How to Care for Your Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs are made to withstand the weather, but a build-up of dirt and pollen can make them look dull and dingy. Keep yours looking fresh and clean with a few easy maintenance steps. Here’s how to care for an outdoor rug:

How to care for an outdoor rug
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Use a Rug Pad

Be sure to use a rug pad to provide extra cushioning. A rug pad helps keep a rug in place instead of letting it slip or slide. Rug pads also allow air to circulate beneath the rug, preventing mold growth and rot.

Shake It Out

Shake out your outdoor rugs frequently to remove the dirt and debris that can be blown about outside and get trapped and cause damage. You can also vacuum or use a leaf blower on your outdoor rug when it’s dry. Vacuuming a wet rug can damage it.

Wash It Once a Month

Use your hose to rinse your rug at least once a month. Be sure to clean both sides as dirt can get trapped inside and beneath. If your rug needs something stronger than water, consult the manufacturer recommendations for suitable detergents. Let your rug completely dry in the sun before returning the furnishings. It helps if you can hang it so both sides dry evenly.

Store It During the Off Season

At the end of the season, wash it thoroughly and store it indoors, if possible. Leaving it exposed to the elements all winter will reduce its life and luster. Roll instead of folding it will help it last longer.

If you know how to care for an outdoor rug, you can help it last more than a single season.