5 Places to Use a Storage Ottoman

You can never have too much storage, and if your room wasn’t blessed with built-ins like closets and shelves, you can choose furnishings that offer hidden storage options. One of the easiest and most versatile is a storage ottoman. In a variety of styles, upholsteries and sizes, you’re sure to find one for virtually every room in your home. Here are five places to use a storage ottoman in your home:

The Living Room

An ottoman is perfect for putting up your feet. Place one in front of your accent chair or sofa. It also doubles as seating when you’re entertaining. You can use the storage ottoman in lieu of a cocktail table. Simply add a tray. You can use the storage space to hold blankets, magazines, remotes, or CDs or DVDs.

The Master Bedroom

Placed at the foot of your bed, an ottoman offers a place to sit while getting dressed. You can dress it up with a throw blanket or toss pillow. Use the storage to hold out-of-season clothing, extra linens, shoes or accessories.

The Foyer

An ottoman can be used as a bench in the foyer, giving visitors a place to sit while waiting or while taking off their shoes. You can use the storage space to hold shoes and boots, hats and gloves, or the items you need to walk your dog.

The Bathroom

If you have a large bathroom or one that includes a vanity, you can use a small storage ottoman as a seat. It’s perfect if you need a place to sit while getting dressed or applying makeup. Inside store accessories or extra toiletries.

Your Child’s Bedroom

If you’re creating a reading nook in your child’s bedroom, an ottoman can provide seating as well as storage. Cushioned ottomans on wheels are easily moved and the storage area can be used to store toys.

The New Freshman 15, Part Two

In our second part discussion of the “Freshman 15,” we tackle the bathrrom and the comforting touches you can add to a dorm room to make it feel more homey.


Who’s Your Caddy? Your living situation will help you determine what style of shower caddy you’ll need. For community showers, you’ll need a caddy you can take back-and-forth. Make sure it holds all your necessary shower items. You don’t want to be all wet and realize you forgot the soap.

If you’re sharing a shower with suite mates, then you can use a caddy that stays in the bathroom. Look for one that either hangs from the shower head or suctions to the wall. It should have enough places for you and your roommate to house all your shower items without getting confused whose shampoo is whose.

Creature Comforts

The Best Part of Waking Up. Perk up with a colorful coffee maker* or other caffeine-inducing contraption so you can hit your first class all bright eyed and busy tailed!

Change Your View. No dorm room would be complete without a futon. Find the one that suits your personality and space, and then sit back and relax.

Pulling Double-Duty. Another space-saving solution is a small ottoman with storage. It’s a seat! It’s a tray. It’s a footrest. It’s a… you get the picture. 

Go long… Xtra Long. Since college students come in all shapes and sizes, most schools equip their dorms with Xtra Long mattresses. And we’ve got you covered with mattresses protectors that guard against stains and whatever else the previous occupant may have left behind. 

Pantry Raid. Yes. Bookcases are great for shelving your required readings, but they’re also a fantastic way to arrange your “pantry.” There will be times when you want a quick snack, the cafeteria isn’t open, and you have exactly 25 cents to your name. Stock up on a few basics like cereal, peanut butter, and the requisite Ramen Noodles for when the late-night cravings come calling.

Our final installment… Hi-tech & a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

*Electronics and appliances allowed in dorm rooms vary from school to school. Make sure you check with yours to ensure you are using one that has been approved.