Sleep Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Your Bed?

How much do you know about your bed and sleep environment? You might be surprised at a few facts. Take this better sleep quiz to see if you’re “sleep smart.”

Sleep quiz mattress facts
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1. How often should you replace your mattress?
    • a.) Every three years
    • b.) Every five to seven years
    • c.) Every 10 years
    • d.) Every time you get a new bedroom set

Answer: Replace your mattress every five to ten years. Sleeping on older mattresses causes unnecessary back pain.

2. True or false: Your mattress can double its weight without a proper protector.

Answer: True! Dirt, oil, skin cells and dust mites get trapped inside, weighing it down as well as causing allergic reactions.

3. True or false: Sleep is more crucial to survival than food.

Answer: True! A human can survive two months without food, but only 11 days without sleep.

better sleep quiz
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4. How often should you replace your pillow?
  • a.) Every 12 months
  • b.) Every three years
  • c.) Every five to 10 years
  • d.) The age of the pillow isn’t important

Answer: Replace your pillow every 12 months? Hair and body oils soak into a pillow’s fabric and stuffing, making it a breeding ground for bacteria.


5. How long should it take you to fall asleep?
  • a.) As soon as your head hits the pillow
  • b.) 10 to 15 minutes
  • c.) 30 minutes
  • d.) 45 minutes

Answer: If it takes you less than five minutes to fall asleep, you’re probably sleep-deprived. Ideally, falling asleep should take 10-15 minutes.

How did you do on this better sleep quiz? Let us know in the comments below. And if you need to update any of the items in your room, head over to Art Van PureSleep for the latest technology and sleep solutions.

Is a Bed in a Box Right For You?

Bed in a box
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The bed in a box is one of the hottest advancements in the mattress industry. Place your order and your bed shows up on your doorstep. While most people still prefer buying a mattress in a physical store, a research report from the Better Sleep Council found that 27 percent of people would consider buying a mattress online. In fact, sales for beds in a box have doubled in the last four years, according to Consumer Reports.

Art Van Furniture has the best bed in a boxAdrenaline. Giving you comfort and performance, it also offers convenience. How do you know if a bed in a box is right for you? Here are six of the most common questions consumers ask, and the answers that will help you make the right choice.

How Does It Work?

It’s like magic! A bed in a box is made of foam that is compressed and rolled to fit inside of a box. Once it’s removed from the box, you unwrap it and allow it to regain its full shape. While it can take up to 24 hours to completely decompress, you can sleep on it immediately.

Is the Quality Good?

Definitely. While most foam mattresses offer only 10″ of support, Adrenaline is composed of up to 12″ of plant-based, pressure-relieving foams. It’s made up of layers of plant-based support foam and pressure-relieving comfort foams. It also includes a secret ingredient, Copper Surge Gel Foam that helps reduce inflammation and pain, relieving fatigued muscles with the healing properties of copper.

Can I Try Before I Buy?

Yes! Unlike most beds in a box, you can experience Adrenaline in person at an Art Van PureSleep showroom before you buy.

How Heavy Is It?

Depending on the size of mattress you order, getting it from your doorstep to your bedroom might require two people. A Queen size bed weighs 81 pounds and a King weighs 84 pounds.

Do I Need a Box Spring?

Use your Adrenaline mattress with a box spring or on a platform bed. We recommend a getting a new box spring when you purchase any new mattress.

Does It Come With a Guarantee?

You get a 100-night trial. Sleep on it for at least 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied, return it for free and get a full refund. In the end, only 7 percent of all beds-in-a-box that are purchased are returned, according to 1010data, a data analytics company, indicating that most consumers are pleased with their purchase.