Wood tables that get daily use should be wiped each evening with a slightly damp lint-free cloth and dried with another cloth. Any spill should be wiped up immediately. For furniture that is used less often, dust with a lint-free cloth each week. Dust seems harmless, but it can build up and potentially scratch the wood finish. Use a product such as Art Van Furniture’s Orange Cleaner, which was developed to preserve and enrich the wood. Twice a year, just prior to and after using your furnace for the season, treat your furniture to a generous amount of our care polish/oil and let sit for up to 12 hours before wiping dry. You’ll nourish the wood to promote moisture retention. An added bonus for using Art Van Furniture’s Home Care products: you get a lifetime supply of free refills!

Try this Trend: Mix Up the Dining Room Seating

Everywhere we turned this season, we saw living room furniture invading the dining room. Gone are the days when everything needed to match. Instead, the trend is all about not choosing just one.

This holiday season, pull up a wingback or club chair and even a settee and create a relaxing atmosphere inside your dining room. Take a look at these design inspirations:



Of course, Art Van Furniture has the look. Try this trend in your dining room by adding our upholstered chairs. Whether you pick one, two or six, you’ll update your dining room in an instant. Here are some of our favorite options:

Our Wingback Accent Chair with padded, rolled arms and curved cherry legs will set a regal tone at your holiday dinner. Place one at each end of a rectangular table, or use more at a round table. We have this piece in stock in pewter and red. You can also make the look your own by choosing from over 50 custom order fabrics.

The tailored look of the Cohen Accent Chair will add a touch of sophistication to your dining room. Available in seven colors, it’s a simple way to add a splash of color to any space. Stick with one tone to create a serene atmosphere or mix colors for a more vibrant look. This piece would be a perfect complement to your Parsons chairs.

Planning a romantic dinner? Our armless Settee effortlessly fits into any design theme and easily seats two. Large families can use a pair to create an accommodating seating arrangement at the table. And the neutral pattern will be a welcome addition to any décor.

The lines of our Elnora Chair are a little retro, but the look is 100% current. Upholstered in a multi-color chevron pattern, this chair works with many color schemes and adds a casual feel to the room. Add one for a quirky touch, or a pair for panache.


Finally, our Babette Loveseat will turn dinner into a work of art. Its graceful curves, carved wood trim, and luxurious fabrics will make pot roast seem like chateaubriand. You might be tempted to make reservations in your own home.


We’ve Got You Covered

Creating a room that reflects your distinct personal style is easy when you start with upholstered furniture. With hundreds of fabric options, you can create a customized look that’s one-of-a-kind.

We’ve Got the Look sat down with Art Van Furniture Upholstery Buyer Sharon Gjertsen to get her expert tips and the latest scoop on the trends in upholstery. Here’s what she had to say:

What should someone look for when purchasing an upholstered piece?

Once a guest determines they like a style, they need to be sure it is comfortable. Seating comfort is a very personal thing, and no one can judge whether or not a piece is comfortable other than the customer.  I always ask customers these three questions: How the furniture will be used? How many years are you expecting to have it?  And are you looking to make an investment? The answers help determine which piece is right for them.

What are the latest looks in upholstered furniture?

Neutral body fabrics are still very important.  And grey is a very popular neutral today.

You can update the piece by using colors and accents as the “jewelry” of a sofa or chair. This includes toss pillows or throws.

Are there guidelines to mixing patterns in a room?

The good news is that mixing and matching – the eclectic look – is IN! When considering mixing patterns, you want to be sure that you have different sized patterns.  In other words, a medium scale mixed with a large scale is better than two large-scaled patterns, which would compete with each other instead of work together.

How many choices does Art Van Furniture offer?

Endless.  We have sofas starting at $299 in our clearance center as well as premium construction eight-way hand-tied coil sofas for up to $1799. Many of these pieces are available for immediate delivery in stock fabrics and many can be customized with our line of upholstery choices.

