Four Places to Use a Ghost Chair

One of the most fashion-forward trends of the year is acrylic furniture. Perfect for small spaces, “ghost” furniture takes up no visual space and lets the eye float around the room uninterrupted. One of the easiest pieces of acrylic furniture to use is a ghost chair. From modern to traditional, they work well with any style décor, and they mix well with a variety of materials, like wood or metal.


Ready to get on trend? Here are four ways to use a ghost chair in your home.


Dining Room or Kitchen

Swap out traditional dining chairs with ghost chairs for a quick and easy update. Ghost chairs look great with a pedestal table in an eating area, or use them with a sleek wooden table in the dining room.


Living Room

Instead of a traditional upholstered accent chair, consider a ghost wingback chair. This style brings a fresh, modern twist, especially if you have a small room where floor space is limited. Soften it with a faux fur toss pillow or throw.



Having a chair in the bedroom provides a great place to relax or read. Since this is a room where you want a feeling of calm, a ghost chair is a natural choice. It takes on the colors of the room, and doesn’t disturb the décor.


Home Office

A modern home office looks chic when you swap out your desk chair for a ghost chair. If your space is tight the ghost chair will seem to float next to the desk, allowing the eye to move throughout the room.