How to Layer Bedding to Create a Designer Look

Beds that are featured in magazines and catalogs are so inviting. The trick? Designers layer pieces to create visual and textural interest. While it looks complicated, it’s really not. Here are four steps that show how to layer bedding to create that designer look at home.

how to layer bedding
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Start with Sheets

Solid sheets serve as a nice foundation for making a beautiful bed. Choose crisp white or a rich color. The idea is to create a sense of contrast with the rest of the bedding. To style the bed like a designer, use this trick: place the flat sheet “wrong side” up. This allows you to fold it over your blanket, exposing the finished hem.

Add Shams

Next, add height and depth to your bed by using shams behind your regular pillows. Square Euro shams will add height, while king or queen size shams add depth. For a king-size bed, use three Euro shams for balance. Shams should match your duvet or quilt, while regular pillows should match your sheets.

Then a Comforter

The next layer is a comforter or duvet. Introduce a new texture, pattern or color on the duvet then fold it and the flat sheet about a third of the way down the bed.

And a Quilt or Throw

Depending on how much warmth you need, top the comforter or duvet with a quilt or throw blanket. For a quilt, fold it in half, and place it on the bottom half of the bed. With a throw blanket, you can do the same, or toss it at an angle at the foot of the bed for impact. Create a sense of balance by choosing a color that matches or complements the sheets.

Have Fun with Toss Pillows

The finishing touch for how to layer bedding is throw pillows, and this is where you can have lots of fun. Mix and match colors and take advantage of texture and pattern. Choose a variety of shapes, as well, such as square or bolsters.