What is the average time it takes to receive a custom order?

Average is 4 to 6 weeks.

Small Space, Big Style

Just because you’re short on space doesn’t mean you have to be short on style. Furnishing a small room just takes consideration, planning and little editing. And at Art Van Furniture, we have some tricks up our sleeves that can help you make your cozy room feel more spacious:

First, think tall. In a kitchen or dining area, give the illusion of more room by choosing a gathering, or counter height, table. Measuring between 36” and 42” high, the extra height allows the eye to see more floor space and gives the area the illusion of having more room. We have several styles—from contemporary to casual, rustic and traditional—one is sure to fit your décor.

Use the same technique in a living or family room by choosing furnishings that allow the eye to see a portion of the floor beneath. Avoid skirted sofas and chairs, or those with low, bun legs; these will feel more grounded and space encompassing. Instead, choose a sofa or chair with short wood or metal legs in either a straight contemporary design or curved traditional flare. Also choose end and cocktail tables with longer legs, instead of a trunk style or a table with top to floor drawers or shelves. And finish the room by hanging window treatments at the ceiling level to draw eye upward.

Look at scale. Oversized pieces can weigh down a room. Choose smaller furniture with uncluttered lines and fewer accessories. Armless chairs or sofas give an open feel. Avoid pillow-back furnishings; the extra cushioning makes the room feel “full.” Instead, think simple and sleek. A perfect piece is a settee, which is a medium-sized sofa. Or choose a love seat. Either will take up less wall space but still provide adequate seating (and lounging) capabilities.

Streamline your items. Having fewer pieces in a small room is better. Don’t fret if you love oversized furniture; you can get away with larger pieces if there are less of them. Or choose items that stack or expand. For example, nesting tables can easily accommodate guests when spread out. Also, edit what you bring in. Keep accent pieces to a minimum, and always contain clutter. Choose a storage ottoman that can hold blankets, games, newspapers or DVDs out of sight.

Choose a monochromatic color scheme. Too many colors in a room can make it feel choppy, stopping the eye several times instead of letting it glide across the space. Choose one or two colors to use throughout the room. Or choose subtle variations of the same color. The result will be a soothing palette that pleases the eye.

Finally, let in the light. Start at the windows by removing heavy draperies; use shades or blinds instead. Lighter paint colors can make a room feel larger. Or choose one wall as an accent wall and paint a deeper color there. Choose glass top or mirrored furnishings that will reflect the light. Add lighting at different levels. And hang a large mirror on the wall to give the illusion of more space.

Voila! A small room with large possibilities.

Trick or Treat!!

Halloween is all about the front door. From festive to fiendish, enchanting to eerie, it’s time to make a statement.

We’ve combed the Internet and found five front porches that will inspire your inner witch, be it Glinda or the Wicked Witch of the West.


Friendly Front Door

Yellow Cape Cod by Sarah Macklem Interiors

This front door, featured on the Yellow Cape Cod by Sarah Macklem Interiors, is a beautiful layering of color and texture. And it could easily stay up until Thanksgiving. Choose mums to coordinate with your foyer décor and be sure to pick pumpkins of different colors. Click here to read the story behind this creation.

Festive Front Door

This front door was featured in Good Housekeeping magazine. The pumpkin topiary makes good use of summertime planters, and you can create any design you like on your pumpkins. For complete instructions, click here.

Spooky Front Door

Country Living featured this batty front porch, for just the right amount of haunted-ness. The look is quick and easy to duplicate with black craft paper or black felt, and the magazine offers a bat template if you’d like to try this at home.

Aaahhh!!!!! Front Door

This front porch isn’t for the faint of heart. Featured in Better Homes & Gardens magazine, the spooky phantoms were made using tulle and translucent garbage bags. Eerie music playing in the background would complete the mood. Conjure up the spirits with these complete instructions.

“Witch” door is your favorite?