Five Tips For Designing a Beautiful Laundry Room

Photo credit: Pinterest/Decordove

Laundry may not be your favorite household chore, but today’s laundry rooms are a far cry from the dark basement corners they once occupied. When you create an attractive setting, pretreating stains and folding socks can feel a little more elegant. Whether your laundry room is a dedicated space, a tiny closet or that corner of the basement, here are some tips for designing a beautiful space.

Counter Space. If you have the room, consider adding counter space. If you have front-loading machines, it’s easy to install a counter over the top. If you have a top-loader washing machine, add a counter over the dryer or on another side of the room. If you’re tight on space, you can install a counter on the wall that folds down when not in use.

Lighting. A chandelier can make a laundry room feel more like a room than a workspace. In addition, make sure you install task lighting, such as recessed or under-cabinet lights.

Storage. If your laundry room is also a place where people pass through, such as a mudroom, keep things tidy by including lots of storage. Install cabinets to hold supplies. You can also make function fashionable by storing detergent and cleaners in pretty glass jars on shelves. Be sure to offer space for sorting clothing. Pretty baskets or hampers work well.

Walls. Laundry rooms are usually small spaces, and that provides you with a great opportunity to show off your personality and take a design risk. Choose a bright paint color or bold wallpaper.

Floors. Finally, soften the space by using a rug. If your laundry room is long, a runner is the perfect shape. You can take the opportunity to use color or pattern.