How to Choose Bedroom Flooring

When it comes to your bedroom, the flooring needs to serve two important purposes: enhance your furnishings and “greet” your feet first thing in the morning. Before you had out to the showroom or schedule an in-home consultation, spend time thinking about the best bedroom flooring for you and your lifestyle. Here are the three most popular options:

bedroom flooring


The most popular choice for bedroom flooring is carpet. It provides a soft, warm surface that’s perfect for bare feet. It also adds insulation, which is welcome in winter and can help drown out noises from outside as well as lower levels of your home. Carpet is one of the most cost-effective floorings, plus it’s easily installed.

A potential drawback to carpet is that it doesn’t last as long as some of the hard surface flooring options. You also have to consider maintenance. Carpet can be stained. You will need to have it professionally cleaned at least once a year. And carpet can attract dust or germs, which can negatively impact those with allergies or asthma.


bedroom flooring 


The second most popular choice of bedroom flooring is hardwood. While it’s not soft, it adds beauty and warmth through its beautiful grain. Available in a wide variety of finishes and plank sizes, it complements any style décor. It can be warmed up with the use of rugs, which not only add texture to the floor; they can add impact and design. And hardwood can last for years and is low maintenance.

The drawbacks to using hardwood in bedrooms include the noise factor. You will likely hear footsteps, especially if your bedroom is on the second floor. Hardwood doesn’t offer insulation against drafts, either, which will make using rugs in winter almost a necessity. Finally, hardwood is among the most expensive flooring option.

bedroom flooring


Laminate flooring is another choice for the bedroom, giving you the look of hardwood without the price. The underlayment padding softens the surface and insulates it.

Laminate flooring does have drawbacks. It’s not as resilient as hardwood, and it can fade over time. Unlike hardwood, you cannot refinish the surface to restore it.

Which is your favorite bedroom flooring option?