Five Things Every Family Room Needs

The family room is where the best conversations happen. Where movie night and popcorn go together. And where relaxing and rejuvenating are on the daily to-do list. Since it’s a casual space, however, it’s easy for the family room to become a hodge-podge of leftover furniture and decorating ideas. Make time to design the right atmosphere, and you’ll be rewarded with a place that sets the stage for memories.

Take a second look at your family room. Does it have these five things that every family room needs?

1. An inviting seating area. This isn’t the place for antique wooden chairs that make you sit up straight. Enjoy your downtime by choosing cushioned sofas and overstuffed armchairs. You can combine a sofa with two armchairs or a loveseat or bring in an oversized sectional, but be sure to include a cocktail table or ottoman that will encourage snacking, games and putting up your feet. Create a sense of intimacy by placing furnishings relatively close together, but be sure to provide a nice flow for traffic. If you have a focal point in your room – such as a fireplace or media center – group your seating area around it.

2. A media center. Family rooms are for watching movies, televisions or the video you shot on vacation. Be sure you have a place for viewing them all. A media center will let you set up a television and any other components you need. Measure your space, your television and your electronics before you pick the perfect console. Many media centers also provide storage for DVDs, CDs, and video game equipment. In a variety of styles, it’s easy to find a unit that fits your décor.

3. Light! Every room deserves good lighting, and that should include a mix of task, ambient and overhead lights. Start with overhead fixtures, which are often already built in, then add more lights like you would add layers. Consider a floor lamp near your reading chair or sofa. And incorporate ambient, or mood, lighting in corners to create an inviting space at night.

4. A rug. A family room should be comfortable and that means choosing furnishings and accents that provide soft finishes. By using a rug, you’ll add warmth and you can define certain areas. Rugs also inject color and pattern to a space. Finally, rugs – especially those with patterns – can hide the stains and spills that often happen when the family gathers.

5. Something fun. The family room isn’t the place to be formal; it should include a sense of fun. Add a casual element by including candid family photos. Choose bright or bold patterns for your rug, throw pillows or wall paint. Or set up a chess set or Scrabble board and encourage impromptu games. This is the room for your family’s personality to shine. Go for it!

How to Find the Right Sectional Sofa for Your Room

Sectional sofas are the king-size bed of the living room world. Large and cozy – the very definition of inviting – they also command a good amount of square footage. If you dream of bringing one into your home, it’s important to start with the correct proportions.


Before you visit our store and fall in love with one of the dozens of options, measure your room. It’s a good idea to mark off the area in which you’d like to use a sectional; you can use painter’s tape or pull together existing furniture into the desired formation. Then measure that, too, and consider any other objects you’d like to place in the room, such as end tables and lamps.


Once you understand what will fit and what won’t, it’s time to shop for your new sectional sofa.

Small Spaces

If your space is small, sectionals can still work. Choose an L-shaped sofa in a petite scale or a loveseat sectional with a chaise. The Newport Storage Sectional is part of our free-shipping collection and it offers storage in the ottoman as well as a trundle bed that pulls out to accommodate overnight guests.



Medium-sized Rooms

If you have more space to work with, look for a sectional with a longer L-shaped configuration. Our Dune II Two-Piece Sectional is covered in a deep teal fabric. The striking design commands attention, while it’s sleek silhouette won’t overpower the room.



Large Rooms

If you have an oversized space, a sectional is the perfect way to fill it in a cohesive fashion. Choose a U-shaped configuration with a coordinating ottoman. The size will help reign in the scale of the room by matching the proper proportions. We love the Ambassador Sectional from Detroit Sofa Co. It’s offers a flexible arrangement with a variety of pieces to design the shape you need.

Five Things Every Man Cave Needs

You know you want one.

Man Cave

Whether you’re a man looking for a space of your own, or a woman looking to corral armchair quarterbacks (and their spectator-ish noises), adding a man cave may sound like something out of the Stone Age but it’s a thoroughly modern (and growing) trend. So make room in your basement, unused bedroom or even your garage, and head to Art Van Furniture because we’ve got what you need.


Here are five things every man cave should include:

1. A recliner.

Man Cave Recliner


The man of the cave needs a throne and any of the Art Van Signature Recliners will do the trick. We love the Power Leather Rocket Recliner in Chili. It’s the first and only power rocker in the industry. This chair also comes in chocolate or mink, or choose any one of our fabric options, some of which have a massage feature.





2. A place for friends to gather.

Man Cave Sectional


Anyone with a man cave instantly becomes the most popular guy on the block, so you’ll need to consider furnishings that can accommodate friends. Art Van has more than 200 choices of reclining sofas, but we think you’ll love the new Giorgio Collection in top grain leather. This grouping features power or manual options and coordinating throw pillows. Or host bigger parties with the three-piece Shazam Reclining Sectional in leather-like fabric with power options. The sectional also includes fold down tables for easy snacking.



3. A place for your TV.

Man Cave Entertainment Center



Every man cave needs a TV and a place to put it. The antique black finish of the Windsor Collection Wall Unit is a masculine choice, and it provides a great backdrop not only for the game but for housing your own sports trophies and memorabilia. The hardware pops against the deep color, providing just the right amount of bling, and the TV opening accommodates a television up to 56 inches wide.





4. A place to set your snacks. Man Cave Table

Now you need a place to set your nachos, wings and micro brew. The Oval Lift Top Cocktail Table brings your food to you with a top that lifts and puts a flat surface at your fingertips. With sophisticated styling, no one will know it houses your foam fingers and face paint in its drawer.


5. A little ambiance.

Man Cave RugFinally, you need something that oozes testosterone, and we have just the piece. We admit this zebra rug has cave man style, but it’s also very global. Our. The natural cowhide is stenciled with a zebra pattern to get the look for a fraction of the cost.


And there you have it. A man cave that even a woman would love!