Decorating a Living Room on a Budget at the Outlet

Have you visited the Outlet at Art Van lately? It’s a bargain hunter’s paradise with brand new furniture at super low prices. Furniture manufacturers come to us with their closeouts, discontinued items, special purchases and manufacturer’s showroom buy-outs. We stock up and pass the savings on to you. The Outlet is also the place to find floor samples and scratch and dent selection for amazing deals on one-of-a-kind treasures. Decorating a living room on a budget is easy at the Outlet at Art Van. Take a look at how $1,000 can transform your space!!

The Harlow Sofa is available now. Shop the look at

Start with the Harlow Sofa in classic linen. Its casual style will blend well with any décor, setting the stage for relaxing in style. At just $399, decorating a living room on a budget is off to an amazing start.

The Emma Accent Chair is available now. Shop the look at

Next add a Emma Accent Chair in beautiful grey upholstery. The classic lines work well with the casual sofa, and the color complements the toss pillows. At $149, you could afford one or maybe even a pair.

The Bench is available now. Shop the look at

Instead of a cocktail table, use a stylish bench that can serve as a table, footrest or extra seating. In grey, it works well in the room. And at just $59 it works in the budget, too!

The Harbor View Credenza is available now. Shop the look at
TV Console

Store your television and media components in the beautiful Harbor View Credenza. Its soft color fits our palette, and it provides plenty of storage to keep your room looking neat and tidy. At $219, it fits the budget.


The Brooklyn Heights Rug is available now. Shop the look at

Bring all of the colors in the room together with the Brooklyn Heights Ivory rug. The classic design brings a sense of elegance to your living room, and the soft shades of grey and ivory complement the toss pillows of the sofa. At just $149, it’s an inexpensive investment in warmth and style.

The grand total for our room is $973. That leaves $27 for a can of paint – or pizza and a bottle of wine. See how easy decorating a living room on a budget can be! Come in and try it for yourself.

We’ve Got the Look: Rob Lowe’s Living Room

Actor Rob Lowe and his wife, Sheryl, recently opened their newly renovated Georgian-style Santa Barbara home to Architectural Digest. Instead of the California contemporary design you might expect, the couple found inspiration from the Virginia-area style, architect Don Nulty said.

“Sheryl loves beautiful things and is definitely a collector,” designer David Phoenix said in the interview. For example, an English dog painting is set over the living room fireplace and a photograph by Lyndie Benson hangs above a Dutch secretary.

If you like the updated traditional look of the Lowes’ living room, we’ve got the look …

Start with a classic white sofa. This piece is versatile and can blend with any style décor. Our Lafayette Sofa features similar rounded lines and comfortable plush cushions. Part of our Detroit Sofa Company line, you get to choose the fabric for your toss pillows. Pick a color that matches your decor, or select something in a rich copper or red like the Lowes have in their room.

An oversized gray ottoman provides a modern feel to the traditional room, adding seating while keeping the room open. Our NB2 Daybed Chaise would be a great addition. While it has low arms, the piece adds elegance and style to the room, and allows an unobstructed view of the room.

A pair of white accent chairs keeps things clean and light and provides balance to the space. Our Flynn Velvet White Chairs would look wonderful in the room. The soft upholstery adds a touch of luxury, while the sleek lines are timeless.

A cocktail table introduces a chic metal to the Lowes’ room, and the geometric design of the base adds interest. Our Murdock Rectangular Cocktail Table offers a wonderful contrast to the white sleek seating. The removable tray top in a rich wood finish allows you to move a surface where it’s needed, such as on the daybed, while the metal base has unique lines that provide pattern and warmth.

An end table in the Lowes’ room has a white marble top and dark base. While not perfect match, our Derby Faux Marble End Table provides the same feel. The white top plays off of the white seating, and the metal legs complement the cocktail table.

Finally, two crystal chandeliers pay homage to the Georgian-style home. Our Eleanor Chandeliers would provide the same look to your room, dressing up the space with its candelabra style and adding a bit of sparkle with crystals and chrome.

What do you think of the Lowes’ sense of style?

How to Organize Your Living Room


How to Organize Your Living Room

The living room is often part game room, part conversation hangout and part TV viewing space. Because it serves so many purposes, it collects a lot of stuff, and that can turn it from relaxation spot to clutter catcher.

Instead, maximize your enjoyment by organizing your living room with these five simple tips:

Check your furniture. A room with space is more visually appealing, so make sure your living room doesn’t have too much furniture. You want to leave space between pieces, and, if possible, between your furniture and your wall.


Limit your accents. You may love snow globes, but a big collection can overtake a room, both physically and visually. Instead, display a few favorites, putting the spotlight on your pieces. Then think like a museum, rotating your items.

Have a cleaning routine. Get into a routine of putting away remotes, dishes and any other items that don’t belong. Recycle newspapers or magazines before they pile up. Fluff pillows and fold blankets. When you make cleaning a daily habit, you avoid overwhelming clutter.


Use furniture that includes storage. Choose a coffee table with drawers or a lower shelf. Select an entertainment center that includes cabinet doors where you can hide away items like games and DVDs. Or use an ottoman that has hidden storage where you can put blankets or even shoes.

Make space for all of your activities. The living room is often a home’s central unwinding space, and it helps to identify all of the uses yours must accommodate. For example, do you like to knit while watching TV? Is the room also your kids’ playroom? Design your space for reality by bringing in storage items for toys and yarn, such as baskets or plastic containers that can be tucked beneath your sofa if yours has a skirt. And designate zones, such as an area for playing games or watching movies.

How to Find the Right Sectional Sofa for Your Room

Sectional sofas are the king-size bed of the living room world. Large and cozy – the very definition of inviting – they also command a good amount of square footage. If you dream of bringing one into your home, it’s important to start with the correct proportions.

Before you visit our store and fall in love with one of the dozens of options, measure your room. It’s a good idea to mark off the area in which you’d like to use a sectional; you can use painter’s tape or pull together existing furniture into the desired formation. Then measure that, too, and consider any other objects you’d like to place in the room, such as end tables and lamps.

Once you understand what will fit and what won’t, it’s time to shop for your new sectional sofa.

Small Spaces

If your space is small, sectionals can still work. Choose an L-shaped sofa in a petite scale or a loveseat sectional with a chaise. The Luna Storage Sectional is part of our free-shipping collection and it offers storage in the ottoman.

Medium-sized Rooms

If you have more space to work with, look for a sectional with a longer L-shaped configuration. Our Dune II Two-Piece Sectional is covered in a deep teal fabric. The striking design commands attention, while its sleek silhouette won’t overpower the room.

Large Rooms

If you have an oversized space, a sectional is the perfect way to fill it in a cohesive fashion. Choose a U-shaped configuration with a coordinating ottoman. The size will help reign in the scale of the room by matching the proper proportions. We love the Ambassador Sectional from Detroit Sofa Co. It’s offers a flexible arrangement with a variety of pieces to design the shape you need.