Cindy Crawford’s Casual Style Home Decor

Supermodel Cindy Crawford has defined beauty and set fashion trends around the world. She effortlessly translates her wisdom to the art of home design with the Cindy Crawford Home Collection. When she’s away from the camera, however, her casual style home is timeless and chic. Cindy was asked to describe her style, and she said it’s not too trendy.

“I think my style is more what I’m not, and I think the furniture line really reflects that,” she said. “There’s an awareness of what is on trend, but I would not go with a trend if I didn’t feel like it would flatter me. And I feel like with the furniture it’s the same thing.”

Vogue 73 Questions

Get a glimpse into the Malibu casual style home Cindy shares with her husband and children in this Vogue magazine 73 Questions with Cindy. We love her casual style decor. Which room is your favorite?

How To Design a Casual Family Room

The family room is where the best conversations happen. Where movie night and popcorn go together. And where relaxing and rejuvenating are on the daily to-do list. Since it’s a casual space, however, it’s easy for the family room to become a hodge-podge of leftover furniture and decorating ideas. Make time to design the right atmosphere, and you’ll be rewarded with a place that sets the stage for memories. Take a second look at your family room. Here’s how you can design a casual family room.

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1. An inviting seating area

This isn’t the place for antique wooden chairs that make you sit up straight. Enjoy your downtime by choosing cushioned sofas and overstuffed armchairs. You can combine a sofa with two armchairs or a loveseat or bring in an oversized sectional, but be sure to include a cocktail table or ottoman that will encourage snacking, games and putting up your feet. Create a sense of intimacy by placing furnishings relatively close together, but be sure to provide a nice flow for traffic. If you have a focal point in your room – such as a fireplace or media center – group your seating area around it.

2. A media center

Casual family rooms are for watching movies, televisions or the video you shot on vacation. Be sure you have a place for viewing them all. A media center will let you set up a television and any other components you need. Measure your space, your television and your electronics before you pick the perfect console. Many media centers also provide storage for DVDs, CDs, and video game equipment. In a variety of styles, it’s easy to find a unit that fits your décor.

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3. Light

Every room deserves good lighting, and that should include a mix of task, ambient and overhead lights. Start with overhead fixtures, which are often already built in, then add more lights like you would add layers. Consider a floor lamp near your reading chair or sofa. And incorporate ambient, or mood, lighting in corners to create an inviting space at night.

4. A rug

A casual family room should be comfortable and that means choosing furnishings and accents that provide soft finishes. By using a rug, you’ll add warmth and you can define certain areas. Rugs also inject color and pattern to a space. Finally, rugs – especially those with patterns – can hide the stains and spills that often happen when the family gathers.


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5. Something fun

The family room isn’t the place to be formal; it should include a sense of fun. Add a casual element by including candid family photos. Choose bright or bold patterns for your rug, throw pillows or wall paint. Or set up a chess set or Scrabble board and encourage impromptu games. This is the room for your family’s personality to shine. Go for it!

4 Casual Style Accessories that Will Update Your Look

One of the hallmarks of casual style is the effortless beauty of its accessories and accents. Pieces invite you to look and touch. Larger scale items on rustic backgrounds make a statement, and have a Southwest inspiration. And casual style accessories are functional as well as fashionable. Here are four accent pieces that will update your casual style home this season:

casual style accessories
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Metal Flowers

Mix materials in your displays to contrast finishes and shapes. This Daffodil Flower Table Top Accent Piece offers a touch of whimsy and it will be forever fresh.

casual style accessories
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Wooden Wall Art

Casual style accessories get a rustic feel with lots of wood. This Moose Wooden Wall Art features three distinct wood finishes. Imagine it hanging above a fireplace or in a welcoming foyer.

casual style accessories
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Wooden Bowl

Accent pieces combine pretty with purpose, and this Tamarine Natural Wood Bowl would be lovely on a cocktail table or as a dining room centerpiece. Let its beauty shine or let it be a stylish way to hold your remotes.

casual style accessories
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Southwest-Inspired Rug

This season’s casual style is inspired by the American Southwest, with a rustic twist on modern. The Contours Native Chic Rug does just that, with a pattern that feels rustic and abstract. It features the colors of the season for a striking display.

Four Casual Style Trends for Fall

Casual style is easy and effortless, setting the tone for relaxation. It’s the perfect look for families as it complements an active lifestyle and creates a home sweet home. This season, casual style has four distinct trends inspired by the American Southwest, with a rustic twist on modern. If your style is casual, here are four casual style trends to look for:

casual style trends
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An earthy color palette

Rich tones like mocha combine with touches of orange and red for an early color palette that’s reminiscent of the changing colors of fall. Accents include vibrant jewel tones that add drama and warmth.

casual style trends
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Simple details

Another one of the casual style trends is the use of simple details on furnishing and accessories. Forego the fussy and opt for clean lines. Also, add interest by using fabrics with texture and interesting weaves.

casual style trends
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Overstuffed seating

Casual style invites you to kick back, and soft overstuffed seating helps get the job done. Look for comfortable upholstery accented by low luster surfaces. The look is inviting and accessible.

casual style trends
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Chunky tables

Finally, be on trend by using cocktail and accent tables are “chunky.” The heavy look of wood grounds a room and lets the grain shine. The tables become statement pieces, commanding attention.

Which of these four casual style trends is your favorite?

Five Characteristics of a Casual Style Home

If you’d love to come home to a place that’s as warm and comfortable as a soft pair of khakis and cotton tee, you’ll love furniture that’s casual style. This unpretentious take on home décor starts with traditional design elements, clears away the fussy and focuses on function. Inviting and relaxed, casual style is a popular choice. Here are five of the signature characteristics of a casual style home:

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1. Simple details

Carved legs and camel backs are beautiful, but casual style furnishings use little ornamentation. Instead, lines are clean and comfort is key. This is not the kind of room that is off limits or for show; casual style is 100% approachable. Furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed by everyone.

2. Warm-tone woods

Pine, oak and cherry furnishings are the hallmark of casual style, as they age well and blend with the palette of a casual style home. Distressed pieces give a sense of history. Choose wooden accent tables for your living room, a farmhouse-style table for your kitchen, and bench seating for the dining room.


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3. American inspirations

Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger are American icons of casual clothing, and the fabrics they choose can serve as inspiration for your home décor. From cotton to leather, the upholstery in casual style is livable and durable. Patterns include stripes, plaids and checks. And colors are crisp, neutral and rich.

4. Functional accessories

The accessories in a casual style room are not just beautiful, they serve a purpose. From throw pillows and blankets, to baskets, trays and books, the accent pieces look nice and are ready to be used when needed.


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5. No hard rules

The great thing about casual style is that there aren’t strict rules – the only prerequisite it that everything is comfortable. That means arms on chairs can be rolled or track. Leather upholstery is as important as fabric. And the color palette has no limits. The only thing that matters is that the space suits your lifestyle – whether that’s the single life or a bustling family on the go.