How to Design a Home Office Guest Bedroom

If you don’t have a spare room, hosting guests can be tricky. That’s why sometimes rooms need to do double duty, serving two purposes or more. One of the most common is the home office guest bedroom combination. While a home office can get daily use, a guest bedroom will be used less frequently; combining the two into one room makes sense and maximizes space. The trick is to make sure neither of the two takes over. When you’re working, you don’t want to feel like you’re in a bedroom, and when your guests arrive, you don’t want to make them feel like they’re sleeping inside an office.

Instead, create a calming atmosphere that gives each purpose its due. Here are six rules for creating a home office guest bedroom with style.


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Skip the office super store

The room will look like a cubicle if your desk and filing cabinets are metal. Instead, choose pieces that complement your home décor. You can easily find filing cabinets in a wood finish, and a small desk in the same design style as the rest of the bedroom furniture can help the area feel like one fluid space.

Include enough drawer space

Your guests don’t need to stumble over your tax documents when they’re finding a place to store their pajamas. Lock away private documents in a filing cabinet drawer in your home office guest bedroom. And make sure to have a dresser with one or two empty drawers for guests to use.


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Pay attention to the size of the bed

It’s usually the largest object in a room. A king or queen size bed will easily take over. Consider getting a daybed that sits against the wall and looks doubles as a sitting area. One with a trundle will accommodate two people. And if you host more people, an air mattress can easily be stored in the closet for just such an occasion.

Divide the closet storage

You can easily tuck away filing cabinets, office supplies and your wireless printer inside the closet to minimize the office feel of the room. Make sure you save some of the closet space for guests who may want to hang clothes.

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Make it a ritual to clean up

While a home office can become a catchall for mail and stray items, tame the clutter and keep a feeling of calm by creating a daily tidying routine. File away papers, remove items that don’t belong, and take any dishes to the kitchen. You can also choose a desk that folds up when you’re done working.

Create a temporary home office

When guests are expected, remove the items you might need so you can give them some privacy and make them feel welcome, and not like an intrusion. You can create a temporary home office in a kitchen drawer, so you can take care of what ever comes up while you’re entertaining friends.

How to Design a Home Office for the Whole Family

Millions Americans work from home and as technology makes it easier and easier to communicate with employees and customers at far flung locations, that trend is expected to continue. If you’re among this group, you can get more done by taking the time to design a proper work space. Whether you log in full-time hours or simply manage household affairs, here are seven ways to design a home office to work efficiently—and in style—from your home sweet home (office):

design a home office
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1. Claim a space

If you haven’t done so already, choose a spot in your home that can be used exclusively for work. A formal home office or spare bedroom is ideal – a spot on the sofa with a laptop is not. Look for an area where you can place a desk and storage system –you can even if you convert a closet if need be.

2. Choose a work surface

Every home office needs a desk or work surface. From a sleek writing desk to a larger executive set, the amount of space you have will dictate which style is best for you. If you have the room, consider an L-shaped desk that will offer room for your screens as well as a surface for writing.

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3. Clear out distractions

When you design a home office, sometimes it needs to double duty as a guest room or den, but you’ll want to get rid of anything that might steal your attention. This includes everything from clutter to media components, such as a television – you want your space to be focused on work. If your job requires you to watch videos, however, the TV can stay; if you’re tempted to watch Judge Judy, it should go.

4. Personalize your room

Just as you would place a picture of your loved ones on your desk at an outside office, personalize the area so it is welcoming to you. Choose a paint color that makes you happy, hang art on the wall, and consider furniture beyond a desk and chair. For example, a loveseat or accent chair might make sense if you do a lot of reading at work and want a comfortable place to sit.

Design a home office.
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5. Incorporate good lighting

No matter what kind of work you do, you’ll want to do it in a room that is well lit. This means including an assortment of lighting. Overhead lights are a good place to start. Then add task lights at your desk or workstations, as well as accent lights that will help create an inviting atmosphere.

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6. Find a place for paperwork

No matter how much of your work is digital, you’ll most likely have papers you need to keep and reference. If your desk doesn’t have adequate drawer space, include filing cabinets or bookcases that can handle the excess. You’ll find several options that look like furniture, which will help keep your room from looking like an office supply store.

7. Maintain a clean-up routine

Once you’ve organized your space, do the work to maintain it. Every evening before you quit work, take a few minutes to put away papers. On Fridays, take out the trash and to run the vacuum cleaner so that everything is fresh and ready when you come back on Monday. And reserve your office space for office activities. If kids bring toys in, remove them at the end of the day. Do a visual sweep each day, and you’ll stay organized.

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Four Ways to Use a Daybed

Sure, daybeds are a cozy place to rest your head at night, but they’re also a great spot for reading, watching TV and lounging – alone or with a friend or two. Fashioned with a twin-sized mattress, daybeds are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have. And with a trundle, it can sleep two.


Part bed and part loveseat, we’ve identified four rooms where a daybed would be right at home:


Wilshire Daybed

A small guest room

Instead of overpowering a small spare bedroom with a double or queen size bed, use a daybed to make the most of the room. It fits along the wall, which will maximize your space, and it will make a tiny room feel comfortable and quaint. Our Wilshire Daybed would be perfect for a small guest room. Made of solid pine, it features the cozy design elements of turned woodcarving, sculpted posts and traditional round finials.




A teenager’s bedroom

A teenager’s bedroom is part sleep space, part lounge space and part gathering space. And a daybed is the perfect solution for all three. Covered in durable leather-like fabric, the Brenton Daybed will quickly become the envy of your child’s friends. Available in brown or white upholstery, it becomes sleepover ready with its rollout trundle bed.


Bedford Daybed


A home office

You don’t have to lose your guest room when you convert a spare bedroom into a home office. Simply use a daybed as a sofa-like addition. The Bedford Daybed is stylish enough to fit into a home workspace. Its traditional sleigh design includes molded, raised side and back panel sides and back. In a cherry finish, it would easily complement your executive or writing desk.


Camelot Daybed


A sunroom or porch

When it’s summer, sleeping on the porch or sunroom is a treat. But you don’t want to lose sitting space. Do both by using a daybed. Our Camelot Daybed has a sleigh design that is simple, yet elegant. Available in black or gold finish, the ends feature roped wire draped with decorative castings.