Color Crush: Plum

One of the color trends for Fall/Winter 2017 is plum. It gets its inspiration from the cosmetic counter, with a sophisticated take on Gothic style and a nod toward the Victorian era. Here are three easy pieces that will instantly update your home and put you on trend:



Room Jewelry: End Tables With Flair

One of the trends at High Point market this year was “room jewelry,” special end tables that are functional, adding a splash of light and design as well. Here are five tables that will up the level of style in your room—and they all ship for free! Which is your favorite?


This mirror side table looks like it’s straight out of a museum, with an architectural design and antiqued mirror finish.


A random design cut into stainless steel makes for a unique side table or stool.


Faux marble is elegant and affordable, while the gold-colored base feels rich and luxurious.


Available in silver or gold, this end table looks adds a striking touch to your room.


This pair of nesting tables looks like sculpture, with artistic lean legs and a round tray top.

Creating an All-Star Space

Attention, Sports Fans! With baseball season in full swing, you want to maximize your television’s viewing possibilities before the World Series rolls around. Whether you get a new big screen from Paul’s TV in Art Van, or just plan to make the most of your current set, there are a few basic guidelines to make sure your television set-up hits a home run.

Westwind Entertainment Collection

The size of your TV often depends on the room. For a kitchen or bedroom, you can easily view something like a 24-inch screen, but for a family room or home theater, you should go as big as your space and budget will allow. Start by measuring the room you’ll use. If the TV will be against a wall, that space should be at least a foot wider than the base of the screen, to allow for the frame and ventilation (you don’t want it overheating during the seventh inning stretch). If the TV is on a console or in a wall unit, there will be six inches to a foot of space behind it, bringing it further into the room. The TV should be proportional to the furniture, or you risk having an off-kilter room, or worse: damaging your expensive equipment on a too-small console.

Your room’s seating is also very important when deciding the right TV size. For rooms with seven or eight feet between the sofa and the TV, 32 or 36 inches is a good size screen. For a larger room, with 10-12 feet between the sofa or recliner and TV, you can go as big as 50 inches. Keep in mind, sitting too close to large screen may cause the pixels to be distracting and make it hard to watch. But if you’re too far away, you’ll miss the “movie theater” impact, and all those slo-mo replays and “outta the park” hits will lose their thrill factor.

By carefully choosing your furniture—and television—you can make the most out of summer sports, and have a rocking room the rest of the year.